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  1. SteelReign

    Hydro not picking up Hak torps

    Yup Ive been noticing, Hak torps are borked. Not only is that whole CV gameplay completely OP, but the gosh darned torps cant even be detected. Countless times I dont spot the 'wake' until its RIGHT up on my ship, and even then there are ZERO indication of torps (no red triangles). MANY THINGS ARE BROKEN WEEGEE, we all told you this patch was not ready, but you rushed it out anyways. GOod job.
  2. SteelReign

    To respec without CE, or not?

    I know, they said thats about 2 months from now though. Im afraid if I respect captains WITHOUT CE now, they'll fix the spotting issue and then I'm stuck without CE until then.
  3. SteelReign

    To respec without CE, or not?

    So respec and just leave them at 0 skills?
  4. Im sure its a dilemma everyone has thought about since the patch and everyone basically being permaspotted....with only a limited amount of time until the free Captain respec ends, who all is ditching CE on all their ships for more useful skills? Im torn between ditching CE and them 'fixing' the issue and then left without CE until the next free respec in 2 months, or just keep it on the ships that have it and deal with it hoping something will change. Is it still viable on certain ships?
  5. I just can't do it. I don't GET it. Theres nothing I can do that influences the battle that much. In 28 battles (which just netted me the Saint Louis), my W/R is abysmal 39%, average damage is nearly 73k dmg though, but PR is only 1322. Its like it almost has Conqueror syndrome for me, I deal good damage per game but its not enough to really DO anything.
  6. I've been steadily playing CM, and while my average dmg is decent, my winrate is horrific. I feel as though (like Conqueror), something that relies on just HE spamming battleships and setting fires has very little influence on the teams ability to win. I do use AP quite often against other cruisers later in the game, but other than that I still haven't found a way to be REALLY influential in battle enough to help the team. TIPS PLEASE
  7. I honestly dont understand what is taking so long, I feel like she's been in development for a VERY long time.
  8. SteelReign

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    No need to be an [edited]about it. It was the turret traverse and rudder shift buff. And yes, it made the ship much more comfortable for ME to play.
  9. SteelReign

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    Same here. She was buffed a while back, gave her more range on the main batteries I think? I cant remember, but shes very comfortable to play these days. Edit: it was turret traverse and rudder shift buff that made me like her more.
  10. SteelReign

    Gearing model is incorrect and currently too wide

    I wouldnt even care about the Fletcher/Gearing inaccuracies, but the sad fact that they won't even let us bring the Fletcher specifically because its T9 into Clan Battles irks me. I'd almost honestly give up the extra 350hp that SE gives from T10 to T9 just to bring a Fletcher instead of the Gearing.
  11. Same here. All 3 of the 'detected' indicator mods are giving me double notifications sometimes, overlaying each other and looking a hot mess. Think I'll just remove them for now.
  12. SteelReign

    Gearing model is incorrect and currently too wide

    Any update on this? Has WG even acknowledged how incorrect the Gearing model is? Hell at this point I don't even care about the thickness of it, just LOWER the darn thing. Right now it sits high enough up that it looks like a cruiser. How it SHOULD look
  13. SteelReign

    PSA! IMPORTANT! LAST WEEK of the RN Event!

    I only need 18 of those things, any way to add 18 of the $.99 things or do I have to make 18 separate purchases?
  14. SteelReign

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.06

    I'm sorry, ignore the mirrored panels. Wrong thread