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  1. Jack_Ice

    Submarine Testing

    yes I was, but for some reason it would tell me server was unavailable, then worked 1 hour later
  2. Jack_Ice

    Submarine Testing

    should it not be working atm? It keeps saying server unavailable.
  3. Jack_Ice

    Submarine Testing

    Check and see if you have previous test installed, if so delete it then you try again, it worked for me
  4. Hey there Jack,

    I didn't see the immediately preceding post, before I posted the screen grab from advancing the directive. (9.4 cruisers)
    I was not meaning to pile on.

    Keep the keel down and the powder dry.

  5. Jack_Ice

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    yeah my bad
  6. Jack_Ice

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    ok Thank you, take it on me, english is not my native language, but I understand now, sorry Admiral_Downes long day for me.
  7. Jack_Ice

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    "Must be completed ina Submarine. Random, Co-op, or Ranked"...……. there is NO Submarines in Random coop or ranked …. so you can't do this mission at all
  8. Jack_Ice

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    how are we doing the first CCCP mission
  9. That would be awesome to have that option
  10. Jack_Ice

    The Sinking of the (Ex-) USS America CV-66

    yeah I agree, feel the same, thanks for sharing
  11. my RN and KM ships would love to be there
  12. Jack_Ice

    What are you doing?

    100$ would not brake my bank, lol but I wont spend it on WG anymore
  13. Jack_Ice

    WG staff and others judge about this

    I have a 2 months old baby so if he needs something(cries) then to hell with the game my son is #1 2 3 4 5
  14. Jack_Ice

    CV Rework Feedback

    at least you got a survey.. I did not maybe because of too many bugs edit.. nvm just got the survey