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  1. Ashimmu

    What did you get in your January SC?

    100 Zulu flags $$$$$$$
  2. Ashimmu

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    For the mid-tiers, I'll break with the pack and go with the Oktyobr and the Ishizumi. The Okt is fun to just ride into the middle and take insane amounts of abuse while spreading HE around. The Ishi is an excellent BC at that tier, with some nasty secondary pushback and plenty of speed and maneuverability to bring it.
  3. Ashimmu

    I quit my job in the coalmine

    Life is sad and boring as a low-tier BB. When I'm running one, especially the Okto, I firewall it (such as it is) and go straight ahead until I hit something. Almost every time I get the best games that way (in Co-op) and have a blast at it with all the close-quarters secondary combat. Weirdly enough, most of the time I survive it too.