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  1. peacemaker1911

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    Been waiting for this and here we go! This is really interesting. Wonder if 'relatively good survivablity' mean addition of heal packs like her sister Prinz Eugen...?
  2. peacemaker1911

    How is everyone liking the Alaska?

    Bought the Alaska the day she was on sale with 1M free XP earned from CV refund and played about 17 battles. And I say it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Played some battles with Spotter Plane instead of Radar and it worked more than I expected, and also played with radar and it was good too. The guns' shell ballistics were suprisingly fast considering she took the slower shell speeds(especially AP with SHS shells). AP was great, HE was a big surprise for me. But still slow shell velocity is a definite weakness to consider. It is really difficult to do long range engagements. But.... I wish Alaska's HP pool was about 62K. It feels lacking TBH but yeah, still better than Azuma considering Alaska's better plating. The biggest suprise I had with Alaska was the acceleration. Giving 180K HP engine on a 30,000t-ish ship, it accelerated surprisingly fast, and pulled me away from getting torps hits quite some time. Overall, I say it's a good package. Wish I had better skills to use her well.
  3. peacemaker1911

    Duke of York Still needs some love

    I think DoY could still be alright with 28 second reload. And give healpacks improved healing capabilities(between that of current one and high tier ones)
  4. Well personally giving DoY 28 second reload(1.5 sec buff) and 0.02 -ish(which is between that of RN BB and the others) would be fine. Making DoY's heal packs perform between current one and Nelson's could work too.
  5. peacemaker1911

    Richelieu: Stealth/Secondary build consensus?

    I'm expecting she'll be a somewhat a combination of Richelieu and Gascogne. Having all forward mounted main batteries of Richelieu but having similar secondary firepower of Gascogne. This could be a good replacement of Gascogne as T8 Premium BB on premium shop
  6. peacemaker1911

    Thinking of buying a Premium RN BB

    Oh well. We'll have to wait n see...
  7. peacemaker1911

    Thinking of buying a Premium RN BB

    It's about $44 on premium shop, which is the the most expensive T7 Premium. Hmm.... Looks like Warspite and Nelson are on the top, followed by Duke of York and Hood. And looks like most agree on waiting a bit more on Vanguard. I think I should hold my beer till Black Friday. Anyways, thanks for your words everyone! BTW guys is Battle of North Cape Campaign gonna return this year? If so, DoY could be a free ship on my port, saving some bucks and be a part of collection
  8. Recently I have been eyeing on buying a premium RN BB as a captain trainer mainly and to get used to learn how to play in RN BBs. For quite a while, Vanguard was a very likely candidate, but even with recent buffs, the miserable turret arcs made me look for alternatives. So, I have 5 options: 1. Warspite 2. Hood 3. Duke of York 4. Nelson 5. Wait for Vanguard to be on sale Which one will be a good buy for me..?
  9. peacemaker1911

    Angry Youtuber Review of November Battleships

    Oh well... So interested in and looking forward to buying Vanguard... But the terrible firing arcs sealed the deal for me. :( So... which Prem RN BB should I buy? Nelson? Hood? DoY? Warspite?? I'm thinking the ship to be RN BB captain trainer main and credit printer being secondary as I have the Trump Wagon and few T8 prem ships. (Also trying to grind the way to RN BB line
  10. It's been on my mind since Vanguard's 2nd stats came out. But... I can't help but feel giving Vanguard short AP fuse time like tech tree RN BBs isn't a good idea. Vanguard is using the old 15 inch(381mm)/42 caliber guns and with supercharge AP has initial velocity of 804m/s while Monarch is using 45 caliber guns with 836m/s initial velocity. This means when comparing gun performance with Vanguard and Monarch(in the mindset that both have short AP fuse), Vanguard have NO advantage what so ever. And with lighter and slower shell, it'll get lower penetration value than that of Mornarch's 15 inch guns. What's the point of this? I really don't get WG's decision to give Vanguard short AP fuse time. And also, we already have enough of Premium RN BBs with short AP fuse time(Hood, DoY and Nelson). Why don't WG make Vanguard's guns be that of upgraded version of Warspite 2.0?(I meant current Warspite's gun stats) Anyways, the 7.10 is right around the corner and Vanguard will be tested live with CCs. Hope Vanguard get some feedbacks and get better than current ones. I really don't want Vanguard to be a mere decoration in my port, but a much useful and joyful one to play with while grinding through RN BB lines.
  11. peacemaker1911

    West Virginia update

    Definitely. It'll take extreme 'Gimmicks' to make her 'somewhat' useful as T8
  12. peacemaker1911

    West Virginia update

    Well personally, I'd favor the odd of facing 'just' Musashi than facing both Yamato and Musashi when bottom tiered(BTH both are still bad enough). But who knows, WG might give the Rebuilt West Virginia 'extreme gimmicks' to make her fit T8. I"ll just watch the situation. Still, I'm leaning towards to the opinion that West Virginia in 44 will be UP in T8.
  13. Can't WG just make Vanguard perform like super-buffed Warspite(current)?? Come on, no more short fuses on RN BBs please WG... We have already 3 RN Prem BBs with short AP fuses :(