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  1. new mexico, balanced or under powered

    the french also have very good bouncing, i pretty much have to aim for pixels around the turrets if i want to do damage with ap it seems like because they just deflect everything i shoot at the hull. Meanwhile I regularly get citadel through the front or sides even at angle in the new mexico by t7+ but that's more to do with how slow it is to be honest. I'd bounce less if positioning was an option. Seems like in general usn bb's are undergunned, slow, and flat easy targets. I don't mind as much when I'm shooting at them but i feel it when i'm driving one.
  2. new mexico, balanced or under powered

    yes I need to get good, that will give me better rng. It will also stop game from placing me isolated from my team at start of match forcing me to 4v1 (of whom i killed two, technically, even though one was stolen by a fire caused by dive bombers, and managed to drag the fight out with no support for the entire match dodging torpedoes and trying to not show my side to another battleship in the process, because surprise surprise the side it didn't spawn me on folded despite holding all but two ships of the team's force,) and it will definitely stop my teammates from running away from me at the first sign of enemy contact leaving me to get isolated in a ship that doesn't turn, can't run away, and is left with only once choice: trade fire until sunk. Which again, is heavily based on rng. Normally it's not so bad, but when you're already at a disadvantage and it decides to give you the gremlin accuracy, then you wind up with at best, a 50k damage game with one or two sunk ships. It's situationally good, but that's like saying a lemon is a good car because it isn't broken down at the moment, and it all has to do with the fact that it can't keep up with the team and it can't recover when matchmaking places it on the wrong side of the field. In fact I'm playing it right now and the only real complaints i have is that it's too slow and its accuracy doesn't make up for this fact. otherwise it's ok. So yeah, it's nothing to do with my skill as a player. Nice victim blaming, though. It can not escape other ships. It can not close on other ships. It can not keep other ships at distance. It can not keep up with team. The armor is useless because of fires. The armor does not work on higher tier battleships. its dps is terrible and relies heavily on rng to keep enemy cruisers and battleships off of it because your team is going to sail away at maximum speed and not be useful at all. It is entirely dependent on map, spawn placement, and the opposing team ignoring you. It's at the mercy of its own team. That's a lot of hurdles to clear to have a great game let alone a good one. The new york was more manageable for some reason, I don't know what that reason is but comparatively, the nm is bad.
  3. cleveland is pretty good at soaking up enemy fire in that it becomes priority target and everybody proceeds to miss it for 5 minutes, but camo is also good while you ninja from island to island. In a lot of ways seems like light cruisers are playing like the leopard. Not really that good but when played to its strengths it gives people cancer. Doesn't even need rudder shift mods to do it. Worst might, though.

    I get more citadels with cruisers than I do with battleships, and when I can't get a pen I just spam HE. Pretty sad I can get citadels on a colorado or new mexico with a t6 cruiser but when i get in a new mexico It wont pen other battleships and will shoot completely around cruisers. What's killing battleships is their rng balance, not the fires. Imagine if you could shoot back and actually hit the cruiser instead of having a shotgun spread that's predetermined to miss and make you wait another 30 seconds, or getting a rare 90% hit with a full salvo on the side of a battleship and getting 7 shatters and a bounce and doing no damage and then getting frontally citadeled because the other battleship you were shooting at rolled the dice and got a win. What WG has on paper is not what happens in practice, but this lopsided trash is the kind of stuff russians value as winning. Your complaining falls on deaf ears. Maybe if russia gets a battleship things will change.
  5. new mexico, balanced or under powered

    it's a 20 knot ship, easy to hit, but shoots a 90 degree spread per turret, hard to hit with. so it takes a lot of damage and does not reward good aim, the verdict: The ship has been balanced to encourage you to spend money.
  6. How to Spec Nelson?

    yeah -15% less duration is super useful when flooding goes for a full minute and one shots you without a repair kit anyway. HE spam will keep you permanently on fire as well. Being faster is better always even if its only a few seconds because it will let you position better and therefore miss getting hit entirely. Sure if you're in a slow ship the turn will be relatively slow because it still has to travel the distance, but generally the torp that hits you did so because you needed another second. As far as cruisers go, if you have a good arc hump islands, if you have a flat arc support your babbys In such a cause maneuverability is again, the best because when you have 2-3 people shooting at you you have to micromanage rudder shift to dodge as many as possible and if they're shooting at you they're not hespamming your slow easy to hit battleships
  7. Can someone explain to me: Gnevny?

    it's crap on purpose because they want you to skip it.
  8. it's more detailed than that. as long as you're trying to help your team, as long as your trying to play as good as you are able, as long as you're aware of your mistakes and try to avoid repeating them, then you are a good player. But if you have 10,000 battles and are still driving off into the corner of the map to "snipe" in your tier 10 bb and complain about your team rushing in to die in between your reloads, then get torpedoed without even trying to avoid them because "what's the use" and then blame the game for being rigged, then you are garbage that should be evicted from the game for constantly leaving your team down a valuable ship and disrupting them with rage baby nonsense. You've played 10,000 battles and it's never dawned on you to try changing your playing habits because you're too busy pushing blame for your own choices. It's highly likely your stats reflect this attitude as well. It's a mindset more than anything. A player who is not that good or who is not very competitive but tries to stay with the group and stay alive and makes an effort to respect the playing environment (even if they're not very good at it) is far more valuable than someone who just sails off to their doom for the ten thousandth time and then screeches in chat for the remaining time about whatevert nonsense. Besides that, labels like toxic and troll can be dangerous when their definition is allowed to be subjective, because people will slap them on anybody who upsets them so they have a justification to be violent towards those people. It's happened throughout history many times and unfairly. There are usually three types of people in these sorts of games, Competitive players, Non competitive players, and pseudocompetitive players. Pseudocomp are the only ones that cause problems. You may know them by another name, tryhards. Occasionally they come in the anti-unicum variety, the "good" player that carries losses instead of wins. So to answer your question, I believe that anything on the south side of 47% increases in degree of bad player because it takes effort to deviate from average in either direction, but I'm talking about worst cases. if you're consistently 3-4% below average you should get a warning, and if you're 5-6% below the statistic average consistently you should have restrictions put on you, like maybe tier or type restrictions (with exception of premium ships) or being forced to pass a test before you can continue playing.
  9. Bye Bye Colorado !

    usn bb are crapuntil T8 because the iowa is iconic and they want to make money. Ship lines without popular ships will be more consistent in quality to the end (japan for example has real piles of trash at t9 and t6) and germany as always gets punished in a funny way for being germans. Like having zero armor on the citadel (secret documents) no concealment (game balance) and """"accurate"""" guns, and giving you a slightly larger bismark for 8,9 and 10. But it's ok because the secondaries can shoot 12km. Another but unofficial blight on the german lines is that wolf larping furries love them. Not that there's anything wrong with being a furry, it's just these guys in particular have a perfect blend of the most irritating traits humanly possible. The three lines worth it in the end are usn japan and british. usn is the worst grind but what you get in exchange is worth the suffering.
  10. throwing the game due to being bad is also toxic behavior. You're supposed to be a team player but you make yourself a liability because you cant carry your own weight and you wind up dragging your teammates down as they try to make up for you. Even worse if they try to save you, it's like a death sentence for them. being bad at videogames makes you a bad team player. You're no better than a griefer pulling a denial of service on other players.
  11. What Happened to the Cleveland?

    it has a hard time carrying games due to how fragile it is but the damage output is good. basically if your team is garbage there's nothing you can do, and i dont mean "they wont carry me" garbage, i mean "your team is 4 ships down 2 minutes in and one of them is a X BB" garbage. So basically, normal teams. Thankfully though you'll be doing good damage every game so credits and xp wont suffer at the hands of griefers who throw games.
  12. The hallmark of democracy is cowardly leaders and a strong military
  13. If stats don't matter...

    I try to see how low mine will go without trying to avoid doing damage. Granted I'm new-ish at playing this game and am not really interested in the stats circus anymore, but so far my lowest is my new orleans at 25% win rate with 30-40k average. Trying to raise average damage without raising winrate is something i'm tenatively investigating. I feel like a 25% win rate with 70-80k average would be far more impressive in the new orleans (one day when i master aiming and positioning) than having a high win rate. like this game really is bad. really bad. Taking it so seriously that you care about your stats in a tryhard sense is really embarassing. It's good to set goals but c'mon, it's a "team" based russian "game" designed to use the shittiness of random battles and "progression lines" to encourage spending. Never mind that it's built on the russian philosophy of "a win is a win" which means unfairness and pubstomping and steamrolls are intentional. Even when winning in those situations I don't find this game competitive. I don't pretend that beating up on people not as good as me is somehow a valuable win. Such a win is as valuable as a bucket of garbage. So that really just boils it down to credits and exp gain. In that regard I try to do as well as I can given the limitations imposed upon me by not spending money.
  14. I am not going to create a new topic because a sufficient topic exists. You're free to stop coming to the forums, though :)
  15. Invisible torpedoes.

    this is the only time torpedoes kill me, when they dont give indicator because the wakes are too difficult to spot for me in time. It's just inferior russian coding, is all. In regular circumstances if you get hit by torpedoes you should be ashamed of yourself for being bad at life.