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  1. Battlecruiser

    Game performance declines with every patch/update

    2000$? are you advertising for alienware?
  2. Battlecruiser

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I don't use concealment systems because you get outspotted by dd's anyway and you cant shoot without being spotted 18km out anyway and there's always planes and crapflying around and you can just radar and sonar through islands. I can't afford the upgraded hull because this thing rarely does more than break even but i think the increase in rudder shift time would help immensely. 8 seconds is insufficient to evade incoming fire at most ranges. Instead of concealment I use radio because it lets me keep tabs on potential flanks when i'm shooting over an island and helps me intuit when a good time to use radar is. It results in dead DD's all the time. As long as I have any sort of team support. Other than that as long as team doesnt fold, as long as i get a map with islands it's a guaranteed 30-60k damage. It might as well be 0 damage though because i cant kill things before they sink half my team (as they single file into the open and get melted) and it can't 1v1 when my team decides "yeah we're going to throw a birthday party in J1, good luck!" It also can't support battleships or other cruisers decently with its aa because it's citadeled easily. What it can do however is advertise itself as a seattle and then you can bait people into shooting you instead of your teammates because you're easy damage. That actually results in more wins than actually trying to do damage myself. because i'm always stuck hugging some island watching teammates sail out one at a time and throw the game. while I can only use my front two turrets or risk getting citadeled. Meanwhile if I stick my nose out everybody will stop what they're doing to shoot at me, and that saves teammates. It also permanently destroys my frontal guns at some point and then i'm left with 50k damage, 1.8m potential incoming damage, and forced to sit and watch my teammates do the stupid thing. I think the biggest problem with the seattle is that I can do 50k damage and have done more than 3/4ths of my team 60% of the time despite them having more gun and useable armor. It's a very weak ship. Compared to cleveland it's trash. It has its moments but I'm not going to pretend for a second that doing 80k+ damage is relevant to winning when it dies the moment it's caught without an island meanwhile you have a bunch of teammates in montanas and yamatos who fire one salvo and then eat torps like timmy eats hot dogs and now the other team has a bunch of ships that are still fresh and can just beeline for you because they know there's nothing you can do about it. I feel like after I get the hull upgrade I'll be able to evasive tank fire like I used to but it's 2.8m credits. I have the indianapolis now so at least I can grind credits, finally.
  3. The guns are quite nice. The flaws are easy to work around as long as you pretend you only have two turrets. If you set her up for rudder shift you can evasion tank and she can do island corners pretty good.
  4. Battlecruiser

    Cleveland Tier, was it placed appropriately?

    The cleveland is actually the tier 10 of the line.
  5. Battlecruiser

    holy crap seattle sucks

    i managed to make it over to the other side of the map only getting citadeled once by a single bb round which was the only thing to hit me the whole game up until this point when my entire team turned around and left leaving me alone. They took fire the whole way but only because i was using island cover because had i turned around and went with I would have just died faster. Was only able to use two turrets the whole time. but in the end i really didn't do anything, it was good torpedo work by allies that turned the game into a win. Seattle is as substantial as a fart in the wind. biggest problems are -turning is crap -deceleration is crap -turret angle is crap I can cope with large citadel, I wish it was more like cleveland's, but overall seattle is a pile of trash and wargaming should be ashamed of themselves and cherry picking games where you get good map, good teammates, and stupid opponents does not somehow make this ship good.
  6. Battlecruiser

    holy crap seattle sucks

    it's trash. most of those are 50-60k damage games too, it's just unable to compensate for suicidal teammates because its so awful. Doesn't help that it keeps giving me loop and putting me on the wide open side so i get citadeled by a stray 15km shot before i can get to an island. Can't even use rear turrets without sitting at a really bad angle. Compared to cleveland its a straight downgrade and it's so disrespectful on wargaming's part that if i had three wishes one of them would be to remove this company from existence. oh look as i was typing it did it again, it put me into another map on the WIDE OPEN SIDE
  7. Battlecruiser


    what a coincidence these cherry picked games also have most of your team alive. You're taking credit for smart teammates and stupid opponents when you should be thanking matchmaker for stacking teams in your favor and providing a good map.
  8. Battlecruiser

    Seattle Vs Cleveland: NOT A Tier Better

    seattle is trash and once again I am given another reason not to hand wargaming any money. "incentivizing" spending by adding paywalls in the grind line is scumbag behavior. Absolutely disgusting business decisions. Disappointing because I came back to this company interested in investing my time and money again and once again they have insulted my intelligence. Trying to pass this filth off as a tier 9. It's a tier 7 with extra bells at best but I know their game, money hungry losers want to try and coerce me into spending money instead of earning it properly. As expected of russian mexico.
  9. Battlecruiser


    there's actually a bit of a meme you can pull with the seattle, theres a bit of the bow that doesnt have citadel in it and if you poke your nose out for your front two turrets you can bait a whole team's worth of fire and not sink. I've started applying a tactic i used in world of tanks whenever i drive something easy to kill or penetrate i would place myself in such a way that would make a team climb over each other to come kill me, but they would fail and die instead. in this game it translates to everybody shooting at me instead of my teammates for 1-2 minutes which puts us ahead in damage and keeps some teammates who cant keep their broadsides to themselves alive a little longer. In fact, I've found with these ships the overall best style of play is to embed yourself somewhere that really agitates the other team and stay alive in that spot for as long as possible. Everybody knows these ships are easy to sink so they just cant help themselves from self isolating to try. Of course if the 8 teammates within firing range cant stop sucking each other in J1 long enough to firing line the guy who isolated, they might actually succeed in killing you considering y ou have no secondaries, or armor on your primaries. or armor on your citadel. It's kind of funny watching salvos from 3 different battleships overpen your bow and do jack crap, though. Even funnier when they try two more times while under fire from other battleships. take this game for example yeah the damage is... not great but I helped a friendly dd chase another dd off with my radar, proxied guys with my sonar through an island, and was able to grab a whole team's attention and keep them occupied long enough that they lost their opportunity to flank and wound up boxed in instead. Let this be a lesson to fire HE at light cruisers but they were probably thinking "easy citadel!" Which is true. They just missed. A combination of rudder work and luck. It's not glamourous but it is useful. Yes I was using some of that islandanium. I should probably set up for concealment but i like my target roleplay memes more.
  10. Battlecruiser

    Seattle (and Cleveland) discussion / Review-ish

    cleveland is last good light cruiser. It has good AA, decent secondaries (vs cruisers) and a magical citadel that doesn't exist beyond 13km and phases in and out of existence within 13km. Sure, it almost always takes damage when struck but most of the time it's like a dd that trades torps for secondaries. best of all you can flat out smoke both seattle and worcester. they cant citadel you but you can citadel them quite easy, plus secondaries and you'll probably knock their guns out without even trying. Cleveland should just be the tier 10 to be honest. That said, seattle, not very good support ship. Worcester I'm suspecting is a non pay walled version of seattle so again not a very good support ship. In the end if you want a good T10 light cruiser you need to get a khab DD. because the USN light cruisers after tier 8 are actually island monitors and when you go russian light cruiser you don't get a citadel. oh look at that, I double posted because the seattle being a floating garbage barge is on my mind whenever I play it.
  11. Battlecruiser


    At first i thought it was funny giving cancer to other players and reminding them WG cant balance worth crap, but now i'm trying to do that three cap ribbon mission in seattle because this is my only ship above tier 6 and I'm getting angry that the only thing it can do is hump islands. If I hump islands i have a good game, hiding behind hard cover and shooting over it, but good luck actually doing objectives. At the moment it's a race, will I get angry enough at wg to install before the end of the free ship event, or will i make it to completion of that event and then uninstall out of general disgust until the next time I stupidly think wows might have changed for the better and reinstall and throw money at it before checking. Every now and then though, you run into people who cant aim or you can trick into shooting your bow at an angle that doesnt intersect your ship sized citadel. The memes I pulled in this game wouldnt work in worcester because cant use all three turrets frontally.
  12. Battlecruiser


    Cleveland is good. hard to hit citadel so yes while you dont really bounce much you're hard to kill with evasive movement because you're small and your citadel only exists within like 13km. My best game in cleveland is something like 2.2m potential damage 3 sunk ships and 140k damage. In cleveland it wasn't uncommon to be knocking on 2m potential damage incoming. It rewards skillful play in this regard but like the rest of the light cruisers it's a bad idea to get in close with anything. Even though Cleveland is the last ship in the line that can do anything in close range. Seattle is bigger than cleveland, slower than cleveland, less close range dpm than cleveland, bigger citadel than cleveland, in fact you could say it's cleveland-sized, you can pretty reliably get hit in citadel in seattle from any range if an ap round so much as grazes your hull which is a pretty big deal because it means your only playstyle is sit behind island and shoot which goes counter to the idea that it's a support ship. I made the mistake of trying to do 3 caps in it, almost got the third one several times but it can not protect itself unless there's an island blocking whatever you're shooting from shooting back. Worcester is the same, if not worse. But at least it has good AA in a game where 5% of the players are in cv. So naturally just like real life it's trash. Thank you slavgaming for adding a ship that was phased out in real life for being garbage and making it worse than it was in real life for "balance" reasons and not because of vendetta. I really feel bad for people who spent money to get these ships quickly. Not only do they probably have regret but they reinforced this business practice, and they're likely to do it again too. Really, all they have to do for the 9 and 10 is make the citadel like the cleveland citadel, then every other issue suddenly becomes easy to work around because you're not forced to go all in when you're spotted to protect an xbox huge citadel that will definitely get hit by that cruiser shooting at you from 18km by any ap rounds that hit you if you turn. and then there's the khab that everyone hails as "basically a light cruiser" but it doesn't get a citadel, so that means in terms of light cruisers, the best tier 10 light cruiser is the khab. It's russian too, what a coincidence that the best light cruiser is actually a russian destroyer! You want to know the real classification of seattle and worcester? Monitor. They sail up to an island, drop anchor, and provide artillery support.
  13. Battlecruiser

    Seattle (and Cleveland) discussion / Review-ish

    Cleveland is great. Seattle in comparison only has one thing it can do better than Cleveland and that's repair itself. Everything else it can do is below the Cleveland's ability. Typical wargaming trying to encourage pay to progress but jokes on them I stopped rewarding that kind of [edited] years ago. Worcester isn't much better. What these ships definitely need in a game with invisible boundaries and "cap points" is a large, easy to hit citadel on top of being larger than cleveland and having no armor to speak of. I love the cleveland but the seattle is a pile of crap. Worcester is probably a slightly better seattle (except wait, it's probably not because you can only use two turrets rear or forward.) but still fragile and unable to carry when team has folded and it's 1v4 and at least one of your opponents can aim. Granted, even the Cleveland has difficulty doing this because the citadel-proof magic wears off inside of 13km but at least it can withstand withering fire long enough to kill one or two if you have a good set of cards to play. Especially if you're facing stuff like seattle and worcester where you can get easy citadels with 152mm. I've never lost a close exchange with a worcester when I was in cleveland because their citadel is very easy to hit. Somehow I accidentally picked the leopard line again. Thank you slavs for adding more ships tuned with your "Secret documents" After I collect my free ship in a week I'm probably going to uninstall for another year. It doesn't matter what you say to me because that's WG not getting my money, not one of you. It's 100% their problem because I can move on and play something else but they're stuck here.
  14. Battlecruiser

    new mexico, balanced or under powered

    the french also have very good bouncing, i pretty much have to aim for pixels around the turrets if i want to do damage with ap it seems like because they just deflect everything i shoot at the hull. Meanwhile I regularly get citadel through the front or sides even at angle in the new mexico by t7+ but that's more to do with how slow it is to be honest. I'd bounce less if positioning was an option. Seems like in general usn bb's are undergunned, slow, and flat easy targets. I don't mind as much when I'm shooting at them but i feel it when i'm driving one.
  15. Battlecruiser

    new mexico, balanced or under powered

    yes I need to get good, that will give me better rng. It will also stop game from placing me isolated from my team at start of match forcing me to 4v1 (of whom i killed two, technically, even though one was stolen by a fire caused by dive bombers, and managed to drag the fight out with no support for the entire match dodging torpedoes and trying to not show my side to another battleship in the process, because surprise surprise the side it didn't spawn me on folded despite holding all but two ships of the team's force,) and it will definitely stop my teammates from running away from me at the first sign of enemy contact leaving me to get isolated in a ship that doesn't turn, can't run away, and is left with only once choice: trade fire until sunk. Which again, is heavily based on rng. Normally it's not so bad, but when you're already at a disadvantage and it decides to give you the gremlin accuracy, then you wind up with at best, a 50k damage game with one or two sunk ships. It's situationally good, but that's like saying a lemon is a good car because it isn't broken down at the moment, and it all has to do with the fact that it can't keep up with the team and it can't recover when matchmaking places it on the wrong side of the field. In fact I'm playing it right now and the only real complaints i have is that it's too slow and its accuracy doesn't make up for this fact. otherwise it's ok. So yeah, it's nothing to do with my skill as a player. Nice victim blaming, though. It can not escape other ships. It can not close on other ships. It can not keep other ships at distance. It can not keep up with team. The armor is useless because of fires. The armor does not work on higher tier battleships. its dps is terrible and relies heavily on rng to keep enemy cruisers and battleships off of it because your team is going to sail away at maximum speed and not be useful at all. It is entirely dependent on map, spawn placement, and the opposing team ignoring you. It's at the mercy of its own team. That's a lot of hurdles to clear to have a great game let alone a good one. The new york was more manageable for some reason, I don't know what that reason is but comparatively, the nm is bad.