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  1. HoIo

    Ship choice.

    Funny, this is the exact opposite experience for me. As in, I've always had the scarnhorst, but really wonder if I'd like the Graf Spee. I wasn't aware that it was considered one of the better premiums dollar-wise, I've had it since it first came out of port whenever that was, same as the Tirpitz. (three years ago? When the German BBs weren't even in the game?? Idk). Judging from what's been said, I would probably stick to just having the Blaphorst, since it's as they've said: a cruiser with a [edited] ton more HP and armor. It is of course the ship I'm using to train up a captain for the uh, *ahem*, submersibles
  2. I'll be honest. I had a hard time going up the line as a whole. I was OK with the Wyoming and the New York, they're manageable. New Mexico was just abysmal in my opinion, and the way I play. Colorado, while hard hitting, it didn't provide that versatility of moving around the map. But the North Carolina.... Hoo boy, did I love the North Carolina. The ballistics of the USN BB shells are wholly unique in how floaty they are. But like how a couple people mentioned, it's cause of their superheavy status. If you can reliably, and consistently aim at targets, the plunging fire will never give much in way of citadels like IJN or RU with their flatter ballistics. But you're far more consistent in damage by comparison. And the Iowa is a further purification of that ideology. So obviously, lemme share a replay of the Iowa where the first half of the game is basically the exact opposite of what I said. If you're not up to watching replays, that's fine too. I figured plenty of advice had been given and I'd share an excellent game I had in the Iowa. Fun tidbit: this replay ended so fast, the website didn't register the last salvo on their Soyuz. So while it does say 170k for the damage, I really did 200+k
  3. the funniest thing to me is the comparison to Fortnite, LoL, and other AAA titles. .... But their communities complain about their titles just as much as the Wargaming crowd does with the WG titles.... I would know... I was there for the four years I didn't really play this game after CBT I ironically enjoy WoWS more than any other game, and would pick it up more than say, Fortnite or League of Legends And I'm 22 years old, so. Granted I play Cold Waters, so I'm probably already an exception compared to the younger generation
  4. HoIo

    Yes, the MM needs fixed

    This is all that should need to be said.... If your games are truly that unwinnable, then the other players should have a 100% win rate. And you should have a 0% WR.... But that's not the case. It's about the feeling that a loss gives, than anything else.
  5. HoIo

    Tier 5-7 AA is still way weak.

    Pretty easy to shake off a carrier.... And if they really want to kill you, you taunt them to keep them going for you. Stealth is only an option, not a necessity on destroyers. Unless you're playing IJN. Then you're just asking to have a bad time regardless of if there is carriers or not. Also, of course the carrier would be upset with a destroyer walking right up to him and killing him. That's a ship with at least 5km detection making it through a whole fleet Not that it matters, cause if the carrier is good enough with his rockets (and apparently people aren't) it's just more farm that is now justified to go after, rather than farming damage off of battleships.
  6. Congrats! The changes are included in the next patch! You still take 10k damage from the torps after the fighter goes down.
  7. Thanks for the help guys! As it turned out, the issue I think is the main .exe file in the folder (ie. :C//Games/World_Of_Warships_NA) wasn't the correct .exe since it integrates into the wargaming center... The correct .exe is in the bin32 and/or bin64 folders, where there's an .exe waiting within as well. Linked all of my replays (including older ones) and it all worked perfectly sans some bugs. Thanks for all the info above guys, as it did help me get tothis point! Cheers mate
  8. So it's a bit embarrassing to have to post a thread to figure out what the problem is... However I've verified how to play a replay (literally click and drag), and I've reviewed multiple videos and tutorials on it. I've swapped my permissions on the WoWS.exe application file to admin, both the application itself and Wargaming center. I've even reinstalled the game entirely, and done integrity checks. The replay will always load up, and will always go through every thing fine-- the problem is it continues to sit on the login screen with the loading icon on display indefinitely, or until I close out the window (which never needs to be forced, it's a responsive client even in this state). Any help would be hugely appreciated. On a side note, I do use the Azur Lane mod, but I've already cleared any possibility of that being the issue with the owner of the mod, which is why I've ultimately come here.
  9. HoIo

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    I figured as much, since as you said it's just graphical. Still, it was better to pamper out any uncertainties before I throw it into the air in the help threads. Thanks!
  10. HoIo

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Gotta ask now, in case it's the problem: Been trying to run replays for WoWS, but it never seems to work, was curious if that's ever happened when dealing with Azur Lane mod? I've gone through a handful of the troubleshooting for it, and verified multiple times how to do it, to no avail; so before I shot up a thread in the forums about it, wanted to know. Thanks if you can get back on it P.S. It's always stuck as if it's loading in after logging in-- and that's where it stays till I close out the game, which never needs anything extra (ie, I can just close the window fine, no task manager or ctrl+alt+delete necessary)
  11. How many people left when RB was introduced? How about when they reworked Carriers? Or the subs? Let's go back even further, when the British BBs came out? What about battleships that can't be citadeled? THE ABSOLUTE NERVE THEY HAD TO INTRODUCE GERMAN BATTLESHIPS! Or radar? Or Smoke AND Radar? (looking at Belfast for that one) The game will continue to develop more and more, and people will come and go. That in of itself is the nature of an MMO, the nature of a game that thrives via evolution. If that didn't happen, we'd just end up with Pre-2.0 World of Warplanes, with a bunch of older fellows playing with their favorite planes, and the population count numbering in the hundreds at best. RB is meant for the die hards, those that have dedicated a portion of their lives to the game. It's a form of elitism, which, if that was the complaint, then we could have another, more respectable conversation. Alas, the complaint is simply RB is gated off for only those who have done the investment, and played for the four/five years the game has been up, through it all. That's the point. Investment to show off how much you've dedicated to the game.
  12. Yet every single tree is gated via exp, but that's okay Yet every single coal or steel ship is gated via those resources, but that's okay RB is achievable by doing the exact same thing as the first option, you just have to rinse and repeat for Research points. But that's NOT ok? This is the most F2P thing they've done, and it's not okay? You have the option of simply burning free xp through the lines for the research points, but it's not a necessity. Let me say that again since it seems to be glosses over: THE RESEARCH BUREAU IS THE SAME THING AS GRINDING UP A LINE, BUT YOU GET REWARDS FOR DOING THE GRIND MORE THAN ONCE. That's it. Anything else it presents is identical to a regular, standard grind.
  13. In this thread: "WG is a cash grab company! " But.... If you could grind the lines up in the first place.... Why can't we do it again? Assuming you even want to do this in the first place mind you. You don't have to. "WG fanboys want to just cling to anything and everything that they introduce, hailing it as great!" But.... It's already been rebuked that giving buffs to ships because of a reset was bad, and it's already been taken out. Which a certain "fanboy" pointed out first And then of course my favorite one: "Why should I do this? There's no incentive for me to reset my line. Thus it is a bad idea." Then don't do it. You miss out on a few ships and whatever else they will add in the future. If I'm fighting Colbert's and Ohio's already, then clearly people have already invested into the system and more people will continue to do so. Ohio might be considered a "strong" ship, and the Colbert at least an interesting one, but none of them are stronger than tree ships. This is just a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side". In which case, it only looks that way because you won't bother to grind for it 😉
  14. HoIo

    Tier 5-7 AA is still way weak.

    Hm? I don't recall seeing almost 10k torpedo damage on the other aerial torpedo bombers? Wait.... So there's other nations that have 15 torpedo tubes at any given point, and a potential torpedo reload booster? 76 knots is the norm for the torpedos coming off of cruisers? Huh-- TIL In all seriousness, they do still have the best concealment out of all of the torpedoes besides Pan-Asia; and the IJN AP bombs leave plenty of room for serious damage dealing.
  15. HoIo

    Tier 5-7 AA is still way weak.

    It's the only form of damage that Carriers consistently utilize, sometimes they can do a knife fight wiht destroyers, assuming they aren't nuked with torpedoes before hand. But all in all, the damage carriers can actually deal is damage that can be shot down, reduced, and effectively neutered; no other class in the game has their damage be knocked out via an automated system that usually doesn't need to be managed. Late game, if the carrier has more than one full squadron, it's not because the carrier is sitting in the back-- it's because he's been using his/her planes effectively in a way that once the point of the game where the planes actually do matter comes around, they're ready to pick off singular ships. It's the same story as destroyers too for that matter, on a functional level. Both classes are effectively far more usefull once HP has been whittled down and ships are falling down one by one. Attacking the carrier destroys the ship itself, but destroying the planes, the damage dealers themselves, will mitigate the carrier to be effective, thus effectively destroying the carrier's influence. That's why dodging, grouping up, etc is important, and why early deaths are critical to not sustain. Someone earlier mentioned "how can a DD cap with carriers", which works both ways-- while we can't cap, neither can theirs.