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  1. Looking for clan

    Pm sent
  2. Looking for casual clan

    pm sent
  3. looking for a clan

    You really should answer Shaggy's pm
  4. Two good players looking for a Clan again.

    I want to thank all of the clans that have responded to our thread. And while it was a very difficult choice, I believe we have found a good home if ak decides to have us.
  5. Two good players looking for an active clan. Russl67 and brianc11111 We like to div up and whenever wg starts clan wars were in! Both are of a very mature age, but we like to cut up and have fun. Dont want a potato clan, but arent really looking for opg either(maybe that will come later). Thanks for the responses and well get back to you.
  6. Looking for a Clan!

    Looking for a decent clan. Dont want a potato clan, but not looking for OPG either. Mainly a Cruiser player, but am getting into BB's. Everyday player with about 2300 battles. Getting better continuously. Warships today says I deal a large amount of damage. Like to hook up with a good group that likes to have fun but doesnt like to lose much. A group that wants to get into clan wars and do well. Thx for looking
  7. cool down period

    thank you shaggy, i appreciate your reply......time to go look for a clan
  8. cool down period

    how long is the cool down period after you leave a clan and can join another?