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  1. 99Lightning

    Where is my helicopter?

    OMG, THIS!!! "Premium" ship, and they cannot, or will not address it.....
  2. Basically the Mass has a Atlanta strapped to each side, minus the insane fire rate...
  3. 99Lightning

    You have [edited] the role of DD's

    IF this is the case, why do they put the "job descriptions" of each ship class in the game? Or is it just a suggestion? Cause I see tears in damn near every game chat about some clowns not doing what their "job" is as described in game.....
  4. Prices in NA Prem shop are still "laughable" at best.... $1 less at most...
  5. Hard to look cool all beached like that.... Several profanities said when that happened. You played that cruiser well, it has a odd torp arrangement/distance?? As for me, got too over-zealous wanting that damn Nurnburg, and that was my undoing....
  6. So, lets get all the bb;s up front within HE fire from DD's, and cruisers.... Then, [edited] about it when they are pushing forward and die..... Oh, wait.....
  7. A 2-3 ship Division that ONLY hunts the Sky Cancer, is a very viable tool to dispose of Cv's in a match. I find it particularly satisfying to hunt CV's in my Massachusetts, eating most all planes sent my way, then throwing the spotter up and hammerin em... Then, the whole AA defensive thing is not a issue for the whole team. Focus on them first, easy enough...
  8. 99Lightning

    Done with Ranked.

    Been using my Udaloi in ranked with pretty good results... Certainly not afraid to go up against any Fletcher's...
  9. 99Lightning

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    Have been using Udaloi for ranked, its a good time.
  10. 99Lightning

    WG Birthday Code

    Tried it under redeem code, says invalid format? >Got it, couldn't copy paste, manually entered it<
  11. 99Lightning

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    Honestly, I think 10TonHammer has ABSOLUTELY ZERO fuks to give.... Could be wrong....
  12. 99Lightning

    Man, the Massachusetts is a Monster

    Secondary range on my Mass is 11.2 with Capt spec and running flag. Most other ships dont expect it when trying to get me...
  13. 99Lightning


    Would be nice if there were a in game option to TURN CHAT OFF completely..... Then, no reason to deal with asshats....
  14. Just another reason for BB's to focus on CV's in game and kill the SKY CANCER.... I will do this EVERY time I get a chance in the Massachusetts...