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  1. Redletter

    Similar to Arkansas B?

    Please. Upgrade your Ark B with a full secondary spec module and captain. It's the most fun I have in this game. Is it clubbing? Yes, but 7km secondaries at tier 4 cover a third of whatever map you tend to spawn on and you obliterate everything in sight. The amount of HAX complaints you receive will encourage you to club even more.
  2. Redletter

    What makes me buy premium ships?

    I have bought so many premiums I own almost all of them. I pretty much only play them too. I hardly play any regular tech tree ships lol.
  3. Redletter

    trolling the lower tiers or what

    I play tier 4-5 a lot because I like the ship types. Also the Arkansas which you should have has 7km secondaries at tier 4 which are godly. Just keep getting better that's how the game works.
  4. Redletter

    Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Wargame lol. Also how is the Arkansas not in your favorites. God, 7km secondaries at tier 4 is amazing.
  5. Redletter

    First game in the Mass.

    hahaha, thats how I always feel with premiums. I have too many of them though and with that amount Ive come across some I'm not a huge fan of.
  6. Redletter

    First game in the Mass.

    Now that is quite the game. I think I will enjoy this boat.
  7. Redletter

    First game in the Mass.

    First game in the Massachusetts. I did my home state proud. Riiiiiiip.
  8. Redletter

    Premium Ship Review - USS Arkansas

    I would agree with this. I've had both CVS in a match try to torpedo me and I dodged all but one. I got that to my advantage. Even then I still try to stick with or request a cruiser to follow me. I now believe I have more secondary kills in my Ark B than main gun kills because with tier 4 maps and 6.8km secondaries you tend to reach a third to almost half the ranges of maps.