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  1. yeochee

    When do you open your daily containers?

    The one reason I could see was if you are doing a collection and don't care if you get the final 'prize' right away. I would think that by not opening them you're piling up unopened duplicates that will eventually be turned into credits. If you don't open that last piece, the containers should keep dropping them for you even if that last piece is in a unopened container since contents are 'rolled' when the container is chosen?
  2. You're not going to like it very much when some future campaign has missions with 'kill x of certain nation ships' and you can no longer guarantee that nation is in a co-op battle by bringing a ship of that nation yourself....
  3. yeochee

    Improving Clans

    I fear Clan Commander DoomBeagle would assign me the title of 'Oil Ho'....
  4. yeochee

    Where is my Halloween Perma Camo?

    Yes. I got the camo Thrawn is hoping for in my first pumpkin, but do not own the Bismarck.
  5. yeochee

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    Yeah, I had no idea there was an Operations channel until this thread. I ran Dynamo 6 times tonight (was in Mainerd's group mentioned above), knocked out my stars and then farmed and helped a few others get their 10. First run we had a tough time finding people, so ran it with only 4 and didn't have any trouble - had 3 Sims in the group :)
  6. yeochee

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    That is exactly what they need for all their events/calendars/etc. I feel some of it is language translation, but most of the time it is just plain unclear and open to interpretation. There needs to be someone looking at it with fresh eyes and anticipating any questions/issues before they push anything to the website. It needs to be someone with enough WoW experience to know how the playerbase thinks/schemes, but also with the ability to 'start from scratch/no knowledge' when it comes to proofing. Many of WG's issues with the player base are self-inflicted and could be prevented with clearer communication at the start.
  7. I was at a game on that list !! The Gaborik one, and the Wild were certainly trying their hardest to get him #6. They had a PP towards the end of the game and they spent all of it trying to feed him passes, no one dared to shoot the puck and score on their own.
  8. yeochee

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    I do get that, but it's just very Wargaming to have a mission with Dunkirk in the title, have an operation based around Dunkirk and not have it the Op of the Week the week the mission is active. There are just so many things WG does that make me picture the Benny Hill theme as the background music at their offices.
  9. yeochee

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    I love how it's called 'Hero of Dunkirk', yet they just removed Dynamo as the Operation of the Week....
  10. yeochee

    Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    Just did the exact same thing for the exact same reasons. I did just start grinding the Roon and Donskoi the last week or so, but I enjoy their gameplay style much more so I didn't feel the same urge to free XP past them.
  11. yeochee

    Question about Clan Base 2.0 from a Clan Leader

    Trying to do my part !!!
  12. yeochee

    Storytime from battle last night

    Was it by chance one of the Lexington Museum accounts ? I've been fired at and chased all game by one of them in the past...
  13. yeochee

    Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    I only participated in part 2 and my rewards are available.
  14. yeochee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Well, you found which cap the reds were pushing !
  15. yeochee

    Zao Torp buff?

    Yeah, on Hotspot last night I was in a group heading wide west from the south at the start (not contesting A cap) and tossed my set of right side torps through the SW opening of A cap while driving by and blindly sank an Edinburgh with a couple of the them. Poor ship was never even spotted. Fortunately they got some cap points before heading back to port. With Zao's concealment and the longer torps she can also certainly help slow down a lost or weak flank. Deny area, if you get any floods kite away and light them on fire.