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  1. Krupp and sigma are not listed because of the complexity of the numbers for the little that they offer in terms of varrience, I am gonna be releasing a video comparison going over ships and will provide basic krupp and Sigma info to help people understand the ships just a little better soon
  2. Nerf Mushashi now

    Aye, but i still wave the Fog flag in tribute to the good ol days.
  3. Exciting and engaging

    y u no run detonation flag!
  4. Nerf Mushashi now

    actually its from a clan we were all in prior to the current clan system. It all started back in CBT
  5. HSF Captain voice Samples

    i now know which ones im getting
  6. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    kongou desu loves to fire HE too nothing stops you from lighting the IR on fire too, then all is fair.
  7. Harekaze boat/plane/tomahawk?

    because you know..... balance
  8. Harekaze boat/plane/tomahawk?

    its a skimmer think of it as a high speed recon craft.
  9. got everything with three days to spare as well, and have pretty solid stats in the DOY so im not gonna complain, its not a bad ship its just not the same as say.... Roma
  10. Roma in ranked PT 2

    i enjoy testing a new boat as much as the next scrub, but i didnt take my roma into ranked until i had 10 points on her captain. i cant say the same for the 4 roma's ive sunk this morning
  11. Roma in ranked PT 2

    mhm, its common sense yet ive seen roma in every ranked match i went into today.... and if you look at my ranked winrate for today it tells you all you need to know lol
  12. Roma in ranked PT 2

    so ive been in ranked, and im seeing alot of roma's in ranked.... im also seeing alot of romas get deleted in ranked. coincidence? Shes only been out to the public 1 day, if you arent comfortable in her yet and dont have at least 10 point cap do not take her to ranked.....
  13. Life as a TX CV

    well, can wait for HE spam to destroy AAA guns.... and reduce your overal dmg but some dmg i guess