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  1. new Warspite owner

    load AP. aim well and profit. one of the best T6 battleships
  2. Harugumo

    harugumo is essentially a cruiser shoved into a DD's class.... shes big, turns like a big-rig going 100mph.... those guns are just as good as the player who is at the helm
  3. Can you overpen a citadel?

    Yes, Roma can overpen citadels on cruisers and other BB's due to her LOLpen epic shells. A citadel happens when a shell is ARMED and Detonates within the citadel of a ship. Shell speed weight and the armor thickness of the citadel all determain weather a hit to the Cit is a 16k dmg "HAHAHAHA I GOTCHA!" or a 1200 dmg "Lolz try again".
  4. Why lopsided battles are so common in WoWS

    lopsided gammes happen because of the following things Gunnery: you or your opponant has some better marksmen. RNG: Detonations and Cits pens vs overpens. will RNG favor your volley or will you miss all 9 shots.... time will tell. Momentum: Morale and momentum play a very strong roll in player thinking and actions, playing when moreale is high usually will result in more precise actions and swifter responses. Momentum, killing one or 2 ships in a short time without a loss on your side means you have a distinct firepower advantage, with the number of people usualy split off to cap a point. Losing one cap force will give a distinct advantage to the killing team and allow them to manuver more freely. Manuvers: where you are and where you and your team can focus firepower, everyone [edited] and whines about how BB's camp in the back, CL are always hugging island waifu, and DD's are suicidal and need more HP or armor. but a team that has a superior position and can bring more firepower onto a target in a shorter amount of time will have the advantage. Focused fire: This is the big one, a team that picks a target, and smashes it before selecting another will ALMOST ALWAYS have a massive advantage due to the systematic removal of a target. Versus everyone spreading fire out among all 7 or 12 red ships. just some food for thaught
  5. Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    If im already Dead i help my surviving teamates by giving information on ship locations and what the red team is doing. if you already know thats fine, but sometimes its helpfull. Ranked is won by communicating with your team.
  6. WG dropping subtle hints in game- PSA for BBs

    posted about this a week ago

    you are a saint!

    this has made me start looking for signs on other maps too. anyone else seen any?
  9. Garbage boats you like...

    mutsu.... people play it wanting citadels, shes only gonna cit a cruiser, you want the big boy damage, pick a BB aim for superstructure and wrack up 16-20k dmg per salvo
  10. NO BB's ALLOWED!

    See attached image, WG is sending a message to BB players.... The days of the BB are over! #conspiracy theory #BBCancer #BBaby #Cancer #Cancermasterrace #Cancerbestterminalillness
  11. Nelson or the Yet to be released Alaska?

    im just a nobody, but from the people who have spoken to me regarding her Alaska is gonna be well worth getting
  12. Opinions on Kongo

    Kongo is the one battleship that i would love to keep, so much so that I kept all 4 of the ARP versions of her AND her tech tree counterpart
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar only stops the meta of "Im a DD gotta get in the cap ASAP!!!!" play safe, create area denial and let your radar ships spot thire dd's and take them out, the key is coordination and not the usual YOLO im a DD mentality.
  14. Boise bug?

    ive got auto resupply on
  15. Boise bug?

    So ive noticed over the past few days that the Boise does not automatically repurchase and mount the premium repair consumable. anyone else noticed this?