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  1. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    WG, its about time we had a talk....

    how so, there is already like 10 "mock" BB lines for italy on the forums here alone, and each of those has not only line drawings but also alternatives
  2. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    WG, its about time we had a talk....

    WG, look, We know you mean well, hell youve done some pretty good things for the game.... and some not so good things.... adding some paper ships to give americans 18 inch guns... while actual tech trees remain unstated like say... THE ENTIRE ITALIAN TECH TREE??????? really WG its about time you bless the game with those beautiful roman ships...... a great handful of players are eagerly waiting the italy BB's myself included..... come on lads chop chop lets get down to buisiness so we dont have this french cancer to deal with any more
  3. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Detonations are the funnest thing in the game!!

    show me on the boat where the detonation touched you
  4. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    I Don't Get It???

    22k battles.... doesn't understand spotting mechanics
  5. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    CVs need +/-1 MM

    after playing in that match vs you and it was absolutely miserable trying to get dmg in a all tX match when the only t8 is the cv....
  6. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    For all of you getting the Alaska

    Russianbiasgrad stalinium rounds will be eating some Bering straight bote
  7. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    What ships will you be driving in a sea of Alaskas.

    stalingrad :D
  8. "now you too can become the super unicum player you believe yourself to be" will become the mantra of the player base
  9. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Ranked level rewards

    i will be the shameful owner of a OP stalingrad as soon as i do a single match lol
  10. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    The Million Free XP---We're Waiting Club?

    1,100,100 sitting in my dock atm...
  11. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    So angry - Mighty Prinz 'campaign'

    there's been numerous threads about it in the past week i believe this is one of them
  12. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Azuma Nerfed

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was looking forward to seeing another supercruiser instead of Stalingrad in CB.....
  13. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna


    excuse me while i go hang myself
  14. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna


    no alaska still
  15. got both over 2 months ago now im sitting on 1,040,000 fxp for alaska the day she comes out