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  1. HSF Portraits

    this collection is geared towards people who have the HSF ships as it nets better rewards for the crates,
  2. HSF Portraits

    won 20 matches with my harekaze and already finished the event mission..... you can use a HSF Graff spee, HSF harekaze and get 20 wins with each to get a total of 40 crates
  3. What will Wargaming do when they run out of content?

    a lot of lines still need implementation Italy destroyers Cruisers Battleships and carriers German Carriers British destroyers and Carriers Japanese gunboat DD's for T9-10 polish Destroyers, Cruisers Battleships, Carriers Pan Asian Carriers, Battleships and cruisers French Carriers Destroyers just to name a few. We have plenty of ships to go off of
  4. Roma needs BUFF

    no. roma is amazing if you place your shots right
  5. Russian BBs Saving FXP Now

    what to expect from russian battleships. Low firing arcs and 1000mps shell velocity Stalinium krupp values resulting in penetrations at any angle Citadels so well protected behind an iron curtain that no shell can hit it immunity to fires Torpedo bulges that negate 75% of torpedo dmg
  6. Krupp and sigma are not listed because of the complexity of the numbers for the little that they offer in terms of varrience, I am gonna be releasing a video comparison going over ships and will provide basic krupp and Sigma info to help people understand the ships just a little better soon
  7. Nerf Mushashi now

    Aye, but i still wave the Fog flag in tribute to the good ol days.
  8. Exciting and engaging

    y u no run detonation flag!
  9. Nerf Mushashi now

    actually its from a clan we were all in prior to the current clan system. It all started back in CBT
  10. HSF Captain voice Samples

    i now know which ones im getting
  11. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    kongou desu loves to fire HE too nothing stops you from lighting the IR on fire too, then all is fair.
  12. Harekaze boat/plane/tomahawk?

    because you know..... balance
  13. Harekaze boat/plane/tomahawk?

    its a skimmer think of it as a high speed recon craft.
  14. got everything with three days to spare as well, and have pretty solid stats in the DOY so im not gonna complain, its not a bad ship its just not the same as say.... Roma
  15. Roma's "Beer Can" Camo and national respect

    +1 i agree