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  1. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Your very first Premium was?

    the "Troll" part is the emphasis of the post the ship was so bad but the sheer volume of torp was the kind of tihng that madmen come up with, not to mention the pure salt that came with the nearly daily friendly fire torp
  2. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    I expect battleships to perform sub par in the new ranked season, alaska, and krn will dominate the cruiser game, with JB and MO leading the charge for BB's
  3. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Your very first Premium was?

    Kitakami, yubari, sims atlanta, all at the same time god i miss 40 torp drops of troll......
  4. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Rank Sprint 4 Ship Performance Table

    wonders how im not in the top ten in mutsu....
  5. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    USS Enterprise CV-6 Premium ship.

    can you please provide a source?
  6. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    USS Enterprise CV-6 Premium ship.

    shes already in game at T8 as a prem dont expect to see her instore any time soon tho
  7. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    A glimpse into the cv rework

    I acctually played alot of wooster and zao to see how the aa changes would effect them
  8. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    A glimpse into the cv rework

    Take a look at the page.. now back at me... Now back at the page now back to me. Sadly it isnt me, but if people stopped complaining about the cv rework and switched to old spice it could smell like it was me. Look in you hand theres an oyster with 2 santa crates with Missouri. Look again the missouri is now Alaska Anything is possible when you smell like haruna not complain about the cv rework. Im on a supercontainer. Now that that is out of the way.... Stop with the blasting of the cv rework or at least give it a chance As one of many who got to participate in the beta i would like to weigh in on the rework and explain why its not the end of the world "Unlimited planes!!!!! Oh noes": yes there are unlimited planes however due to the reload time on a wing, and the fact it takes longer to fly planes to a target you wont get more than 3 or 4 torp wings off before time runs out. This is not more than what a t 10 midway can do.... "Multiple strikes per wing": yes up to three strikes per wing. However these strikes are overall weak compared to current cv mechanics. Each torp does less dmg than current numbers by -25% give or take. Its also alot harder to land torp and bomb hits than in current cv rts mode. "Easy perma flood n fire" : false. Flood chance on torps was reduced and the dmg from bombs is much harder to obtain. And dmg from rockets is negligible. "Its gonna be op, deleting ships left and right" : short of a detonation, or a lucky torp drop on a dd you wont see very many dev strikes in randoms. The inability to crossdrop will make it much easier to evade torps even as a kurfurst.... "Aa is broken": anti air is a little borked however its not impossible to shoot down planes. Its more important than ever to stay close together to overlap aa fire. Lone wolves are screwed. Bbs: playing in the new rework, you will be forced to stay with your team, however you will find cvs to be less of a threat starting at t8 Cruisers: with your anti air consumable expect to drop 3-4 birds per wing you encounter just make sure you use tilde to choose aa sector. Dds: rejoice! Gone are the days of being perma spoted by 5 wings of planes hovering overhead! No longer will you be forced to pop smoke the moment you get spottedor get shredded to death because the 3 wings of fighters hover overhead.
  9. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    What's the Attraction of the Free XP Large Cruisers?

    Exactly :)
  10. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna


    I have not got a super container in over a year. Count thyself lucky you got one
  11. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Yolos and Pointy Bow Campers

    Cvs will be fine. The dmg per strike is alot lower. Missing a drop or getting planes shot down. While not crippling will make the cv useless for 3mins while he hets another flight airborn. Dive bombers are alot harder to kit with due to the small drop window and torp planes drop only 3 at a time with lower flood chance and less dmg per torp. Now a cv has less impact on the game, they only have the ability to get one wing up at a time
  12. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    What's the Attraction of the Free XP Large Cruisers?

    You get to use ap at range
  13. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    [Repost from Reddit] "Unlimited" planes are not actually unlimited

    Its unlimited but theres a limit to how many squadrons you can acctually get up in the air due to time restrictions. When doing the beta i was getting. 130k dmg as a cv without any captain skills for aa. Even now its not hard to score the same ammount of dmg in a t8 or 7 prem cv. Its not a sky is falling situation
  14. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    Supercontainer Rewards Thread

    Hi super containers anonymous. My name is haruna and it has been one year since my last super container
  15. Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    Show me on this model ship where the torpedotouched you. Learn to play both classes. Knowing how to play as a dd makes them 1000% easier to fight against