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  1. Raigir

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Not all the good players were hostile at one time or another. Plenty used to be quite forthcoming with helping others improve. However, the 'unwilling' greatly out number the 'willing'. There's only so many times one can offer reasonable advice only to be fired back on with a "my way is better" or just be completely ignored. They move on from trying to help to harsh criticism because it's far more likely that advice even offered through genuine kindness is more likely to be ignored or trashed. It's not hard to see why players who have the kind of in depth knowledge of the game to easily spot the mistakes others make become jaded.
  2. RIP Roma. If only she had come out later, after SAP was actually a thing.
  3. Raigir

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I did it!
  4. Hey @Radar_X, Why not create a specific section on the main wows page, separate from the news, specifically for the devblog? You'd probably benefit from the better formatting system that your news section already provides also to make them clean and easy to read. Not to point fingers or anything, but almost exactly like a certain competitor happens to do:
  5. Raigir

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    Story of my life. someone save my wallet...
  6. Now imagine being a CV player and getting 4-5 (or more) reports a game just for existing.
  7. Inaccurate as hell while still sporting guns that most t8-10 cruisers can't get overmatched by. Almost a go secondary or bust at this point.
  8. Random spreads on torpedoes has been the dumbest thing ever. As if BBs needed more help with the game throwing them a bone with a perfectly BB sized gap every time.
  9. Raigir

    Question about the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo

    Kinda disappointing. Such a good look on one side, but nearly barren on the other. It may be historical, but still a bit disappointing.
  10. Been using the Zao mod for a while now, the overall improvement in rudder shift and tighter dispersion just pushes the needle even further to the comfort zone for the ship. Also having shell groupings that obliterate DDs and make cruisers and BBs cry bloody murder is hilarious. The reduction in max range is at best 'unfortunate' but ultimately 17.5 km is still very serviceable and realistically just encourages better Zao play anyway since the ship does best riding that line of mid-range engagement where it performs at its peak.
  11. Raigir

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Wow, guess my MO is gonna remain a port ornament then. That is quite sad. Well, not that the US lines have any compelling / competitive ships for me to get in a tizzy about not having a good trainer for.
  12. Raigir

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Gotta be honest, if the Missouri is on the list to receive the citadel lowering same as the Iowa, that officially bumps the Alabama off as an option for me. In that event the Missouri is a better earner and better ship at that point without the gimped vulnerabilities of the Alabama. It'll probably be harder for others to draw that line since Alabama does sit a tier lower and does indeed have phenomenal torpedo protection, but I'm feeling it strongly enough that the Missouri post buff will have a better value.
  13. Raigir

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Anyone who adores the Kirov is probably gonna love the Molotov. I absolutely can not wait to get my hands on the Molotov. The Kirov's guns are devastating enough as it is, even at a tier higher, with such improved ballistics, ap, and rof this thing is gonna be hilariously destructive. Goes without saying, an instant buy for me at least. I am very much imagining though, with her fragility on par with Kirov's, a lot of people are gonna pick her up thinking she's a death machine only to get smashed like a china cabinet when they make that one mistake.