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  1. ...Boy I can't WAIT to see how Submarines are gonna go down when they finally launch that hot mess.
  2. And you apparently haven't seen any of the mission directives to GET those boosters. Directive 6 Carrier Mission "Get 2,700 torpedo strikes." Hell, there are three 950,000 EXP missions. Another three 350,000 FXP missions. The number of ships one must sink goes up to 72 somewhere along the way. THere is literally no point in attempting this cash grab of a grind.
  3. So one thing I'm actually curious about with this video. Will it solely be focusing on the German invasion? Or will it also cover the Soviet Union's involvement as well?
  4. Same here! Didn't expect it but nice to know I won...Apparently. Would love ta know how to claim whatever it is I won! XD