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  1. Although that sorta fixes some aspect of MM, it's not very fun at all as a CV player. Sure it might be nice for awhile cause you're a viable ship and all. But eventually it gets boring, there's no challenge of fighting stronger ships, and there's no reward of feeling you can really carry when you may have an advantage that all other classes get to experience. Then there's the fact that seeing the exact same tier ships fight your CV is also boring. Part of the game is getting what if fights and taking away the ability to see a Ryuujou try and win against Bismarck or any other combo isn't nice, especially again when all other ship classes don't get that enjoyment taken away. Same is true with all the clamor for only one CV per side [edited], since it again takes away the fu of seeing other teammates of the same class help or in general make up interesting match ups, except there's an extra layer as being the only CV on the team leads to added pressure and frequently unwanted, unwarranted, extra criticism from both teams regardless of what kind of performance you give in a match. It also can lead to numerous calls for outright reporting of you simply for being a CV player in the match, that's not far either.
  2. GeneralVeers

    Rather than fiddling with CV mechanics...

    High tier destroyers already have enough going their way and even low AA ones an shred planes especially if the DD is uptier to the CV. that just makes it even harder for a CV to have a chance to sink a DD which is already hard enough given the current and future aiming nerfs for any effective plane type against DD's, th crazy concealment ranges which means you have to start an attack run blind to have any chance to hit a DD. Oh and yeah they already have smoke which means waste precious minutes circling a smoke cloud losing planes and doing nothing for your team or go be useful elsewhere and losses the DD as it relocates. Tis is all before you realize that DD are smallest and nimblist class meaning they can dodge the best. I say this as someone who has enjoyed playing all ship classes since the CV re-work.
  3. GeneralVeers


    Sure give CV's a heal too since when spotted by any surface ship our paper armor stops nothing and we;re at half health in about two salvos from any cruiser, which with AA and all is probably untouchable by our planes or if we're lucky and it's not an AA platform still have terrible alpha, so even if we hit multiple runs the CA chasing us is most likely going to have a lot of health and the easier time of stopping the CV then the CV stopping it. Same goes with any other class in range of a CV. As for the notion of CV's don't go for other CV's, that's completely false. I quite regularly attack the enemy CV especially at the start I remind her with an 8k hit (because CV armor is paper and anything can do great dmage to the them). That hey I can touch you. Which makes them nervous and either one they're forced to play too close to their surface ships which usually gets them in range of my friendlies surface ships and sink. Or they isolate themselves which means it takes longer for them to engage my allies and makes for an easier chance to attack them, especially late game since they have no extra AA around them and usually have used up most of their fighter consumables.
  4. GeneralVeers

    Attention Bismarck Captains

    I'm always going to call Bismarck her regardless of who decided to flip the gender, it never feels right to call ships anything but her to me. Regardless thanks for the reminder.
  5. GeneralVeers

    Game Balance and why (I think) Carriers are an issue*

    Rock Paper scissors set up hasn't been a thing in game for ages, especially with the pure Destroyer Dominance that was around for so long. If anything CV's rework brought great balance to the game, seeing as they have finally made Destroyers checked in game. No longer can a lone ranger destroyer absolutely wreck an enemy flank with torps and invisible to enemy perma spotting. It's forced them to be more of team player with their support. Meanwhile having no alpha damage the CV's have to choose their targets wisely chipping at the right opponents so that their surface ship allies can get enough salvos in to win the engagement. All while risking their planes which is like turrets that take half the game to repair. Plus their spotting only lasts as long their planes are up or focusing on that side of a map, which ties up a CV's ability to help their team if they're only spotting. Even more so you always see the planes spotting you and unlike an undetected DD which you can't see or run away from that's spotting you, you can see and shoot down the planes.
  6. GeneralVeers

    Just dodge!

    Exactly, and if they're having a hard time dodging play some CV"s for a bit. Hitting ships well is hard let alone sinking or racking up damage, and they'll quickly learn what angles to take when seeing certain CV's attack that will help their surface ship game.
  7. GeneralVeers

    No CVs

    Sure just as soon as we get no DD game options. Since they were breaking the game before as well. As many a CC likes to point out they're the most important ship in a game cause of how powerful they are. Yet they have games 5 to a side of them. It makes for a thoroughly unenjoyable gameplay experience that way. So in the name of balance No DD game option as well.
  8. GeneralVeers

    The iChase Case

    ichase is a fool of a CC like Notser who are DD primaries and they continue to ask for absurd nerfs, so that they don't have to change play style. So they will remain on ignore as with the rest of knee-jerking masses who think it's cute to ask to remove an entire class from the game or to make them so nerfed they cannot do anything significant any match.
  9. GeneralVeers

    2 CVs needs to end for all tiers

    Only if you make it so that DD are regulated as harshly, otherwise no. I have way more concern with games of 8-10 DD in them regardless of what class of ship I play then 2 CV games. 2 CV's are needed, especially at lower tiers, and especially if you're a T8 CV in a T10 match or really any CV that's bottom tier. Play CV's before asking absurdity, WG already screwed up big with the T10 change.
  10. GeneralVeers

    CVs focusing DDs all game, is it always a winning strategy?

    As CV player since the rework, no it is not. It hardly ever is. Sure if you see a lone DD trying take a cap and have the planes, go sink her if you can. But if they're playing smart, within friendly AA Bubbles or in general knowing to dodge and use smoke, it's best to ignore them. Go after the targets you can damage and/or slow to give your team time to win their thrust on the map.Otherwise you just waste time, planes, and you teammates ships all trying to chase down tricky ships you don't need to address. The only exception is if they're headed to your backline where you are. If a DD gets in range of a CV, well there's no good counter for the CV to make it, especially since that means you spotted to the enemy team. So focus any DD trying to find you as quickly as possible. It sucks since it takes long time to sik a smart maneuvering DD that can only be spotted once you overshoot an attack run without fighters to spot, but you gotta prioritize them then.
  11. GeneralVeers

    Do CV bombers hit a bit too hard?

    No if anything they need a buff, especially AP bombs that if they hit at all do meh damage, and then even if you get lucky hit a bunch and get say 2 cits, woo, 15k damage tops, more likely 10k. HE bombs too need a buff, fine some very accurate Commanders had them do too much damage against some DD's sure nmake the DD's take a little less damage. But the rest again, meh damage with low fire chance, we have no alpha strikes, we have no dots, and now with the speed nerf, which will also affect our plane survive ability, we will have lower dpm, meaning we can't do anything meaningful besides get yelled at by all parties in a game.
  12. GeneralVeers

    Azur Lane collection: Warspite

    There's a Warspite commander in game? I don't see her for sale anywhere.
  13. GeneralVeers

    Azure Lane

    I understand it's satire but a lot of the girls in that pack are small, like Cleveland and Yukikaze there. Regardless, some women are well endowed, and they have that as part of their looks. The girls are all shown well dressed and not in string bikini so I hardly see how that's problem to have in a game for everyone. I mean I just saw a woman today in the grocery store with oppai as big as her head, and no one was asking her to be escorted out to think of the children. But good work, no major bumps otherwise in your choices.
  14. GeneralVeers

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    It's very true, especially when stock! I just got Lexington, and my first 2 games were T X game's the third was a T IX game, my T VII planes were absolutely worthless, and even with a full squadron couldn't get near a ship, even isolate T 8's the struggled mightily let alone late game trying to make any meaningful effort to attack T 10's. It was incredibly frustrating. This was even more compounding upon me reluctantly using free XP to upgrade all my planes, they still seemed mediocre. I have the Enterprise and I love her, and she supposedly has weaker planes then Lexington, yet Lexington's upgraded planes feel worst! They turn sluggish/not sharp, their aiming is harder and more erratic, and ultimately seem to have planes that melt way quicker under less intense firepower. It's a pretty annoying circumstance. and T 8 is better for CV's, T6 and T4, are very miserable experiences in comparison where even when top tier your alpha and dots are so poor it's still very hard to contribute anything meaningful unless enemies are so kind to just sail in straight lines and alone for the majority of the games. Even then your impact is left to chance depending on what RNG wants to give you for damage rolls. WG should really allow 2 CV's per side again in T10, if one of the two CV per side is a T8 CV.
  15. Usually it's a Battleship or CA still around in my end games, sometimes I'm only left in my CV, but no it usually isn't the CV and in fact frequently the team with BB's left, usually a Nelson and some AA queen, prevail in winning.