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  1. SansPeur

    QoL idea: sorting Collections & Campaigns

    What are the 11 current collections? I Have: Battle of North Cape Yamamoto Isoroku The Hunt for Bismarck Dunkirk Vive la France American Cruisers Royal Navy Destroyers The Great Eight 3 Years of World of Warships High School Fleet
  2. SansPeur

    Where is Alaska?

    "Hello. Uhh, can we have your liver?"
  3. Out of the list of available ships I did not own: Monaghan Boise Ashitaka Le Terrible Nueve de Julio Massachusetts Z39 The first 20 Mega create gave me 1, 2, and 3. The second 20 Mega creates gave me 4, 5, and 6. Besides camo and flags, a total of 12,000 doubloons and 50,000 coal.
  4. I just purchased the Iowa this morning, free XPed all the upgrades and kitted her out. I had just over 90m credits before buying, and just over 56m once ready for battle. Battle service cost from the first battle was 215k running premium consumables. I can't remember if any of the modules were sitting in inventory, which may have lowered my fit out cost. I would grind out credits until you have at least 40m, less the cost of the sale of any ships, before buying. High tiers are brutal on the bank account without premium, perma camo, and flags in every battle.
  5. SansPeur

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    I'm almost as old as this thread, but not quite.
  6. SansPeur

    New Code

    Thank you. I got 3 daily containers, 2 which were More Resources and 1 Credits.
  7. SansPeur


    I realised the other day I was sitting on 94 for the Royal Navy Elite Forces (Top 3, 100 times in tiers VIII-X in RN ships) and ~106,000 average for Battleship Commander Elite Forces (108,000 average over last 100 battles tier X BBs), so I took the floating cancer that is the Conqueror out. After two frustrating days of potatoes, this is the game that I gets me the 2fer. The Conqueror can again gather dust in the port until a mission pops to destroy 50 modules, or cause 50k in fire damage or raise the salinity of the ocean by 5%.
  8. Last week I clicked battle and then the power went out in the neighbourhood for minute. By the time the lights come back on and I check the fuse box, ensure the various electrical appliances in the house have rebooted and are working in a safe manner, I get back to an online game and find the match was over and I was pink for three games. This is enough punishment for something that was outside my control. Real life comes before online leisure activities.
  9. SansPeur


    The Yammy K117 perma camo gives: +50% XP -50% service cost +4% dispersion shells fired at you -3% detectability +50% commander XP The Type 20 perma camo give +100% XP and no commander XP plus the other benefits.
  10. SansPeur


    The problem is there are a few missions a year where you can be awarded camo for Tier X ships, which starts to save the doubloons pretty quick. I have eight tier X to get (not counting CVs), and I have an awarded perma camo for one of them sitting in the inventory. All my tier X have perma camo. Perma camo for the others would only cost me 35,000 doubloons. I have 1.9m FXP and all the FXP ships currently available, so I don't need to convert any of the 18m of ship XP.
  11. 24 Crates: Tirpitz B + 10 pt Capt Asashio B + 10 pt Capt Massachusetts B + 10 pt Capt Atago B + 10 pt Capt 1250 Doubloons 180 Lurker camo 10 Type 59 camo 175,000 FXP 56 Days Premium
  12. SansPeur


    For me there are 10 ships I don't have in that list. Rough calculation for the doubloons, and port slots I would get mean that it is very good value. The main issue is there is less and less to spend doubloons on in the game.
  13. SansPeur

    Twilight Mode - Quick Guide

    It's a reskinned 155mm Mogami. C turret on the Myoko faces the stern. You don't need CE as the ranges are too close and you can use the 4 points elsewhere. The team needs to coordinate abilities to help the team out. A low health DD going to full health from an Octopus on the other side of the map is game changing. The use of the 15km radar and focused fire from the CLs and DDs can delete a red DD in the second minute of the match.
  14. Load into a game and warn the team the red CV is a reroll and top of the Hall of Fame (I had checked just before starting this game and noticed the number one position was just over 21k and the second was 9.8k). I also noticed their Shima and laughed as I have run into this stella player before. Green goes full potato and the end result is below. A few more games like this the Shima might crack a 34% win rate. The red CV got First Blood, Confederate, High Caliber, so a few more hundred to his Hall of Fame score.
  15. 5 km to spot and it can be on the surface. Go wide on the side you spawn and head for the marker on the map. Stay on the surface and you will spot the catapults too. You should have just under 2 mins left on the timer when you spot the lair.