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  1. So I jump in the Hipper and load in, and our Musashi says this is his first game in the boat and how do you play it. With the questions he is asking, I think he must be doing it for a laugh. Checked his stats after the game and yes it was his first game in the Musashi, after 11,781 other games in randoms. No he wasn't doing it for a laugh, he purchased a Tier IX boat with no research, and took it in to battle.
  2. So the T-61

    The kraken was a surprise. I realised I had 4 kills when there was a red CV and DD left. Luckily the DD just entered my gun range and I got the kill shot before my team did. The red team collapsed on the flank I was on, so torp shots were at fleeing targets. Most of the match was open water gun boating at BBs, while the BBs were engaging other team mates. The slow turret traverse takes a while to get use to - you need to plan gun placement before meeting the reds. Torp reload is great and you can cause salty tears from BBs as you send small walls of skill at them every minute.
  3. So the T-61

    is a gudboat.
  4. Where's my T-61 ?

    What!!!!! But the universe revolves around me. I know because mum told me.
  5. Where's my T-61 ?

    Stop crying I now have the T61 in port.
  6. And So The Migration Begins

    Once you have maxed out loyalty, the only benefit of staying is getting one create if the Sharks win.
  7. as Sharks morph into Eagles. Remember to click Dasha first.
  8. Summer in Screen Shots

    Ah the joys of Summer - warm weather, time off, lazy days, and the glue chomping, window licking, special muppets that end up on green. So after a good start, then a massive collapse, we still have a chance of winning this, as long as no one dies. Our Roon, who was firing at max range all game, now decides to push. Not surprisingly he is focused, dies and red start capping B. I push in to spot so the Zao reset. With less than a minute to go, red get the final cap, I eat a salvo from the Zao that kills me, then the clock hits zero.
  9. 110k damage, he must of still had a heal left.
  10. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Just had the second game end with redirecting to new server. Ships are now unlocked but no results from the battle i.e. win the game and ship still has +100% showing and nothing in notifications.
  11. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    I have 2 boats locked in battle for over 30 minutes even after rebooting the PC.
  12. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Even with me restarting the PC, the ships are still locked in battle for me.
  13. Haida Has Arrived

    She is good. Second game broke 100k, but no results screen as WG switched me to a new server.
  14. Legendary Upgrades

    Yes, and there is no time limit. The date shown in the mission is due to limitations of the game engine.