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  1. SansPeur

    DD Noob Using Guns

    What they were upset about was I reset the BB twice. With 2:30 on the clock, we are up 140 points and it was just me left with two red caps and B cap just starting to turn. I waited until B cap was was 2/3 capped, fired to reset and 15 seconds later moved into A to stop the points. From A I had to reset again to ensure the win. My 107 defence points came from just resetting the BB in B.
  2. SansPeur

    DD Noob Using Guns

    That was the third for me on this account. This was the first one I had to do more than run away for the win.
  3. SansPeur

    DD Noob Using Guns

    for the Solo Warrior win. Green grabbed the early caps and then almost threw the game to win harder. Chat then abused me as I fired my guns during the last 3 minutes to reset cap so we could win, by 3 points.
  4. But I have over 2,000 Zulu flags, 175m in silver and over 300 ships in port. I only use credit flags for directive tasks. I have 28 tier X all with permacams (23 tech tree ships). I know some people are short of credits, but I am not one of them.
  5. I am so happy RNG blessed me. /s
  6. SansPeur

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    Scroll down a bit further and you will be more shocked. 108 people already own the tier IX EU DD.
  7. But you need 3,000 EU tokens to get the Östergötland as you have to buy each ship before it. The EU Bundles give you 20-250 EU tokens per 1,000 doubloons. You need to purchase a minimum of 12 bundles (250 EU tokens in each one) or the maximum of 92.
  8. I've seen over eight Smålands but this is the first tech tree EU DD I have seen today.
  9. I have all the VI premiums, and pulled the Monaghan resulting in 4,600 dubloons.
  10. SansPeur

    Hamster Wheel Servers down?

    I just booted out of the game after a game and could not reconnect. After checking that the internet was still working, trying to log in a few times, checking the Wargaming log in thing, checking the news, and seeing nothing telling me that was an issue; I found this on the game homepage. Lucky I'm only in Melbourne Australia and this is 17:30 to 22:00 local time. I understand the need for server maintenance, and any time picked will make someone unhappy, but at least WG have pop ups in port and at log in to tell people what is happening when.
  11. SansPeur

    Coal/Republic Earnable in 8.6

    It took about 2 mins for it to think and show results for me.
  12. SansPeur

    Coal/Republic Earnable in 8.6

    It works for me. All I can say is try again.
  13. And so the grind begins. I shall be in CO-OP and maybe a while with 133 Token ships and 90 coal ships
  14. SansPeur

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    I love the Yoshino and find it borderline OP. The HE hits hard and accurate at 20km and the shells are filled with napalm. The 20km torps are great for distracting BBs and slowing pushes on weak flanks. Good use of WASD at you can bait shots at your broadside, and laugh as they miss. I average 1m+ potential damage per game. The AA shreds VIII planes and you can defend yourself against X planes. If you haven't ground out the IJN CA line, then this ship is not for you. It is a max range HE spammer. You are a support ship and need someone to spot for you. If you have poor situational awareness and show too much broadside to a BB or CA, you will pay for it.
  15. SansPeur

    liquidator and pyro

    Liquidator is not as common but still possible. Fireproof and Arsonist are really common still. I have had a few Liquidators since the flooding changes, against active ships.