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  1. I have all the VI premiums, and pulled the Monaghan resulting in 4,600 dubloons.
  2. SansPeur

    Hamster Wheel Servers down?

    I just booted out of the game after a game and could not reconnect. After checking that the internet was still working, trying to log in a few times, checking the Wargaming log in thing, checking the news, and seeing nothing telling me that was an issue; I found this on the game homepage. Lucky I'm only in Melbourne Australia and this is 17:30 to 22:00 local time. I understand the need for server maintenance, and any time picked will make someone unhappy, but at least WG have pop ups in port and at log in to tell people what is happening when.
  3. SansPeur

    Coal/Republic Earnable in 8.6

    It took about 2 mins for it to think and show results for me.
  4. SansPeur

    Coal/Republic Earnable in 8.6

    It works for me. All I can say is try again.
  5. And so the grind begins. I shall be in CO-OP and maybe a while with 133 Token ships and 90 coal ships
  6. SansPeur

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    I love the Yoshino and find it borderline OP. The HE hits hard and accurate at 20km and the shells are filled with napalm. The 20km torps are great for distracting BBs and slowing pushes on weak flanks. Good use of WASD at you can bait shots at your broadside, and laugh as they miss. I average 1m+ potential damage per game. The AA shreds VIII planes and you can defend yourself against X planes. If you haven't ground out the IJN CA line, then this ship is not for you. It is a max range HE spammer. You are a support ship and need someone to spot for you. If you have poor situational awareness and show too much broadside to a BB or CA, you will pay for it.
  7. SansPeur

    liquidator and pyro

    Liquidator is not as common but still possible. Fireproof and Arsonist are really common still. I have had a few Liquidators since the flooding changes, against active ships.
  8. SansPeur

    Top XP in the game on the losing side

    It happens. The real rage comes when you break 2,000 Base XP on a loss and/or you have 1,000 XP more than the next on your team. The was my first or second game in the Bourgogne.
  9. SansPeur

    New Ship Purchased Via ...

    The benefit of Reddit is the DevBlog announcement is with all the other postings. There is no need to dive into some other discussion thread to see if there is, or is not, a new posting. DevBlogs are not consistent. It's not like every Monday morning between 8-9am EST there is an announcement. We can five new postings in one day and then nothing for months. It's great having all the information on the official WOWS forum, but when it is difficult to find, or you have to stumble across it, maybe it is not the best way to disseminate information.
  10. For those that don't Reddit.
  11. SansPeur

    Ranked: How not to play the Haida 101

    To do well you need to be aggressive with concealment and push red DDs. You get the first salvo or two in and try at let the red DD smoke first, and use hydro to push them out. I've been lucky and had a few CLs push up and be aggressive with me, which really helps. Open water gun boating from a flank or rear works good. When you are targeted, smoke up and creep/reverse. If you lose sight, accelerate out of smoke, spot and shoot. Once they target you, spot and let the smoke cover you up and keep shooting. You can bait radar boats with your 8km torps, you just need to push to a flank so the reds have to turn their guns to shoot you. You will take some hits, but once radar is on cool down you can push in and torp and keep the boats spotted for the team. The ability to single fire torps really helps.
  12. The joy of playing ranked battles with the Haida on a Sunday afternoon. According to the team, I think I was supposed to drive into the middle of the center cap and smoke up until I captured it, as the only DD with a red radar boat. At one stage I was yoloing and committing suicide by spotting, then 10 seconds later I was a noob for not killing the low health Fiji 8km from me. This win got me to rank 3 in 12 games just playing the Haida. Lost a few games, but no stars. I've learnt my lesson and next time I'll listen to my team and git gud, because they always know best.
  13. If it's not "fun" for you, then don't do it and play a different game mode, or game. But if you want the rewards then you have to work for them. If you have limited time and can not complete the daily missions via randoms, either accept that you will not complete them everyday, or if you "need" the the dailies (say for the Benham) then do it via a game mode where it is achievable in the time you have available.
  14. But you did it in 6 minutes. For the time it takes to play a random tier IX match you can knock out three CO-OP match and have your 1,300 BXP wins.
  15. SansPeur

    Get Your Orange Out

    Spotted on the live server. They may have lost the football, but the Dutchies are about to be happy.