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  1. SansPeur

    Uses for T10 ship XP

    Never going to happen as those with multiple tier X's are swimming in resources, and would rarely convert ship XP to something else. Seven of my 21 tier X have over 500k XP each, ranging from 532k to 1,755k. The seven ships have 6m XP in total. Converting XP from all my ships would net me 23m. At least 9 of the tier X have 19pt captains with most of the others with 15+ pointers. I have 1.1m commander xp earnt just in the current patch. I have 1m in free XP and I'm only low on credits from buying ships back for the Snowflake event. Getting your first tier X and 19 pt captain is hard, but once you get them you start racking up other resources quickly.
  2. A quick google image search says this is one image from a series of images made using dioramas: https://www.flightjournal.com/belle-geddes/ hence the reason why some details seem off.
  3. SansPeur

    Dead Men's Talk

    I get it. You die, you get mad, and it is always someone else's fault. You look at the mini map, and then just vent in chat, blaming those who are still alive must be responsible for the inevitable loss. I mean without you alive, how can the team remotely win. All your chat does is distract the alive people from winning the game. You also look foolish when those not dead, do win the game for you. Also if you looked at the lineup there were two Shimas in this game, both spamming torps in my general direction. In fact I ate three of the 82 I spotted. It was 3 green vs 5 red with 7:27 to go.
  4. SansPeur

    PSA Aslain Navigator Mod May Hang

    If you go to Aslain's web site you see it is pulled for the hanging issue. I did a fresh install of the game and so far have had no issues. It sucks not knowing what ships are talking in chat. I'm only pink for another 3 battles.
  5. SansPeur

    Code for the fast ones

    But what does WG want us to do, play the game or watch the stream?? Codes that do not last as long as a game are a bit silly.
  6. Now some can live in fantasy land and imagine WoWS without CVs, but WG have stated this aint going to happen. For the benefit of the game all classes need to be balanced against each other, with the average player in control. The current CV strike plane groups require no thinking, you have some planes, take off and drop ordinance on bad guys. One plane or 12 planes they all do the same amount of spotting, it is only the potential damage that is different. To add depth to game play, I propose CVs have the ability to launch Light, Medium or Heavy Strike Groups. This is all for Tier X CVs. Tier VIII would be adjusted down and Tiers IV and VI would remain in their current mode. Percentage numbers would obviously need to be adjusted. Light Two aircraft in the group only. Spotted enemy only appear on the minimap. Can not deploy fighters. AA is reduced by 10%. Speed boosted by 10%. No F recall. Planes return to CV once ordinance is dropped. Medium Four aircraft in the group. Can only take off with 4, 8 or 12 aircraft i.e. 1, 2 or 3 strikes. Spots appear on minimap and 5 second delay visibility to ships. Can deploy fighters. AA is normal. Speed is normal. No F recall. Planes return to CV once ordinance is dropped. Heavy Eight aircraft in the group. Can only take off with 8 aircraft i.e. 1 strike. Spots appear on minimap and to ships straight away. Can deploy fighters that have an extra 2 planes. Group flys 10% slower. +10% armour in AA. +10 flooding/fire. No F recall. Planes return to CV once ordinance is dropped. The CV now has to make a choice between alpha, DOT and spotting.
  7. I don't think the game engine could handle this, as if you current have a spotted ship on the far side of an island you can shoot it. When it disappears you shoot the island, even if you don't change your aim point.
  8. Late game I attacked a Yammy with a Z52 in AA range, with a full DB squadron from a Haku. Goods hits, 20k damage, by the time I WASD out of the AA bubble, I have two orange planes left. The CV RTS mode was very broken and need to be changed. The 0.8.0 had the Haku greatly over performing and something needed to be done. This hotfix changed too many things at once. Do a hotfix that changes just one thing i.e. F recall planes in AA longer. Give it a week to collect data then change something else.
  9. I hope I don't have to grind this out again, as my salt reserves are overflowing and my karma is plummeting. The module can't be mounted until the CVs are balanced - so I never expect to mount it. Interestingly I have killed ships via all means available, planes, ramming and secondaries. Only 14 more games and I will have all the CV emblems too. They should come with * though as this boat is broken.
  10. SansPeur

    Today was a good day.

    CV sniping is not a good use of your planes early in the game. You do not have the alpha strike to make it worthwhile. You just lose planes, and if lucky you cause some damage to the enemy CV, but not kill it.
  11. SansPeur

    Today was a good day.

    Until the CV fights back. Last three games I've had DDs try this and it has not ended well for them.
  12. The problem is I set a way point 2km from an island, coming in at an angle so the CV will be parallel and south of the rocks. I come back from a strike and the CV has collided with the island, bow in, north of the island. You can try and WASD drive the boat once you have become stuck, but it takes far too long and there is no guarantee the CV get unstuck. You are better off for the team to just keep flying and damaging reds.
  13. Also the issue is the CV can only be moved via way points on the map screen. CVs get stuck on islands and it is almost impossible to get off, particularly once you come under direct fire.
  14. SansPeur

    The 18th Level of Hell

    75 of the planes were mine as the Mino, Repub, Balti, Wooster and others pushed through A as I was defending. The numbers are a bit misleading as 23 of those planes were the T fighters I drop for spotting.
  15. Ocean map with two tier X CVs per side. A tip if you are ever in this level of hell, don't all try and hide in a Mino's smoke. The torps on screen are from the previous wave. Don't worry our team huddled together too, and it didn't end well for most of them either. I did have a shower after this game.