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  1. Asashio DWT Go a Long Way

    I think it was this as the planes were active so he wasn't afk. I did all his 51,400 hp damage, so I did all the damage to him. The second salvo of torps that hit him was at least 3 grid squares away from the first. He must have moved after the first flood self repaired and the second torp that hit him was a hit and flood, and killed him.
  2. As the red Enterprise found out. He was never spotted in the game. I'll also take this as my new high random score, and would have been very nice if it was still +200% and not +50%.
  3. So after listening to our tier X dead DD complain (he died 3 mins into the game) we are up 400 points and the game is in the bag. Fast forward 8 minutes it is down to this: Only one of the torps needs to hit. An easy win with no stress. Compliments all around and a fighting Solo Warrior for the Shima.
  4. Unless you have perfect broadside, AP shatters. IFHE on the 100mm guns is the first 4pt skill you take, CE is second.
  5. As long as you stay on the red side I'll be happy.
  6. The problem is non IFHE Harekazes usually end end up on my team, and so we're done one from the start.
  7. I'm sorry you can't see the images. The red Harekaze hit me in my Harekaze with 21 HE shells causing 791 hp damage (~38hp per hit). I hit the red Harekaze with 16 HE shells causing 5,618 hp damage (~351hp per hit) I have IFHE and the red Harekaze obviously does not.
  8. have IFHE. In my Harekaze I meet a red Harekaze on the high seas and start pew pewing - this is going to hurt. After I kill him, I still have close to full health and think his aim was really bad, but... verses with IFHE
  9. 1st game in the Asashio, BBs will ask for the guns to be nerfed too.
  10. Never sell as you get the Varyag in the next Super/Santa/Other create.
  11. Jump in the Monarch, bottom tier (planets not aligned), and our Mo does this (planets now moving out of the solar system) ... but at least he told us. Move up to C cap, AP loaded, watched the Neptune slow down, pop smoke, and just as he disappears, I fire ... planets in perfect alignment, things are looking up. But no, the planets, with a big FU, leave the galaxy with some even leaving the universe. We grab A cap, but never push through. We forget there is a B cap all game, those at C cap slowly die one by one. I notice our Shima getting grief in chat from those in A, and look up his stats... The DD driver has just over 7k games total, and is working on the theory of, the-more-I-play-the-better-I-get. The Neptune was avenged by his Musashi division mate and the inevitable happens a minute later.
  12. I do the second as it gives me more flexibility.
  13. It was a very bad team this morning, but it was red. Over in 6:33. I did 13,621 damage for second.
  14. 1st Win Record

    Jump in the Harekaze and load into a tier 10 battle. This is good I should be able to knock out the 5 torp hit mission. A few minutes in, I'm spotting a Yugumo putting some pew pew down range, while eating some secondaries from a G Kurfurst - this will not end well; then the game stops... I sucked, will be at the bottom, and this is not a good daily double. But a win is a win. er, random battle with co-op base xp. While at least it was quick.
  15. Twitch Prime - Texas

    Same benefits as the perma camo.