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  1. Oh the joy of the Richelieu, low tiers over pens, high tiers shatters and overpens. You will lose turrets in high tier games. I've never had a turret destroyed, but I did see both destroyed on Reddit. Also if you try and fight too close (<2km), your guns have very poor depression and you can only hit the superstructure of BBs
  2. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Always make red earn the win. Sometimes they can't do it. The other day on Haven, we were down to 2 BBs and a DD vs 3 BBs, 1 CA and 2 DDs. Also we held 1 cap to their 3, with less than 5 mins on the clock. Red was overconfident and charged in for the kill in an uncoordinated manner. I and the other BB were in our cap, held our nerve, focused fire and killed 2 BBs, CA and 1 DD. Our DD capped, spotted and harassed with torps. The remaining red BB was hiding thinking they had it in the bag, and we won on points. If any of the remaining green had played it like we were going to lose, we would have. This was in the Richelieu, which has 63,700hp and 2 turrets.
  3. Some Maps are Too Small

    I'm confused, as a BB is it my job to sail far enough forward that I get focussed fired and hope the green randoms engage the reds while not being shot at; or am I to take advantage of the characteristics of the ship I am driving, position myself in a location where I can bring the maximum amount of effective firepower onto the largest red threat? As top tier, the Richelieu has a significant range advantage to her peers and she can effectively engage targets at a range where she will not receive effective fire. At times this means engaging targets at 25km in the opening minutes of the game, hoping RNG is on your side, and causing some damage while no one can shoot back. 30 seconds later, after reloading, other closer targets have appeared that can be engaged. In this match I caused 150k damage from main battery AP, taking more than 30% of the total red HP pool. If this means I am farming damage then so be it. As a random green team we did well, nine of the 11 players had base xp over 1,000 - you do not see this often at these tiers. I don't see how I used or abused the backs of my teammates. If we are ever on the same team, don't worry about me, I can hold my own.
  4. I looked him up after the game. Just over 500 games played, 64 in the Omaha (2nd highest played, 44% win and ave 20k damage in it) . I don't think this is the first time he has bailed mid game.
  5. Some Maps are Too Small

    The map Trident was obviously not made with the Richelieu in mind. My opening salvo at 23km in the first minute of the game took ~5k off a Bismarck. Thats 2km beyond the max range of the Bismarck. A DD pushes to B, spots the spawn, and I can engage targets in the first minute of the game. Other small maps I have played the Richelieu on force you to commit to one side or the other due to cap locations and islands, which produces more dynamic game play.
  6. Some Maps are Too Small

    From 6H the Richelieu can bring effective fire onto each of the caps. There are blind spots, but all caps have blind spots regardless of where you position yourself. Without testing and crunching numbers, most BBs sweet range is under ~70% of max range. If your max range is 20km, you want to engage targets less than 14km. The Richelieu has a max range of 25km so 70% is 17.5km. From the spawn 17.5km is the middle of each of the caps. I move forward ~5km and now all of the caps are within 17.5km, and any red has to either take max range shots at me or more well within my sweet range to engage me.
  7. Some Maps are Too Small

    But we won, I was top xp for green with the next 200xp below me. I received 35k damage of which 15k was fire I healed. I didn't realize as the BB I was to take more damage than necessary.. If the map was any smaller my secondaries would be covering the caps from spawn.
  8. Some Maps are Too Small

    The Richelieu has the longest range of any VIII BB by ~4km. Being top tier and spawning in the center there, is no need to move forward of 6H as all caps can be covered by all guns. Moving to another location would shorten some engagement ranges, but lengthen others. The majority of my engagements were less than 15km and I think the results show it was a good strategy. Having smaller maps will cause long range BBs to camp more, punish fast HE spamming cruisers, and restrict stealth DDs.
  9. Richelieu on Trident. I moved up to 6H and stopped as every red was in range.
  10. Yes RL happens, but the Omaha said in chat, this game is a loss and I'm going back to port, then left the game.
  11. Our Omaha had said this in chat a minute or so before this screen grab. Having just killed the two DDs, I ran to join the Omaha and wait out the time for a win. If the Omaha had stayed in the game and died, it would have been a loss.
  12. It's happening every game now. If it is like last time it goes on for a few hours and then settles. It is a big pain in the [edited].
  13. I just had it too. It happened a week or two ago as well during peak playing time.
  14. Lyon secondary build?

    I picked up the Tier V in the first mission container. I purchased the 50 pack and picked up the other three ships by container 20.
  15. Flamu has some vids on the Asashio. It has 20km DWT that only hit BB and CV. With the torp acceleration skill, 16km torps at 67kn that can only be spotted at 0.7km. It has torp reload and smoke. The vids show walls of skill doing 100k damage in a salvo.