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  1. Landsraad

    You have warship meme's?

    Screw it, I return from hiding to present a meme made long ago but never used:
  2. The real issue at this stage isn't the stats. The ships are still in testing and stats can and DO change, people need to remember that. The issue is the number of historic standards that WOULD have fit a line like this which are nowhere to be seen. And it's not like implementing them would have been HARD either! We have California, so where's Tennessee? We have Arizona, so where's Pennsylvania? The only ones that would need to be built from scratch are Nevada, which is certainly famous enough to warrant being in-game (being the only ship at Pearl Harbor to get under way as well as serving in the Pacific), and either Delaware or the ACTUAL Florida-class. Instead the line starts at tier 8 with the 1920s South Dakota. Well at least they didn't take THAT name away from a ship with potential to be added.
  3. This kind of unilateral decision baffles and irritates me to no end. First I have trouble getting the people I ask to even look at what I made, let alone provide feedback; and now not only is everything I spent months off and on researching for Taking Flight simply gone, but anything else I post could suffer the same fate after a mere six months? I'm with Mouse, I was discouraged before but now I'm just outright defeated. I'm depressed, I'm mad, I'm disappointed, and between tone-deaf decisions like these on and off the forums and reality I'm just outright done. Obviously my contributions to the discussion of the game don't matter so why should I bother making them?
  4. Landsraad

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Given the aforementioned weeks that I spent trying to get someone to even look at what I had made being met with nothing but crickets? I'm not holding my breath. Hell every time I asked @Gneisenau013 for feedback the response I got was "we appreciate your feedback, what other feedback do you have?" despite the fact that, y'know, feedback is what *I* was asking for.
  5. Landsraad

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    That's what has me so mad right now. They HAVE the resources, they HAVE the models, but from where we're sitting it looks like all they care about below tier 8 is selling premiums despite the fact that nearly every. Single. Solitary. US Battleship split proposal has made with the premise that "these historical ships need to come to the tech tree, so we have to come up with three ships for tier 8, 9, and 10 to convince Weegee to do it". Well they basically just straight up said that those ships don't matter and people are quite upset about that. The progression is RIGHT THERE! Florida > Nevada > Pennsylvania > Tennessee can WORK in the tech tree and we've been saying it for YEARS. Instead we get THIS twig of a branch coming off of Colorado. It's West Virginia all over again! I'm not mad that this split exists, I'm mad about what got left out and the fact that a HISTORICAL ship's name was used for a paper premium as the wax seal on the signed letter telling all of us that wanted the rest of the standard battleships to go take a long walk off a short pier, but kindly leave your wallet at the door. The blatantness of it all is what I'm mad about. ... ... . . . I spent weeks researching aircraft, bombs, and ships for Taking Flight; trying to give the devs ideas on how future lines could be fleshed out. I spent weeks trying to get ahold of someone, anyone official to critique it and tell me what might work and what needed improvement. Each part took an entire night to format and source images for because the forums hate Google Docs. And now you are telling me that more than 3/4 of what I had completed is just gone? I was mad before, but now I am ABSOLUTELY &%$(ING LIVID!
  6. Landsraad

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    This split COMPLETELY misses the point of why the US needed a battleship split and then takes a dump on it by using the name Florida for a tier 7 premium when an actual historical battleship class of the name that COULD be implemented exists. Where's Delaware/historical Florida? Where's Pennsylvania? Where's Nevada? Where's Tennessee? Where are the HISTORICAL ships that should be leading to this? I give some credit for following the suggested template of 1920 South Dakota > Tillman > Tillman, but everything else feels rushed and unfinished. Lands. Not. Happy.
  7. Landsraad

    One more time - Who owns your torpedoes?

    Once mister torpedo has left the tube, he is no longer your or anyone else's friend. So be sure not to point him at people one your team.
  8. Landsraad

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Roon may have Hindy's turrets and Nurnberg's layout, but she's her own beast and should be considered as such. Her HE is honestly not bad at all considering how German HE normally is, and that AP is just SOOOO good. Seriously, you can citadel German BATTLESHIPS with it at range, it's brilliant. Yeah the turret layout is wonky, but considering how well the guns work at range it just makes her a top contender for the best kiting ship in the game. Out at range her agility isn't as much of a detriment, her armor is still solid, and she dishes out pain like nobody's business. Agir may have better armor and alpha, but Roon has the DPM. I love mine and happily keep her for steel and tier 9 ranked.
  9. Landsraad

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    Immune from nerfs? Hardly. Individual ships are nerfed all the time and broad sweeping full-game-wide changes still effect them. But if we were to assume that battleships DO get preferential treatment over the other three (soon to be four) ship types, then two obvious answers pop up for me that reinforce each other: Battleships make a lot of money. They are very popular among nearly all players because their skill floor is basically "know where to go and how to click Mouse 1" while their skill ceiling is often "Dev Strike everything in sight and carry the team". Their popularity can also be attributed to the fact that people do tend to gravitate towards the thing that lets them be the biggest, baddest dude on the battlefield in games like this. It's why the Maus still has such mystique in Tanks and [redacted], it's why Yamato still remains a rather popular choice to go for. Biggest means "best" for a lot of people (particularly the ones that make "which of these wildly different options is best?" threads) and battleships have the biggest guns, armor, and hit point pools on the seas. Someone has to be the baseline. If every class and every ship type was being adjusted all the time, then the meta would be completely chaotic and no-one would know what they needed to do to play optimally outside maybe a handful of unicums. That creates a very frustrating experience for the average player, and remember that the average player is the one that keeps the server's population a healthy size and keeps queue times short. Now obviously if you slow balancing down too much in the name of stability, then you get stagnation, which is equally bad. Thing is we've recently had changes to cruisers with their armor and the IFHE rework, carriers have only just recently begun to stabilize after over a YEAR of tweaks, and destroyers keep getting messed with to try and keep up and level off the already very difficult to balance CV vs. DD interaction. Where does that leave battleships? Honestly in a pretty good place, as all that they need to keep up during all of this is the occasional individual ship change and AA buffs/nerfs to keep in line with the carrier vs. surface ship meta. So battleships are popular because of what they are, and also don't really need a lot of tweaking in the context of the last year or so's changes. That makes them more appealing because they're not changing all the time, which means more people are playing them and would be mad if a big sweeping change came along. Remember the salt when Asashio was announced? Pepperidge Farm remembers, I remember, and it was GLORIOUS to behold.
  10. Landsraad

    When doing nothing is something

    Yeeeep! That's how I got solo warrior in an uptiered game with my Akatsuki. Just make like a Monty Python sketch and RUN AWAY!!
  11. Landsraad

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Welp, looks like I'm stuck with the lesser of the two. Given that I in no way intend to ever part with any of my tier 10s even temporarily, so no Siegfried for me. I worked hard for those ships, dammit!
  12. That's the same amount as a same-tier 5" shell, the fact that it lands at once (RNGesus willing) at infrequent intervals instead of over multiple quick-fired salvos is the only difference between standard-caliber rockets and destroyer HE. As far as I can tell that's the only reason people have such a problem with rockets: They do a lot of alpha damage. A DD could do the same amount of damage as a rocket strike with its guns in the time it takes to do the full attack run, but because the shells don't all wait until the last moment to land together that's considered fine. That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure what the full implications of it would be. Because if put in many (thought not all) DDs could then shut team down spotting simply by leaving their AA on. It's a very intriguing and potentially elegant solution, but with so many other variables at play in the game I'm hesitant to outright endorse it. There. I made my CV-related post for the week. I'm out. Have fun with your bonfire, everyone.
  13. Landsraad

    It's about that time again: what do you think is next?

    Given that references to Impero stopped appearing right as references to Littorio started, this seemeth legitimate. See? I told people this whole issue was a rat hole. Hooray for more clarification!
  14. Landsraad

    Do you rank & yank?

    ^^This. I've only ever sold off a few low tier ships and recently I've avoided even doing that. I may have a problem.
  15. Landsraad

    It's about that time again: what do you think is next?

    Oh jeez, ship ID numbers can get to be a BIT of a headache to sort through since the meanings actually change based on what time period you're talking about. Case in point: CC. Originally C just meant "cruiser", because the US Navy just took the first letter of the ship type for the hull ID. But as time went on cruisers developed into different variants, so the letters were doubled and vanilla cruisers became CC. This is also where we get SS (submarine), BB (battleship), DD (destroyer), and FF (frigate), and the designation "CA" was also developed at this time, literally standing for "Cruiser, Armored". So that's it then? Well... No. Not by a long shot. Because somewhere along the way CL got introduced (meaning Cruiser, Light) for light cruisers and CA was repurposed for heavy cruisers. And CC just dropped off the face of the earth? No, CC got changed to mean... Battlecruiser. For some reason. I have no idea what the thought process was there, but in Navy records you can clearly see that as laid down Lexington and Saratoga were CC-1 and CC-2 respectively. So where does CV come from? Well, sources vary exactly, but I choose to think that it simply means "Cruiser, aViation" because carriers were originally called aviation cruisers and CA was taken by heavy cruisers. So that's it then, we're done? Nope. Where do Alaska and company fit? Well CB just stands for large cruiser because at the time the US was not in the business of building "battlecruisers" so "Cruiser, Big" had to suffice. So that's it. CL is light cruisers, CA is heavy cruisers, CB is large cruisers, CC is battlecruisers, and CV is carriers. We're all good. Except we're not. CC got changed a SECOND time to mean "Cruiser, Command" and if the US Navy had any command cruisers it would likely still be in that usage to this day. And then there are all these other letters that get added on, Ks and As and stuff like that. The whole list is honestly WAY too long to go into, but for modern ships the rule of thumb is that "G" means it carries guided missiles, "B" means it carries ballistic missiles, and "N" means it's nuclear powered. To my knowledge the list of prefixes that apply to vessels in World of Warships is basically as follows: BB - Battleship CA - Heavy Cruiser/Armored Cruiser CB - Large Cruiser CC - Battlecruiser CL - Light Cruiser CV - Aircraft Carrier CVE - Escort Carrier CVL - Light Carrier DD - Destroyer DL - Destroyer Leader DDE - Escort Destroyer (not to be confused with "DE, Destroyer Escort") DDK - Destroyer, Hunter-Killer SC - Cruiser Submarine SS - Submarine There are also ACV (Auxiliary Carrier) and CVA (Attack Carrier) that could apply but CVA was only used post-war to differentiate the smaller Essexes from Midways and super carriers, and any ACV wouldn't be caught dead with a combat fleet if it could help it.