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  1. So I've been working on a lot of CV stuff recently, and I wanted a way to quantify a squadron's survivability versus AA. What I came up with is pretty quick and dirty, to the point where it doesn't take tier into account, but based on my experience in the tier 8s I have it works pretty well as a rough estimate. The formula is this:

    (max speed/max squadron HP)*(1200/regen rate)*10

    So, for example, Lexington's Tiny Tim Corsairs have a "rating" of 3.4, whereas the HVAR version comes out to 3.5.

    The best rated (so best able to complete at least one strike regardless of AA) rocket squadron is Enterprise with a rating of 3.8, the worst is Implacable with a 2.2

    Edit: Disregard this, I just experimented with some squadrons I've been laying out rough stats for and the rating went DOWN as I added more HP. So it's borked.