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  1. Landsraad

    Secondary armament overhaul

    They can still be useful even on ships with traditionally crap secondaries. Example: Blowing up a Nurnberg with a lucky 5" shell from a Ranger, or brawling down a Lexington in a Roma. But every ship is scaled appropriately relative to the others, so why should the difference between map scale and ship scale be reflected in an interaction that's purely ship versus ship, and on only one ship type?
  2. Landsraad

    Tough Decision Tuesday - Attack or Defend

    Agreed, but as to the question itself if I have at least a reasonably strong position (or no choice) I then look at three things to determine my next course of action: Number of enemies, location of enemies, and what backup I have in my vicinity. If we're outnumbered by them? Better to fall back and keep our guns floating or engage in a delaying action (depending on what ship I'm in). If they're outnumbered by us? "I am attacking, follow me!" Okay the last bit is a lie, I've never quoted Karel Doorman in a battle. But I have said this on more that one occasion: "[allied ship way out in front/all alone on a flank] don't be a hero!"
  3. Landsraad

    Free XP from Tier 10 ships

    There is one thing that WoT does that might be more viable, though it would still probably mess up the economy something fierce: Give Elite and Premium ships of any tier the option stop earning XP in exchange for accelerated captain training. Maybe not WoT's one-to-one conversion rate, but improved captain XP could be a big help without digging too deeply into profits. Let's be real, who uses doubloons to convert captain XP?
  4. I know I know, different strokes for different folks and all that. I just wish sometimes players were more consistent and had more in common than "I LIKE MAKE PIXEL BOTE GO BOOM!" but then again I may as well wish that I'd stumble over the cure of cancer in my back yard.
  5. ... I do not understand this forum when it comes to this stuff and what people consider "reasonable", I honestly do not. In one topic I can't convince someone that cleaning out Shinano's hangar so she could be used as a full-blown fleet carrier is a "simple" solution, but over here the easy fix is a fantasy refit that involves welding on several inches of belt armor and building a modernized AA suite from scratch. I just give up.
  6. I honestly do not get the lengths to which some people will go to defend why THEIR proposal or tech tree idea is better than yours, it makes absolutely no sense! So an armor scheme that we know works at tier 7 combined with buffed tier 6 guns on a ship that actually sailed and fought is a TERRIBLE idea for a tier 7, but a fantasy refit of a paper ship to nearly double its armor is perfectly fine? Combining the armor of a refit with the speed and agility of the ship's pre-refit form is a-okay, but turning a ship from a glorified transport into a fleet carrier by simply removing its load of stowed kamikazes isn't?! Where is the logic behind any of this?!

  7. Landsraad

    Add shinano

    Y'all are completely hopeless, I'm sick to death of debating this kind of stuff over and over again, I'm just here to do some shameless self-promotion and peace out. Maybe now I can get someone besides Umi to start up discussion.
  8. Uh-huh, sure, Lexington will totally get the same benefits that Khaba got because "Russian Bias". I stand by what I said, Lexington class CC is better at tier 6 (closer to PEF than Hood anyway), and Tennessee's armor and extended range with America-PiercingTM shells would do fine at tier 7. Heck, King George V and Duke of York make 14" guns work with two fewer barrels. They may be faster, true, but that's offset by their lack of tankiness compared to dreadnoughts like Colorado and Nagato.
  9. Kongo has the thinnest battleship belt of the tier 5 tech tree ships and yet it still has 3" MORE than Lexington.
  10. Why do people keep saying this? Again, Tennessee is a Colorado's hull (and armor) with New Mexico's guns modified for twice the elevation (and therefor longer range), that could definitely work at tier 7. As to the Lexington CC... That thing just does NOT have the armor to fight tier 9s, its protection scheme more emphasizes the "cruiser" aspect of battlecruiser, strong though its guns may be. It's a tier 6 at most.
  11. This is why I did mine the way I did. Montana, the way I see it, is sort of like a cross between an Iowa and the old standards, and she can blend into the rest of the line quite nicely from Tillman III (armor in-between Montana and Iowa, twelve of NC/SoDak's 16" guns, <30 knot speed but not by much) and SD 1920 (lovechild of a Colorado and Tillman III). Meanwhile over in fast battleship land we can use something like a faster KGV-arrangement Montana or 18" super-Iowa to take Montana's place with some firepower traded for speed. Pfft, Colorado's a 7 and she still does fine with 21 knots with Standard handling. Tennessee would fit fine at tier 7, she's got Colorado's hull and New Mexico's guns, but with modified turrets to extend their range. She's the "quantity" shooter to Colorado's "quality".
  12. Landsraad

    A Name is a Place: which ones have you been to?

    Now that I'm not sure on, and it sounds like one of those things that might be true but has an equal or slightly higher probability of being false. Sure, every US battleship in WWII was named for a state, but there was ONE (USS Kearsage) before that that was not. Not to mention state names being tossed around on cruisers and, these days, submarines. And let's count the number of naming conventions that carriers have had, shall we? There's battles (Revolutionary War at first, then branching out), the original ships of the Continental Navy, former Presidents, famous officers, prior carriers, and aviation pioneers. US Navy naming conventions may have been set in stone at one point but we have LONG passed that point overall.
  13. Landsraad

    Something something fat American ...

    And the Colorados didn't even fit after their Puget Sound refit. Talk about FAT!
  14. Olympia would be neat to have for sure, but she's not a battleship. Her largest guns are 8" in those twin turrets. For a predreadnought battleship I'd say... Illinois class? Maybe Indiana? There's a lot to choose from here. It'd be neat to see one the Mississippis show up as a low tier Greek premium (they were the only battleships Greece had during WWII).