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  1. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Versus Churchill
  2. Landsraad

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    I'm unaware of them definitively saying it isn't, so far as I can tell their attitude is "wait and see" and that they've said they'll address it if they deem it necessary. They recognize that it exists, but don't have an immediate answer for it and hey, the new AA changes could make it worthless so why bother right now? I personally am starting to feel that it's a bit too powerful in the right hands, but at the same time I'm not sure entirely how to "fix" it as of yet. In the long run I think it should go.
  3. Landsraad

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    Eh, iDunno, a broadside of nine 5"/38s is preeeetty light. She'd have to rely on that MASSIVE HP pool. Now Lexington, that's a more viable plane-less carrier. Same broadside as a Flint, battlecruiser protection around the citadel. She'd be a real contender for sure.
  4. Landsraad

    Lex TBD Squadron vs Seattle

    Well it's actually a vid of a Seattle blasting a squadron of Helldivers that had REALLY bad RNG into oblivion with a single flak salvo + a tiny bit of DoT in order to completely deny a drop. Huh, funny that, Seattle's actually useful again because carriers are back in force.
  5. Landsraad

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    I'm inclined to agree, unless the changes are supposed to be complementary. Like the annoyance that occurred when the aiming time nerfs were added, but the overlapping AA nerf that was supposed to accompany it and make it less harsh wasn't for a few weeks.
  6. Landsraad

    British, American or Japanese...

    Oh no I get that, I just thought that the added depth could be useful to include. If we were to just boil the speed of all three squadrons down to a single rating then (for sake of example) you'd get the impression that all of Graf Zeppelin's planes are on the "rather fast" end of the spectrum, when the truth is that her bombers are the fastest planes (currently) in the game while her fighters are tied for slowest at that tier. Plus you can't discount the utility that that extra speed gives US fighters for recon.
  7. Landsraad

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    So nerf unskilled players and players having to deal with heavy counterplay, but leave the experts unaffected? I'm thinking that's not the best solution. Fixing AA and removing the slingshot exploit (yes, I know I defended it in the past, but I've come around on it and it's honestly practically the second-coming of the flying Shima in the right hands) have much better potential to improve gameplay than this does.
  8. Landsraad

    Babylon 5

    Hmm... Can I pick two? Because I love the evolving story behind and dynamic between Londo and G'kar. From equals with a mutual disdain for each other, to G'kar losing his position (and his people their freedom) seeking revenge against the now more powerful Londo, to their eventual understanding and friendship... Which still ends the same way Londo saw in his dream before the show began. Plus, that scene where Dr. Franklin watches G'kar preaching to his followers where G'kar has this big elegant explanation of the true nature of "truth" and "god" that goes RIGHT over their heads is great to me. Simultaneously hilarious, and hitting depressingly close to home.
  9. Landsraad

    British, American or Japanese...

    US seem the most well-rounded of the bunch, with them you've got the ordnance to deal with pretty much any composition the game can throw at you (though you can specialize more with the Tiny Tims) all delivered by some very solid, all-around good aircraft. HVARs and their HE dive-bombs are great for dealing with destroyers and setting fires, their torpedoes are the bottom of the pack but still solid, and the Tiny Tim rocket can absolutely WRECK any capital ship it comes across regardless of tier, destroyers too if you get RNJesus on your side: Even Khabarosk's legendary 50mm of plating can't stand up to the massive 500 lbs. bomb on a pipe full of solid rocket fuel that is the Tiny Tim. The Japanese, by contrast, are pretty focused on busting open cruisers, battleships, and carriers with their AP bombs and excellent torpedoes, while their low number of rockets are generally relegated to setting fires and dealing with destroyers that get a little close for comfort, often badly. Now the AP bombs themselves are finicky things. You can get penetrating hits just fine on most targets (barring destroyers) just by releasing them on-target. Getting citadels however is very dependent on height as well as hit location. Drop too high on a cruiser and you'll just overpen, drop too low on a battleship and you'll just get regular penetrations and bounces. Bombs deflecting off of turtleback and detonating in the superstructure can be annoyingly common. One odd advantage they get is that, for some reason, Japanese torpedo bombers have lower base detection range and so can sneak up on people more easily. With the upcoming cooling changes they'll also be the only nation with bombers that get the fighter-style -20 knot/+40 knot boost, rather than the typical -17.5 knot/+35 knot. Meanwhile the British... Are odd. Their "advantage" is planes that are tougher, but slower. In the end for (nearly) all of their squadrons the speed difference cancels out their inherent toughness, so they're still balanced versus everything else. Their rocket planes are middle of the road, but lean more towards the US's in terms of potency. That said, Audacious can out-alpha an HVAR equipped Midway in terms of rockets. Their torpedoes hit hard and have a nice converging pattern, but they're slow as all get-out. This is the one line I'd recommend torpedo acceleration for. As for their bombers... Level bombing is inconsistent at best, you really have to know what you're doing AND have RNJesus on your side to rack up the damage numbers like US HE can with fires and IJN AP can with multi-citadel hits. The aiming area is just too large and the fall time is too long. Edit: Also, much as I applaud the streamlining of @AbyssAngkor's wonderful chart, I feel that the "Speed" and its inversely proportionate "Health" category could use a bit more depth. While the chart is overall accurate, the discrepancies between bombers and fighters muddy things a bit. To me it breaks down a bit more like this: Nation US Fighters US Bombers IJN Fighters IJN Bombers RN Fighters RN Bombers Speed ***** *** **** **** ** **
  10. Landsraad

    Where are you in your UU/LM grinds?

    I've gotten Hindy's, I'm halfway through the last part of Worcester's, working on the second part of Republique's, and still on part one of all the others (Midway, Hakuryu, Henri IV) because asking myself to "grind" tier 10s is like something like asking myself to grind toward a goal in Ranked. I might start, but no way in hell am I finishing any time soon.
  11. Landsraad

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    Who's that Poké-boat? It's... ...the unmistakable silhouette of nearly four months of my hard work being tossed aside in an instant because I'm too much of a neurotic over-stressed mess to get anything done in a timely manner and my life is meaningless, RIP Taking Flight Part 3. It's Ark Royal. It's UNMISTAKABLY Ark Royal. Gods dammit all I had plans for you!
  12. Landsraad

    I've enlarged my collection!

    Heh, "Peter the Leaky", I like it. Goes great with "Vlad the Often Impaled".
  13. Landsraad

    Who's that Poké-boat?

    And yet another one, looks like our very first confirmed Pan-European ship! So... Any ideas what this destroyer could be? @Lert, this looking Dutch to you, or someone else?
  14. Landsraad

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    I have no idea if any of them are active on the forums, but a definite GG to @Nemuria, @Choaswar, and @thianat for one HELL of a fight! It came down to me versus all three of you, and you guys really made me work for that Kraken after I had spent most of the match chasing after the front. Bravissimo! I salute you!
  15. Landsraad

    Why do you play the game?

    Well I gave the serious answer last time this topic rolled around, so here's a somewhat silly and only tangentially related quote for this time: "Why am I alive?" Why would I want to be dead? Being alive is fun, all my friends are here! Besides, I tried being dead. UNPLEASANT IT WAS.