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  1. Man I had an attack run lined up on a Bismarck earlier today, Ark Royal TBs, right side of the ship and everything, and right as I click to start my run our team wins on points. IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD OF WARSHIPS!?
  2. I think that sub balance is pretty close to right as it is now, at the very least it's MUCH closer to balanced than CVs were in 0.8.0, but I wouldn't object to subs getting an arming distance like other ship classes. Subs *should* have a way to deal with destroyers, one that requires some skill to use of course but not so much that only the best of the best can pull it off consistently, however popping up close enough that you can touch the sub's bow from the destroyer and dumping torpedoes into the unsuspecting lolibote is indeed a bit much.
  3. Landsraad

    Sub So far....

    Torpedoes will only home in on a ship if at least one of the targets on either end are currently "pinged" by sonar (pings are sent in a straight line by firing with the '1' setting). The pings will stick for about 30-40 seconds after the sonar pulse hits, at which point the target will need to be pinged again. You also still have to launch torpedoes fairly close to "on target" to begin with, as they can only turn so much to home in.
  4. Quite the contrary, based on the queue numbers from tonight (1 to 2 each for CVs, CAs, BBs, and DDs; 60+ for subs) people REALLY want to play subs to the point of excluding other classes. This is why they did the random bundles, so that-at least for a short time-only a few people would have access to subs and thus more people playing sub battles would be in surface ships. That is after all the best way for them to get data on how subs work with a full team of players. I get the feeling they'll be looking closest at the second or third day of testing, when people were starting to get the hang of sub combat and ASW, but there were still hardly any surface ship bots to be seen.
  5. Yep. I dropped charges on a sub from 1km and did *some* damage from two hits. Next game, I accidentally wound up directly under a destroyer when it dropped charges and got obliterated by a single salvo while trying frantically to crash dive.
  6. Landsraad

    BB Mission For Playing Subs.

    Okay so I'm not the best player, I admit that, and I've only played a few matches in battleships versus subs to this point so obviously my experience won't be representative of everyone, but... I haven't had any problems at all. The one time I died was in Prinz Eitel Friedrich because I pushed up too aggressively and zigged when I should have zagged to avoid torpedoes. Torpedoes from an AIGLE! I think I honestly have yet to even be hit by sub torpedoes in a battleship, let alone get sunk by one, and this is despite multiple matches with three u-boats per team. And yes, like @Taichunger I did play West Virginia with her memetic top speed of 21 knots for one of those matches. Heck I even found out in one battle that Dunkerque is REALLY good for teasing subs into messing up their shots and then dunking on them with HE when they come up for air. 12" high explosive rounds leave one heck of a mark.
  7. Landsraad

    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    Yeah there's still some tweaking to be done to be sure, I'm not entirely sold on subs RECHARGING their batteries at 1/4 speed without surfacing, but I think slowing down drain rate as the throttle decreases to the point that only sonar pings drain battery power at 1/4 speed would be a good compromise. Also, from what I've seen subs are the only class with torpedoes that don't seem to have an arming time? If that edge were to be given to any ship type in the game, then yes, subs are definitely the best candidate as they rely entirely on torpedoes; but I'm not 100% convinced that it's necessary. Overall though? I think this test is going quite well and that reports of falling skies have been GREATLY exaggerated. People have a right to be concerned and voice their opinions, but... Guys, seriously, it's an open test in a separate game mode, NOT the first patch of the CV rework going live. Uh... What battleships are YOU outrunning? Because the only way I can even open distance from a US Standard BB in a sub is to run on the surface and gun it full speed. MAYBE a Cachalot with speed boost active can do better than that when submerged, but that's the only one and, again, you're only outrunning notoriously slow ships like New Mexico, Arizona, and West Virginia.
  8. Wow, Cheshire didn't last long at all.
  9. To learn how to deal with subs being in the match regardless of ship type. And as for this "can't kill subs" bit, that's actually entirely untrue. Every ship has a way to kill subs. It may be limited to taking pot-shots at them when they surface, but it's still a way to damage and kill them. Heck in the few battles I've played I've actually had more success against subs using planes than depth charges, and even if you don't score a direct hit battleship HE is nothing to sneeze at given how fragile subs are.
  10. Landsraad

    40K Crossover

    Warhammer? I don't think that was ever censored, you must be thinking of War-[this poster has been detained indefinitely by the KGB for crimes against Lesta and/or the lulz].
  11. Landsraad

    Wants Newer players banned from Ranked

    Ranked is just another mode that's open to anyone like Co-op or Randoms. It may be more competitive, but if WarGaming wanted to limit it to only "the best players" then they shouldn't have started giving out rentals for Ranked and even Clan Wars/Clan Brawl. But they did, so there's no interest in or point to excluding anyone based on skill level, at least not in any way that they want to be involved in. Let's also keep in mind that skill level has nothing to do with tier. It's just as likely for a potato to "fail" their way up to tier 10 as it is for someone who quickly caught on and learned the basics to be stuck at low tier because they can't decide on a line to run or just LIKE the lower tiers better.
  12. Landsraad

    40K Crossover

    Looks neat, though I am wondering why they chose Amagi for both skins. Then again given Ashitaka, Kii, Ishizuchi, and the other currently in-testing ship whose name I forgot; WG sure does seem to love Amagi-like ships.
  13. Landsraad

    Warhammer 40k collab when?

    I can has Mikasa with macro cannon secondaries then? No? Okay...
  14. Landsraad

    Why We Need Skill Based Match Making

    If you can come up with an easy to track, accurate, statistically-based method for determining "skill" that a majority of people can agree on; then we can talk about skill-based MM. Until then there's no point because there's no way it will work. And no, the Elo ranking system doesn't count. You may as well be using win-rate as your metric there. It's a system that was designed for 1-on-1 competition, not team-based play.