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  1. Landsraad

    CV chance to flood data

    Well the tier 8 torpedoes at least are listed in Mouse's new super-review of the tier 8 premium CVs under to the torpedo bomber section. If I recall correctly they average a little over 50% before TDS is factored in.
  2. RNJesus would appear to be messing with you hardcore. Tier 6 carriers are rather common, even battles with two per side. Meanwhile in tier 4 it's rare to see a battle with as FEW as one carrier per side, two and even three are more common.
  3. Landsraad

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Yeah no kidding, and I'm saying this as someone who would LOVE a premium HSwMS Gotland with a Sabaton camo and captain. Or a Halland. Just imagine it: Keeping pace with Harugumo's spam using only two turrets. Yes please.
  4. Landsraad

    What hull is this?

    Well it's definitely a destroyer or a small cruiser, but beyond that I'm stumped. I would have guessed German destroyer given the setting, but it's a flush-decker, none of their destroyers were built that way. The superstructure says "British" to me, but they never made flush-deck destroyers with a superstructure like that, too modern looking. Those small circular holes look like barbettes, and the open ones would suggest a typical AB-XY superfiring arrangement, though there's also that one covered circle about the same size... If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a Fletcher. In fact I'm positive it's a Fletcher now that I look at it: The foward superstructure is the right shape, the first square hole is right where the forward stack would be with a circular projection behind it that would be the torpedo mount. Then you've got the second stack, once that ducting is in they would add the aft torpedo launcher mount, then you get three barbettes in the right place for her three aft turrets.
  5. Landsraad

    WarGaming, wake up!

    I think I prefer this topic to the other one.
  6. Landsraad

    Time to go to Vegas?

    Son of a- And here all I get out of the things these days are stupid Ocean Soul camos!
  7. Well I think I definitely found a bug. I was playing Midway on Shards earlier and, for some reason, my planes kept deciding that they wanted to do donuts seemingly at random while I was flying. Once even during an attack run which made it a total wash. Replay attached. 20190519_084605_PASA110-Midway_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  8. Eh, if Harekaze and Graf Spee are any indication you should be able to pick them up for a while following the collaboration. I know the HSF event was long over when I picked mine up.
  9. Landsraad

    We heard you like flags

    Yes, flag-ception MUST become a thing.
  10. Nice work as always, looks like this one'll be a pass for me for now then. I mean, I've already got Cleveland. Now if only I'd gotten the Freedom camo for Baltimore when it was available, still kicking myself over that. Get well soon! Hope that reading material I sent you has been entertaining for you and the cat.
  11. Landsraad

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Can we just get a cruiser line already? Plz? We've been waiting SO LONG! I again bring up the fact that, despite Duca d'Aosta being in game before WoT had a single Italian vehicle, there is currently a full line of ITALIAN TANKS! I just want a tech tree Condotierri or Zara and a new tier 10 to work for, dammit!
  12. Landsraad

    the ultimate payback by a DD on a CV

    I keep saying that right now a carrier's worst enemy is a sneaky IJN torp-boat that manages to get within torp range, but nobody seems to listen. Then stuff like this happens.
  13. Okay, I don't mean to sound angry or bitter or even direct any insult to you, but... OF COURSE you think your idea is better! That's why you came up with it! This is something I'm just sick and tired and so damned frustrated about in the discourse about the rework. Once people FINALLY put down the torches and pitchforks and come together to brainstorm, everyone scatters to the winds and nobody can agree! There's no unified discussion, it's just an endless parade of topics where someone throws out their GRAND VISION for how carriers should be that promptly descends into nothing but CVetching before falling off the front page and being forgotten. Just like my attempt to try and get some productive discussion that completely fizzled after a couple of suggestions. Everyone has their own opinions on the rework and nobody seems to want to budge. And this whole "us versus them" "Pro-CV versus Anti-CV" attitude is right there at the core of it all, I guaran-friggin-tee it! Carrier players need to be more open to criticism of the current system and be less defensive and reactive; and at the same time the people who dislike carriers as they are need to stop treating people like griefers and back down on unproductive positions like "No-CV option" or "undo the rework" that have a snowball's chance on VENUS of happening. The name-calling has to stop. The factionalism has to stop. Making EVERYTHING about the rework HAS. TO. STOP. If we as a whole community, meaning everyone else that already has accepted it AND both sides in this argument, can't move on from friggin' 0.8.0 then as far as I'm concerned Wargaming may as well pull the plug now and stop wasting everyone's time.
  14. Landsraad

    Time for steam bath of self pity

    Oof. I think its safe to say the days of overt Russian Bias are long over then. That's just... Wow. Yeah, you've got far more persistence than I to keep going as long as you did.
  15. Because you weren't really IN the battle, you were looking down on it. You didn't see ships as much more than little targets on a map table with AA guns. You never really saw your aircraft either unless you pressed 'shift' at the right time, your squadrons were just icons with little dots around them. Bomb hits from above were little more than little smoke puffs with a hint of orange at best, and torp hits were just where the line of the wake hit the ship. There was no "oomph" to it. Compare that to the rework. Here you're going in and guiding the attack run personally, you're looking over the planes and see all the details on them. You can aim for specific parts on the ship, you can see more easily where they're aiming and whether or not they're adjusting speed or starting a turn. You can see the hits as more than just tiny smoke puffs or the spot where a torpedo trail ends. You're right there, diving headlong into AA, third-person going right at the enemy ship.