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  1. Y'know if they add more pre-dreadnoughts into the game (which, if they have to rebalance their mechanics first fine, but why wouldn't they?) there's one that ABSOLUTELY needs to be at the top of the list: SMS Schleswig-Holstein.

    Survivor of Jutland, refitted multiple times including swapping out most of her casemate guns in the '40s for a rather impressive array of flak 88s plus radar and modern fire-control, and--most importantly--FIRED THE FIRST SHOTS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR! Yes, Schleswig-Holstein's opening salvo in Poland was the signal for German troops to engage. This ship outlasted the Bismarck, the Scharnhorst, the Tirpitz, basically all of her successors in the Kriegsmarine and contemporaries in the world at large.

    If that isn't premium material, then I don't know what is.