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  1. One thing I find awesome about digging up info on WWII and naval history related to ships in the game is that Britain basically had a whole "Rebel Alliance" of ships from nations Germany had invaded all working with the home fleet, bolstering their strength to keep Fortress England a float while still sailing under their own flags and customs. As soon as more of the European trees are a thing (and hopefully as many as possible separated out into their own lines and flavors) I totally want a scenario that's just "Axis v. Allies" with as many Allied nations as possible able to participate.

    I want Polish, Dutch, French, UK, US, Russian, Greek, Norwegian, Belgian, Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian, Canadian, Indian, Australian, New Zealander, and Yugoslavian ships all working together in concert. Bring on the WHOLE shebang and throw it against a wall of Bismarcks, Littorios, Japanese carriers, and assorted cruisers and destroyers.

    1. yungpanda


      That sounds like a nightmare to balance and a bit bloated to play, but it does sound darn amazing.