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  1. Hell to the yes! Strasbourg would be an awesome addition as basically a mini-Jean Bart. On top of that people already love Dunkerque, and Lyon proves that those 12" guns can be effective at tier 7. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened yet. Well Salt Lake City was the name that they tested the re-tiered Pensacola under, but I think that there's an interesting niche that could be had for her at tier 6 (the US has enough tier 7 cruisers IMO). Make her the as-built Pensacola. No, I don't mean A-hull, I mean a tier 6 USN CA with more limited AA focused on gunnery and armed with torpedoes. Pensacola never got them in-game for balance reasons, but DID have them IRL. Salt Lake City would be a good way to acknowledge that. As for my own thoughts... I'm mostly going to focus US ships and carriers, since they're the ones I know most about: USS Lexington/USS Saratoga: Now let me clear something up first. Saratoga is ALREADY in the game, she just has the wrong name. The tier 8 US tech tree carrier is called "Lexington", but in reality USS Lexington never existed in either of those forms. Those refits were only given to Saratoga because she took damage from a torpedo and was forced into a longer layup at Pearl Harbor, Lexington never received the enclosed 5"/38 mounts and was rushed out to Coral Sea with a less thorough refit. So what I'd propose is to rename the tech tree ship to Saratoga, and have her sister available as a premium with a focus less on AA defense and more on heavy secondary power a-la Graf Zeppelin with her original 8" gun turrets. USS New Jersey: I don't think that New Jersey will be seen for a while, but one of these days Wargaming is going to be under enough pressure that they'll want to give us a premium Iowa again. Missouri is off the table, so why not the most decorated battleship in the fleet? Give here a different gimmick (and credit multiplier) like DFAA to set her apart, and boom! Instant premium. USS Pennsylvania/USS Tennessee/USS South Dakota: There's more than enough material for a USN battleship split at some point in the future, and there have been more proposals for it than you can shake a stick at. Personally I'm a fan of the less radical ones that only use paper ships from tier 8 or 9 up, but that's beside the point. The point is that the sisters of these three ships are all premiums (though California is coming "Soon") and the class leaders should be tech tree ships. USS Washington: Look, the North Carolina class has a meager two ships to its name. This would be an EASY class to get every ship in-game. And Washington would also be a good premium not just for State pride, but also for being the only US battleship to directly sink an enemy battleship when she dealt fatal damage to Kirishima at Guadalcanal. USS Yorktown/USS Hornet: Again, tech tree splits are nearly inevitable for the US even with carriers, and here we've got a premium (USS Enterprise) that could have BOTH of her sisters in-game as a tech tree and premium ship respectively. Yorktown is an obvious choice for an alternate US tier 8 CV, and Hornet? Two words: Doolittle Raid. USS Fargo/USS Oregon City: These two may not really belong here given that they're technically lead ships of their own classes, but I'm counting them as "half-sisters" because of how said classes were made. Simply put, Fargo and Oregon City are what we SHOULD have had at tier 9 instead of Seattle and Buffalo. They're upgraded versions of the Cleveland and Baltimore respectively with late-war AA and a better laid out superstructure. But since their tech tree slots are sadly taken, a slot in the armory for each will have to do. Shinano: Back on the subject of carriers... Shinano needs to be a tech tree tier 10. Stick her on top of a converted line as a tier 10 super-Kaga. Boom. You're done. The largest carrier of the war and largest in the world until the nuclear Enterprise first sailed is now in-game and all three of the Yamato trio are represented. You're welcome. Akagi: Oh hey look at that, another candidate for a Japanese converted CV line! Also one of the original six fleet carrier of the Japanese Navy AND a casualty of Midway. Do I need to say any more? Zuikaku: And here we have the LAST of the original six to be sunk and yet another case of mistaken identity in-game as Shokaku is currently wearing her sister's camo scheme. Seeing as this isn't nearly as egregious as the whole Saratoga/Lexington mix-up, I say we just make Zuikaku a premium with the RIGHT camo on each ship and call it a day. Maya: Myoko with a main battery turret replaced by more AA dakka? Color me intrigued! HMS Illustrious: Like the Japanese and US the British have more than enough material for a carrier line split, and Illustrious would be perfect for tier 8 as an alternative to Implacable. Weser/Peter Strasser: You have probably never heard of these two ships before, and I do not blame you. But hey, if the Soviets can get a battleship line then why can't Germany get a carrier line? Where's the sister-ship part come in? Well Weser is more famous under then name Seydlitz as sister-ship to Hipper and Prinz Eugen, Weser was the name given to her after the Kriegsmarine started work on making her a carrier. And Peter Strasser? Well she's better known as "Graf Zeppelin hull B" for having her catapults stolen by the Luftwaffe and given to the Regia Marina along with a shipment of Stukas. Lutzow/Deutschland: This is mainly another line split ship idea, and probably the lowest one on the list in terms of likelihood of implementation, but it would still be really cool for Graf Spee's sister to be introduced in some capacity. Side tangent: I do wish that the upcoming Mainz was still named Lutzow so that they "Lertzow" pun could apply alongside "FriesLert", but given Germany's penchant for recycling names and how quickly they seemed to go through ships it's probably for the best that Mainz stay as-is name wise. Clemenceau: Now, yes, the idea I have is yet another converted carrier for yet another carrier line. Mainly because the French, once again, DO have enough material for it and a conversion of a Richelieu-class battleship was indeed drawn up. It was drawn up specifically for Jean Bart, but... Details. This would give us all four of the planned Richelieus in game in one form or another. Littorio/Impero/Vittorio Veneto: Can I start by just saying how wonderful it is to finally have Italian cruisers in-game so we can FINALLY have all of the seven major powers of the war represented? Because it's great. Now we just need Italian battleships, destroyers, and carriers. And you know what that means? Roma's sisters! Littorio, obviously, as the class leader deserves to be in the tech tree. And like with Clemenceau above a conversion of a Littorio would make a good cap to an Italian carrier line.
  2. 5 citadels in a single salvo. Not really anything wrong with that unless it's pulling that off nearly EVERY time it hits. Hell, a potato like me can get 8 citadels in a salvo with Venezia.
  3. Landsraad

    Mmmmm Smolensk.

    Ah yes. The unstoppable and immortal fire-breathing Smolensk, terror of the seven servers. Yeah... Unless the person driving it is a really good CL player that's a load right there. Smolensks are just as easy to kill as any other squishy CL, provided you aim for the waterline and don't wet yourself. Never before have I seen a ship that has everyone tripping over themselves to run in abject terror or add it to their port, but which is so easy to deal with if you keep calm and aim well.
  4. Landsraad

    Quick Review of the EU DD line 5-9

    Really? I'll have to double-check her AA battery then. I knew it would be good, but I didn't think Friesland would be dethroned so quickly.
  5. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

    I pity the foo!
  6. They're very much different beasts. Georgia is a lot more unpredictable because she's got those secondaries, good accuracy, and speed. Georgias can be slippery, and if you lose sight of her you never know where she's going to turn up. She's honestly a DD's nightmare because, as a good friend put it: Roses are red, House walls are plaster. Destroyers are fast, Georgia is faster! Georgia may be easier to kill, but in the right hands is a much deadlier precision weapon. Musashi, on the other hand, is a sledgehammer in search of a nail. If you run into one and your team doesn't have a CV, your best bet is to sneak up on her with a destroyer and aim for the ends. Her armor and HP are stupidly good, her torpedo protection is best in tier, and those nine 460mm rifles will end you. Musashi is a slow moving AP-slinging powerhouse that can end ANY ship's day. Just watch out for AP dive bombers, ship-launched fish, or anyone smart enough to know about the infamous cheek. I'm more afraid of a Georgia in the hand of of a smart player, but and average player in Musashi is more of an issue to deal with.
  7. Landsraad

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Yeah, I have a sudden deficit of resources and the sound of @LittleWhiteMouse cackling echoing throughout the fjords as well. On an unrelated note, some ship called "Thunderer" is now in my port. Not sure where that came from.
  8. Landsraad

    When is 9.0.3 /armory restock?

    Uh... Well 9.0.3 has come and gone if it was even a patch to begin with. The 9.3 armory update will drop when or shortly after 9.3 hits, which will be... I've been lurking too long, who's got the calendar?
  9. Landsraad

    Thought I Liked The Visby I Was Wrong

    People have said that about EVERY line released in the past year, sometimes while others simultaneously crowned them as OP (lookin' at you, Kremlin). Really looking at it, the main difference between the French and Swedish lines are that the former specializes in burst damage and being super-speedy while the latter is more consistent DPS focused and geared for a defensive or supportive role. I can't speak to the whole line right now, but I've been enjoying the few games I've had in Vasteras so far. It's like a pack-hunting Blyskawica with torpedoes on speed.
  10. Landsraad

    What is the best supercruiser?

    Oh boy, the Battleship v. Battlecruiser v. "Large Cruiser" debate has cropped up again. My personal rule of thumb on classifying ships comes down to this: If its design lineage started as a cruiser but got up-gunned beyond 8" and up-armored, then it's a Large Cruiser (basically what all CAs would have been if the 8" gun and tonnage limits never happened, IMO). So: Graf Spee*, Alaska, Azuma, Drake, Kronshatdt, Stalingrad, Puerto Rico, Yoshino, Goliath, Moskva, Stalingrad, Henri. If it's more akin to a battleship that got streamlined down for better speed (either in armor or guns), then it's a Battlecruiser. So this would be (I'm sure I'll miss a couple) Ishizuchi, Kongo, Pyotr Veliky, Izmail, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Dunkerque, Ashitaka, Hood, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Siegfried, Odin, the original Lexingtons, etc. (weirdly I KIND OF feel like Iowa falls into the category because she's so darn fast for her battery and armor, but that's a quibble) And finally, if it makes no effort to fit into either category or is just well-rounded in all areas, it's a battleship. Basically everything with a BB icon that wasn't listed above. As to the question at hand? Well I own four of the ships in question, and I'm inclined to say that of the big boys at tier 9/10 the one I like best is Alaska. Azuma is great once you get used to her and shake off any illusions of being Yamato-like, but Alaska is just more flexible. We don't talk about... The OTHER US Large Cruiser. And Graf Spee of course is the perfect little pocket battleship at tier 6 (the Brits REALLY hit the nail on the head with that term), hence the asterisk by her name above.
  11. Landsraad

    The new rank system does not favor cv's.

    OP, let me just go ahead and, as a candidate for "Top CV Apologist on the Forums", say this to you: Oh no, you have to consistently have a good team or carry SUPER HARD to rank out. What a shocker. It's almost like Ranked is supposed to require either a large amount of skill or a soul-sucking amount of time and effort so that only a small number of people get the top rewards and ships like Yashima and Bourgogne stay relatively rare. Who ever would have thought that such a dastardly thing could be so?
  12. Say, "Oh neat, a test-bote!" and then carry on as normal. If I run into them directly (and I'm thinking straight) I typically will engage with CAUTION if I'm not outnumbered, just so I can see what the ship is like to fight and if it has any glaring quirks I don't know about. It usually doesn't end well for me, but then that can be said for ~50% of my matches against ships that HAVE been released, so whatever.
  13. Landsraad

    First T10 Ship

    Battleship Hindenburg. Still a favorite whenever I decide I need to be a masochist and try tier 10 matches. The guns are great and she is tough as HELL! The nickname is deserved on this one.
  14. Landsraad

    9.3 Armory change reminder

    Eh, I got Flint for Steel and while I would have preferred to get her for Coal I'm not having any buyer's remorse. She's a good ship, and the way I look at it the fact that I paid Steel for her was just the price to get the ship earlier than anyone who'll get her with Coal. I'm perfectly happy with the ship and the time I've had with her thus far.
  15. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Simon Pegg