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    Forum Game - Word Association

    Oh myyyyyyyyyy[/Takei]
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    Forum Game - Word Association

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    Ranking Out Rewards on Mini Seasons

    From the article under the "Rewards" section: Seems pretty clear to me.
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    His name is Phil
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    Night shift
  6. Again, I don't see how it's a taunt. It's just a personalized emblem from the person who got the last damage in, it's only saying "you were killed by ______". I'd get it a bit more if you kept getting killed by the same guy over and over and were sick of seeing that damnedable trollface all the time or something, but that's not a thing that can happen unless you have the most SPECTACULAR of bad luck and the same jerk keeps getting into matches on the other team and ending you. Is this because so many people use the DD pin? Because I keep noticing a LOT of those compared to all the other pins/emblems.
  7. How is displaying a patch for less than five seconds "taunting" you? It's not like it's a TF2-style freeze-frame zoom-in of the guy dancing on your corpse or something.
  8. From my first battle in the Ranger, my initial thoughts: I do not like the aiming, at all. Torpedo bombers I'm always getting too close, dive bombers I was clicking too early and having to swing back around. Turning feels awkward, and there's not really any such thing as "dodging AA fire" as the videos stated. I kept having thing icon saying "FIRE Air Cover" (or something) popping up with no explanation as to what it was, and fighters never seemed to DO anything. The complete lack of control and awareness of the actual carrier itself is alarming too. Only waypoint steering while your planes are up (which should be all the time), and no indication if you're flooding or on fire while you're flying. Also, WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE ECONOMY?! Do you WANT us to test carriers or not? Because it just cost me 5 MILLION credits to resupply a tier 6! And why is it that some ships (Example: Midway and New Mexico) can basically be upgraded for no XP, while others (Ranger and Pensacola) have normal XP requirements? And what's up with commander XP? 0 point commanders with 20 MILLION XP to the first skill point, but you have new skills in the tree so why wouldn't you want us to test them? THIS MAKES NO SENSE! It's all very pretty and I still think the concept can work, but I'm not happy with this version in the least.
  9. Or we could have two carrier lines (there are enough if you can accept some paper at tier 9/10) we could have Casablanca at tier 5 leading to the Ranger, and Bogue at tier 5 leading to Independence.
  10. Calling it now: CV line split with Ranger at tier 6, Wasp at tier 7, and Yorktown at tier 8 on one line, and Lexington as tier 8 on the other.
  11. Got in! Awesome, time to put these new CV mechanics through their paces.
  12. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

  13. Roma handles like a dream, she's probably my favorite of the tier 8s and second-favorite overall. This is a BEAUTIFUL ship that can dole out the hurt and dance with the best of them. Before I started playing and looking into the history of these ships (and tanks) I always wondered why Italy seemed to be such a non-entity outside of the North African campaigns and getting invaded. Knowing just makes it painfully facepalm-worthy if not absolutely criminal that Italian leadership was so inept. I cannot wait to see what Littorio will be like in comparison once the proper Italian tech tree is out. Alabama comes pretty close behind her though. She's not as flashy, but more reliable and consistent. I hadn't even heard of the South Dakota class before looking into whether or not I should buy the Lucky A, but having played her she definitely lives up to her reputation of "Best of the treaty battleships". I'm curious to try Massachusetts at some point, but neither I nor my wallet are in too much of a hurry. I'm rather enjoying King George V too, definitely a keeper once I move further up the RN line. Good mobility, a unique set of turrets, and solid guns make her a wonderful platform to take into randoms. I'm still disappointed that, with Vanguard in testing as a premium, the British will join Russia in the "we have a battleship line, but no tech tree tier 8 battleships that actually sailed" club. Nelson is just troll-ish fun. Sure she's slow, but she turns deceptively fast and those nine 16" rifles at tier 7 are monstrous. I didn't really expect such an oddly built ship to be so fun when I got her, I just thought that, since I had the free XP, I might as well. And I am so glad that I did. She's allergic to fires (moreso than most battleships, she breaks out in dead), but that zombie heal is a godsend. I know that lots of people who play RN will swear by their HE, but honestly there is nothing more satisfying when playing Nelson than to put a full salvo of AP into a broadside battleship and just watch them go from high health to jamming the repair party button as hard as they can because suddenly they're at less than a quarter HP. I've also gotten quite attached to Colorado. Again, she's slow, but she's tough and those guns get the job done quite handily. I have to admit that the standard battleships have really grown on me. Their speed is still an issue, don't get me wrong, but with the spotter plane it's honestly not that big of a deal. Nine times out of ten if I'm advancing and a ship is out of range, I just have to say "fly my pretties, fly!" and they'll fall within the circle. Plus, again, that armor is just so tough. I've taken Bismarcks in close quarters with this beast! Speaking of Bismarcks, I have to say I'm surprised by the fact that I don't feel the need to add a German ship on here. Tirpitz is my most played battleship (last I checked) if not most played ship, she carried me through ranked season 9 and has earned me a metric buttload of credits... But at the same time, I find myself reaching for Musashi or Roma over her and her sister these days. I'd even be tempted to put Gneisenau on here before her. And don't get me wrong, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst are great ships but I just don't find myself taking them out much recently. All that said though, my all-time favorite battleship in the game has to be... HONHONHONHONHONHON!!!! Do I have to go into why I love this bow-tanking baguette? She's quick, she's agile, her guns are excellent despite their small caliber, she can tank for days when properly positioned, and that position doesn't require giving up any main battery firepower! Dunkerque rules in operations, co-op, operations... Honestly I'm rather hoping that the next full-blown ranked season is tier 6 so that I can try her out in that with all the things I learned from Richelieu. World of Tanks taught me that French vehicles weren't something to be dismissed, but their ships are still in a COMPLETELY different league with how they stack up to other nations. Would I take an AMX-13 variant over another light tank? Maybe, maybe not. Would I take a Dunkerque over another tier 6 battleship? That battleship would be hard pressed to make me say "no". Dunkerque is a wonderful, beautiful ship that deserved far better than what she got in reality.
  14. Landsraad

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Honestly it's not the fact that the ships are black, but the fact that instead of it being a camo pattern it's a whole new ship for a Black Friday sale that really irks me. It was pointless and [edited] when WoT did it, and it's not opening my wallet here either.
  15. Landsraad

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Yeah, unless these ships go around abducting "recruiting" abducting psykers in the name of the GodMan-Emperor of Mankind, I'm not interested.