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  1. Landsraad

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    A wonderful and well-made review as always Mouse, but if I can just steal the spotlight here for a couple of seconds there's two charts in here that really illustrate a problem that I've been pounding my head against a wall trying to figure out or get SOME answer out of the Devs concerning for pretty much the entire rework. And for anyone that thinks I'm exaggerating on that time-line, this is a problem that I first noticed in 0.8.1, or whenever it was that the British carriers came out for pre-release. From then until now, not only have I NOT gotten a satisfactory response (or ANY response for that matter) despite posting publicly many times and many PMs being sent; but half the people I've asked have quit working at Wargaming. Stuff like this is starting to make me wonder if I'm chasing Devs away, but I digress. The point is seen in these two charts right here: Notice anything odd? I'll give you a hint: Don't look at Indomitable or the other nations' carriers, look at Implacable. So here we have the slowest tier 8 attack planes in the game, that are also tied with the FASTEST ones for health. "Well that in and of itself isn't such a big deal Landsraad," I hear you say, "British planes are supposed to be slow but tanky, this seems to be working as intended to me!" Well there's one more thing to factor in: Squadron size. A Lexington's flight consists of 9 planes. A Shokaku's consists of 9 planes as well. Implacable's, in order to balance out that odd combo of "tankiest tier 8 rocket planes" and "slowest tier 8 rockets planes" should have comparable numbers; either 9 with a 3 plane attack like the other tier 8s when fully upgraded, or 8 with a 2 plane attack like their stock forms. But Implacable DOESN'T have 8 or 9 Seafires in a flight, Implacable has 6. Compounding this, Implacable still has the same slow regeneration rate that other British carriers get. So simply put, with speed and HP cancelling each other out to make things equal, the so-called "tankiest" tier 8 tech tree rocket planes in the game have the WORST survivability. And if you're thinking that the rest of the British line is like this and that clearly justifies it, well you've just proven to me that you've never played a British carrier except for maybe Ark Royal. the rest of the British line does NOT have this problem. Audacious puts the same number of Westland Wyverns in the air as Midway does F8F Bearcats, Furious launches as many Hawker Sea Hurricanes as Ranger does F4F Wildcats, and Hermes puts up as many Gloster Gladiators as Langley does F3F Gulfhawks and Hosho does Nakajima A4Ns. Implacable is the lone anomaly in this regard. It has been ever since the rework hit. And you could argue that since AA has been through the wringer multiple times and no longer has to damage the entire squadron before downing a plane that this is less of an issue. But it's still an issue, because Implacable players still have roughly 25-30% less HP to work with, when taking time spent in AA into account, than their US and Japanese counterparts. And if you're wondering if Implacable's rocket playload offsets this, no. It doesn't. Because again, you've only got 2 planes to work with on the attack, and the individual rockets are worse than the US HVAR or even (hilariously enough) the Japanese Type 3 No. 6. Mk. 27. Take a screenshot of that ladies and gents, it's likely the first and LAST time you'll hear anyone say that Japanese rockets aren't the absolute worst in any given category. Edit: Wait... *checks review* 2100 HP per plane... *checks own stat sheet* 1720 HP per plane... What? When? How...? Devs. If only for my own sanity, could you please start COMMUNICATING and letting people know when stuff like this is fixed?! Hours of my life that I will never get back all because I thought I was being ignored and NOBODY CORRECTED THAT ASSUMPTION! I don't know what's worse, the fact that this has been the hill I will die on since the rework dropped and nobody doing anything about it; or the fact that it wasn't even deemed worthy to go in the friggin' PATCH NOTES!
  2. Honestly I'd appreciate a reversal of the bizarre decision that snuck in a few patches ago, which has made it so that every time there's an update I have to redo all of my settings. INCLUDING resetting all the mini-map distance indicators for every. Single. Ship. INDIVIDUALLY.
  3. I mean... I love my baguette cruisers (not as much as my pasta-botes these days, but still love them) and I'll join the people saying that Henri needed a bit of a nerf. In fact I'll go even further and say that I'm utterly baffled as to why the line gets both speed boost AND main battery reload booster. They only started out with the former, and were honestly doing at least decently with only that one consumable. Were they great? Well no, but they weren't exactly "garbage" by any means. And then they got a stash of espresso for the gunnery crews and suddenly Henri pole-vaults up to being one of the strongest cruisers at tier 10. I certainly won't COMPLAIN that it was so powerful, at least not too loudly, but I'm not going to shed many tears at this acceleration nerf.
  4. Landsraad

    ST, New ships

    I'm guessing it can still be trolled by Peter the Leaky then.
  5. Landsraad

    ST, New ships

    Let's... Let's go from bottom to top. Aegir: Oh this looks interesting. Looks kind of like what Siegfried should have been. Arashi: Oh cool! It's exactly what I've been saying a Japanese post-war DD should be! Except it's just a modified Kagero. That didn't survive the war. Eh, I'll take it. Orkan: Yay! Polish tier 8 DD! I'd have preferred super-Grom for that, but I'll take it! Yashima: A Yamato-ish hull with twin turrets? *gasp!* Are they doing the thing? Are they making the heavier secondary battery 4x2 Yamato that was suggest-Oh they're not. They're jsut up-gunning a Yamato. With guns that they said would never make it into the game. Ooookay then...
  6. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The only thing more dangerous than a Lieutenant with a map is a Lieutenant with a map AND a radio.
  7. I just feel like I should be in the hall of shame for deciding to keep going after I got the first two boosters until I got it...
  8. Landsraad

    Hmmm..On Sabbatical?

    Which is kind of circular logic if you really think about it, unless they're citing numbers from over a year ago. People aren't playing scenarios because a lot of the good ones had to be taken out and redone, so now they're excusing not redoing them with the fact that nobody's playing them... Because the scenarios they WANT to play aren't around. At least that's my take on it, I know I loved Cherry Blossom and Dynamo the most but now they're nowhere to be seen.
  9. Landsraad

    Request removal of CV's

    This again? Okay hang on, where did I put that meme... No... No... No... Ah, there it is:
  10. Applying a tactic like that as a blanket "fact" to an entire ship type is just foolish, like saying that all battleships should use AP on their opposite numbers on the enemy team and HE against everything else. A lot of low or middle-tier destroyers will keep their AA on regardless simply because their AA range is shorter than their aerial detection range. If it's reasonably certain that no ships are within firing range if you're detected, or if you're traveling with a group, then it might be more advantageous for these more cruiser-like destroyers to keep their AA on in order to screen for air attack or deter hits.
  11. Well it would go a long way if they could do more than just drop "hints" when it comes to stuff like this. The fact that this is the first and thus far only Pan-European line to be revealed does not increase confidence, given how long other lines have taken to develop in the past, that the tree will be anything besides "Pan Swedish" in a timely fashion. Tell that to Friesland, which the higher tiers of this line will share their AA in common with. That thing is the closest you can get to a "no-fly-zone" outside of cruisers in terms of ships with DefAA.
  12. Landsraad

    World of Warplanes?

    151 if you count the CVEs, 50 of which were of the Casablanca-class alone.
  13. Landsraad

    I didn't know that this was possible

    Saw that happen to a poor enemy Minotaur once. No main battery guns, no torps, and-worst of all-no AA. And this was a pre-rework game. And @Femennenly was on my team in a Graf Zeppelin. Needless to say, he got an "F" for respects from everyone still in chat.
  14. Landsraad

    Secondary Build Italian Cruiser????

    Venezia is an interesting case among cruisers. For starters, maybe it's because you're not firing your main battery as often, but I personally have noticed Italian secondaries being weirdly effective on those rare occasions that you wind up close and personal with someone. Their agility certainly doesn't hurt them in a brawl either. And on top of all of that Venezia's dual-purpose guns may only be 100mm, but she gets twelve of them PER SIDE. So let's review: 8+ km range. Decent rate of fire. 12 guns per side. High agility for close-in turning combat. It's definitely a meme-build, but I can see it being like Mouse's take on secondary-spec Azuma honestly.
  15. Landsraad

    How's Your Puerto Rico Progressing?

    I got mine earlier today. All it cost was the equivalent of a tier 8 premium, a Gorizia, way too much time, and my dignity.