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  1. Landsraad

    Where did I hit the Großer Kurfurst?

    Yeah, if you went long and hit the bow then odds are you managed to get a lucky solid hit into the A turret's barbette. That's part of the citadel, but it can be easy to pen if you hit it juuuust right on any ship because it's just a giant vertical armored cylinder. Aiming under the turrets is also a good way to cheese off "brawlers" that think they're invulnerable at close range, nice reliable citadels up close and personal.
  2. Landsraad

    To Many Duplicates

    It would be nice if duplicates obtained AFTER you complete a collection got converted to a small amount of credits or something.
  3. Landsraad

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    DAMMIT ALL JUST LET ME HAVE THIS! That's it, I'm sorry, I've been up too long, I need to go to sleep. To hell with today. Burn it to the ground. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure. Goodnight.
  4. Landsraad

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    Please do NOT try to tell me what I said, I think I know a little more about my own headspace than you do.
  5. Landsraad

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    ... Can I just make a joke? Please? Yes, I know each of those was a thing, and yes, I know most of their content was Japanese, but they also didn't happen any time recently and I was trying to poke fun at the ironic fact that the last collaboration with a Japanese game gave Japan exactly jack and/or squat. By the Omnissiah, why is everyone so gorram contrarian tonight?
  6. Landsraad

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    No, I'm not. I'm referring specifically to the fact that the historically very notably fast Seafire has a cruising speed slower than the average tier 6 bomber. I was making a joke about the utterly moronic British "gimmick" of slower planes that are "tougher" because they have more HP, which is completely negated by their smaller numbers. Hence why I didn't say *sobs in all aircraft at high tiers*. Check your facts next time before calling me out on CV stats. I've got pages upon pages of them written down. It's actually kind of concerning. Please send help.
  7. Landsraad

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    200 knots... Haha! Ahaha, yeah that's... That's definitely how fast planes go in this game. Haha! Ha! Hahaha... *sobs in 138knot Supermarine Seafire*
  8. Landsraad

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    Oh my apologies for taking your statement in the context of the destroyer line you directly mentioned, which also happens to be the one that I personally have the most trouble countering carriers in. All the others have speed boost to scurry away or dual-purpose guns that actually count towards decent AA damage. The only ones that really come close that I've played in the tier 8 range are the Japanese torpedo-boats, but then again those poor things have just been power-crept to death over time. Plus, there's almost always something a carrier can do that's a better use of just under a minute of his time (or more, for everyone that doesn't subsist entirely on tea and crumpets) than loiter and wait for your smoke to run out. If they're willing to do that rather than go spotting or attacking other targets, then I applaud your ability to get them completely and totally dedicated to your destruction. You don't even have to wait for the smoke to run out most times. Just wait for his visible-from-orbit planes to leave your detection range and then run in any direction that's not TOWARD them. Bottom line: If you smoke up and he stays, you've kept him tied up for the duration of your smoke. If you smoke up and he leaves, take the opportunity to high-tail it out of there and get back to doing destroyer things. This is not the impossible situation your flippant and hyperbolic attitude is making it out to be. So nerfing other classes so that carriers leave destroyers alone is a bad thing for destroyers? Is that what I'm hearing? Because this thread thus far has been about how much it sucks to be found by a carrier while playing a destroyer. In fact most threads complaining about carriers recently have been about how powerful they are compared to destroyers, whether the metric they're using is accurate or not. I fail to see how giving the carrier other things it can shoot at besides you, things that are better equipped to take damage at that, is something for you to be upset at.
  9. Landsraad

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Isn't that what the machine-pistol Akizuki is for? Madwoman! I approve. I don't think these are going to be AL ships, all we've got to go on is the word of some people who heard it from dataminers to my knowledge, but if that is what they are then at least it'll confirm a new event is coming in the near(-ish) future. And hey, maybe this time we'll get an anime crossover that actually includes stuff for the Japanese! How crazy would that be?
  10. Landsraad

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    You... You do know you get up to seven charges with premium consumables and superintendent, right? And that JoaT gets the reload down to less than 30 seconds between uses? I get that smoke is a limited consumable, but "limited charges" is hardly the feature of Royal Navy DD smoke that I'd complain about. Oh no, I used one of my get out of jail free cards, I only have FIVE LEFT for a twenty minute match! That's not at all what he's saying, he's saying nerf battleship (and maybe cruiser and carrier) AA so that destroyers aren't the only viable target in the early game for a carrier player to attack. Not every balance change has to be a buff. For proof, see: What feels like every change applied to carriers post-rework.
  11. Landsraad

    Public Test, Furious Changes and Azuma AA

    I can understand some of their decisions. Stukas at tier 8? I don't see how that lines up. Spearfish... Eh, okay I guess, it fits the time-period. Vindicator? Serviceable enough for tier 6. SB2C Helldiver? A fine fit for tier 8, though I do also question why she's used for both bomber roles. The rest? Oh man, you only got about HALF of the decisions that are cheesing me off and influencing my choices in my own CV proposals. Every time I see these three things I facepalm, so yes, I AM bringing them up yet again in a topic that I know the devs look at. From least to most "WHAT?!" inducing: Why are Hakuryu's bombers J5N Tenrais? You guys DO know that those were designed specifically as land-based high altitude heavy interceptors, right? As in not flown from carriers? Ever? As in not designed to carry heavy bomb loads? Why is the AD-1 Skyraider the stock module bomber for Midway? I could understand if it upgraded to, say, the AD-2, or the the AD-3; but no. It doesn't. Instead the AD-1 Skyraider, originally called the BT2D Destroyer 2, leads to the "superior" BTD Destroyer. Which it was developed from. And which it was superior to in every way. Um, wat? Why is the US tech tree going backwards? Did those two planes accidentally get swapped during development and nobody ever caught it? Did you think that nobody would notice that a plane which served through the VIETNAM WAR is being replaced by one that was never flown in battle? Why, why, WHYYYYYY is the FAIREY SWORDFISH relegated to being a LEVEL BOMBER?! This makes no sense! At all! The Swordfish was always, ALWAYS, a torpedo bomber first and foremost! And not just any torpedo bomber, but the one that kneecapped the FREAKING BISMARCK and left her open for the entire Royal Navy to dogpile on and blast into a floating pile of slag! This is nothing short of a TRAVESTY! Even Wikipedia knows what the Swordfish is best at, their first image is one CARRYING A TORPEDO! You are being outdone in historical accuracy by WIKI-FRIGGIN-PEDIA! And while I'm at it: I'm glad the A7M Reppu has been included at tier 10, I don't get why the devs are so allergic to making it top-tier at ANYTHING instead of stock though. The Seafire is just PAAAAAAINFULLY slow at tier 8. I don't care that it gets 50% more HP per plane, it also has 1/3 LESS planes to work with so the whole equation cancels itself out! F6F Hellcat BETTER be coming as a slightly slower, slightly beefier Corsair replacement on the Yorktown or heads will roll. The Corsair had enough issues with carrier operations that the Navy often threw up their hands and used them from island bases when they had the option, WHY does it keep popping up IN LIEU OF the Hellcat?! In the same vein, Avengers and Dauntlesses need to be top planes on at least one carrier. Preferably a few, across the US and British tech trees, because that's how common they were. The removal of Stukas and Bf 109Ts from GZ BETTER indicate than a German line is on the way and they'll return in Avengers Endgame there at tier 6 like I think it does. Are you saying you couldn't find anything besides the Westland Wyvern for tier 10? Seriously? Did the Blackburn Firecrest and magical derpy Fairey Gannet never come up? Those would work great in bomber roles!
  12. Landsraad

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Yeah... Stat elitism is the main reason I don't like or use those mods.
  13. Landsraad

    Just Another CV Thread

    I'm still waiting for Captain Kirk honestly.
  14. Landsraad

    The Final CV ?? or what the .....

    For the love of... This is the second Habakkuk topic to be posted TONIGHT and at least the third this week!
  15. Landsraad

    Finally found the Pefect BB for this Game

    I imagine it would be a tier 12 premium alongside HMS Habakkuk, USS America, and... iDunno, Ersatz Bismarck with 20" guns? Yamato kai? 18" gunned Roma? Tillman IV?