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  1. It’s not “Wooster”

    Dead on. If pronunciation never changed then we'd all be pronouncing "knight" like the French taunter in Monty Python nowadays. In fact a lot of homophones just wouldn't exist. Heck, prime example: "would" and "wood"
  2. Level With Me, Comrades

    So I'm a player that tries to do a little bit of everything. I've played destroyers, battleships, carriers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, you name it. I feel most at home when in a light cruiser that clicks for me, something like Worcester or Cleveland, but I love ships of most all types and I've gone at least some ways down every line. Every line except ONE. I have not been able to bring my self to try out the Russian DDs. Maybe it's the way they were introduced, maybe it's the fact that I always feel dirty after stomping someone in my Kirov or Molotov (which I only got because I'll be damned if I call myself a "cruiser main" and not have at least a taste of each cruiser line), maybe it's the lingering long memories of "Russian bias" and complaints about the Khabarovsk. I don't know honestly. But here we are. 0.7.8 will be out soon, and unless I really like a ship I've always preferred to have a backup that I'm grinding at the same time/tier so that I don't burn out. With the British DDs coming out in 0.7.9, I figure I may as well bite the bullet and try to sail for glorious motherland. So my main question is... What are these ships like? I know the basic "short range torps, Russian railguns, ludicrous speed" combo but what are the nitty gritty details? What are the things I should know about these ships that you don't see just from running into them in randoms? For the record, I'm thinking that if I do stick with the Soviet DDs long-term I'll being going for the Grozovoi side of things. I've just got this weird thing where, while I like gunboats, I also like being able to stealth-torp when I need to, especially in high-tiers. As for my previous DD experience: I feel most at home with the Germans thus far, though Hartsuharu was great fun and I'm enjoying Shiratsuyu. I also like my Harekaze. USN DDs are... Okay, but they're hit and miss for me. I'm waiting to continue my Farragut grind until I get a 10 point captain. Pan Asian ships just don't really hold my attention for long, despite the fact that this is the line that finally got me to "get" DDs. I can't figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong in Fubuki, that ship and I are just on different wavelengths.
  3. T8 - 10 Players

    Huh, the "average" player is at or just below (being dragged down by the fact that they only have direct control over 1/24th of each battle, roughly speaking) average. How shocking. Truly a revelation.
  4. I'd like to point out that, while Des Memes, Battleship Hindenburg, and others CAN take a lot of abuse and punishment before going down for their class; most people forget the little asterisk that this is only possible when bow-tanking, at extreme angles, or (in Hindenburg's case) brawling up-close against ships of similar armament. Yes, Des Moines has paper sides and can be citadelled easily, but that nice thick bow plating means that any other cruiser at her tier is going to get their shells laughed off if they shoot her head-on. Yes, Hindenburg is vulnerable to plunging fire at range, but if one pops up less than 8km from you that citadel vanishes and you have to rely on raw base DPM against that thick hide and huge HP pool to come out on top. Oh, you think torps will give you an edge? Think again. Hail Hydro.
  5. Favourite Low Tier Ships

    Heck yeah I still play 'em! Not as often as my high-tier stuff admittedly, that is where all the missions and grind can be found after all, but it's nice to hop in a smol bote and just do a relaxation round or two every now and then. As for favorites at each tier: 4: Danae. I haven't taken her out in ages, but MAN if that ship wasn't a blast! Zippy, agile, and those super-AP rounds; oh man that's such a fun ship. Yubari and Ishizuchi are also lovely to play every now and then. I need to repurchase my Clemson at some point. 3: St. Louis is an obligatory mention here. I mean, come on, is there anyone that doesn't like this ship (and who needs to be shot because of it)? The lack of time at tier 3 and 2 really doesn't give a lot of ships time to leave an impression, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Phra Ruang as well. Special mention must also be made to Katori; I got my original tier 1 back! 2: Mikasa. No contest, the trolling pre-dreadnought is the ONLY acceptable answer here from my port. I can't wait to get more points on my captain so that I can get AFT and REALLY go to town on people with that secondary battery. 1: Hermelin is a beautiful ship and handles great for tier 1. On the rare occasions when I do go clubbing down that low she's my obvious go-to.
  6. Forum Game - Word Association

    Pizza (Dammit, my Mark Wahlberg impression didn't go through. DAMN YOU HOTEL WI-FI YOU FICKLE BEAST!)
  7. Forum Game: Useless Facts

    A group of ravens is called a "conspiracy" or an "unkindness", a group of bats are a "cauldron", ferrets are a "business", salamanders are a "maelstrom", lobsters are a "risk", caterpillars are an "army", and snails are a "hood".
  8. Musings of a pirate

    Really wish I'd been able to sign up, but I didn't know my work schedule in time to know if I would have been available. Still, fun event. I didn't sink any pirates myself, but it's always kind of hilarious to see the comedy of errors that results from people tripping over themselves to get the kill in events like these, all the way back to the original Hunt the Pros events in WoT.
  9. Go Navy: What Wargaming Did Wrong

    A few main problems as I see it: 1: Team points were cumulative, simply calculated by adding each player's score to the total. This ensured that, multipliers or not, the team with the most players would always win. The proper solution would have been to calculate team score based on player average and, instead of starting at 0, have both teams start at 50% and see which had the higher average points per player at the end of the day. 2: They forgot that many people WILL miss days. The whole premise with loyalty capping out at 75 seems to be that people would automatically switch sides to get more swag after 15 days. Thing is, if you miss a few days (or a week, or start the event late) then you have to stay on a team longer to get that loyalty. The devs seem to have vastly overestimated people's ability to log on and play long enough to trigger a recruiter message each day. 3: They underestimated the psychology of fandom and staying loyal to a team, and overestimated how much people would want top rewards for both teams. I know I personally am sticking with Eagles for the remainder of the event simply because I have everything I want. The fact that so many people chose Sharks over Eagles to begin with despite them rationally being identical shows that people aren't acting on logic alone in this event, nor should they be expected to. One thing that would have gotten me to switch? That awesome art deco stars and stripes perma-camo being available on the Worcester. I don't care about a camo that makes my ship look like a mascot for a one-off event, they're not even that good-looking IMO. I only even cared about maxing out my Eagle loyalty to get the Des Moines perma-camo anyway. 4: They chose Sharks and Eagles, specifically BALD Eagles, the 'Murica bird. There have been entire essays and pages-long topics dedicated to this, so I won't elaborate much on the main thrust, but suffice it to say they underestimated the effect that politics would have. Me? I chose Eagles because I thought the crate camo looked cool on my Shiratsuyu and I wanted a change from my tendency to pick blue. Other people chose Sharks because of the state of the US and world at large, some chose Sharks because they're more obviously nautical, some just because they think Sharks are cooler. Shark was also the option on the left, the option a player is more likely to be drawn to first if they read left-to-right like most people on NA. There's no single huge reason, but a whole bunch of little ones that lead up to Sharks overwhelming Eagles every day. 5: Holy CARP those containers are expensive! Like... Jesus, Maria, y Jose devs, and I thought the cruiser event ones were pricey! Nope, not buying what you're selling there. And since they're the ONLY way to get enough tokens to max out both teams, people are just going to focus on maxing out one and not worry about the other. Oh sure, there's those Dasha Eagle missions for whenever they start winning (aaaaaaaaaaaany second now...), but that's just 20 tokens, still not enough for the grand prize if you max out Sharks first then switch. 6: Rewards weren't made clear. It took me like, three days before I finally figured out how the token system worked and what the incentive for staying loyal actually was. That is TERRIBLE design! The point of the event is to stay loyal to a team and get goodies as long-term gains, but the rewards are just listed as "a container" or "2 loyalty tokens" for your decision. Unless you've gone digging in the arsenal beforehand you don't know what a "loyalty token" is, let alone what it does, but containers always have good stuff so I'll just pick that!
  10. Forum Funnies

  11. Hmm... Y'know, if a Dutch or Pan-Nordic line is going to work then we'll have to prove that the Pan-Euroean tree can stand up without them I should look into that. In fact, let's look at a Polish line too while we're at it.

    Okay, historical ships of the Polish Navy. Vorodez-class gunboat? That looks like a tier 1 candidate if I've ever seen one, let's get the details! *clicks* ... You're joking. It's a renamed Filin-class gunboat? Seriously? Guys, I'm being stalked by Finns across the internet, send help!

  12. Pirates of Carribean describing WOWs

    Oh I am WELL aware of her since she somehow got her hands on a whole trilogy of Halo books. A trilogy that went from portraying ONI as ruthless and untrustworthy but ultimately acting with humanity's best interests at heart, and Dr. Halsey recognizing her methods as extreme and unethical but, once again, necessary; to everyone but the Spartans hating Halsey the mad scientist, ONI actively trying to destabilize the alliance between the elites and humans (and SOMEHOW being the good guys while doing it), and various characters being infantilised if not treated as incompetent, while the rest are just super-duper awesome at everything they do (except Halsey, who's an evil meany-pants that smells bad). I ask you, HOW am I supposed to take our villain, an insurrectionist leader and high-ranking elite mind you, with ANY kind of seriousness when the scene where his wife confronts him about stealing a ship and hiding it in a secret location is handled with all the gravity of an exasperated mom finding out her kids have built a treehouse with "no grrrls alloud" written on it and reacts basically by saying "okay, whatever, have fun. Dinner's at 7"? Was I supposed to find what-her-name being promoted to head of ONI in anyway sinister or ominous? Or having any weight at all for that matter? Because it's not. In fact the "you may even get to start a war" line is said with all the impact of "and if you're really good, we can get ice cream on the way home." I couldn't even START the second one, the first part left that bad a taste in my mouth. It didn't even have the decency to be over-the-top cheesey like Cole Protocol was! *sigh* Eric Nylund, please come back! Please save us from this madness!
  13. Dammit necropost, you got me excited over a troll vid again! That's TWICE the cat has gotten me with it!

    Can I just say that German words like "flottentorpedoboot" are immensely fun to say? Flottentorpedoboot! Das ist meine Flottentorpedoboot, it flots und torpedos boots!
  15. Pirates of Carribean describing WOWs

    I have no idea who/what Samaria is/are, I have not read any of the current or previous EU. My issue isn't Mandalorian hippies, it's Mandalorians as "super-awesome better than you bounty hunters who don't need the force to be extra special awesome COOOOOOL!" and not willing to give someone the time of day without pitting them against stacked odds in a gladiator match. Basically, like I said, edgelord hipster Klingons. It's the ones that are like those stories where Batman is best superhero EVAR and can take down the whole Justice League solo, except he knows it and lords it over everyone else. THOSE are the Mandalorians I hate.