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  1. Landsraad

    Vauquelin Just winning

    I'm surprised and relieved by my performance in Jaguar, Guepard, and Vauquelin. I was worried that I'd have another Podvoisky experience where the ships would just be too damned fast and I'd wind up getting into trouble waaaaay too fast and simply exploding. As it stands though, I've found my best luck in playing them like a Force-a-Nature Scout in TF2. You know that reflexive thing FaN Scouts do where they run up, unload their two shots, and then immediately throw it in reverse? Yeah, replace the two shotgun shells with MBRB and that's basically the French DD-hunters in a nutshell: Get the drop on your enemy, blast him out of the water with that insane reload boost, then RUN TO THE HILLS and dodge like a madman to make your escape. Actually this strategy has been working really well versus RN DDs in particular, almost like the French were designed to counter them.
  2. Pfft, I may really like my Gascogne but she's far from OP. Gascogne is literally to Republique what Dunkerque is to Richelieu. A fun ship, but I fail to see how long range secondaries and eight 15" rifles with firing angles that can be best described as "okay" are OP when mounted on a hull with mediocre armor at best. Sure, her AA and agility is great, but otherwise she's more akin to Roma or Bismarck drawn like one of your French girls.
  3. Landsraad

    A close look at Ark Royal's Citadel

    ... Yes, thank you all, I am aware. That post was sarcasm.
  4. Landsraad

    French Event, You have to be kidding me!

    Reading comprehension and the internet, sadly, appear to often be mutually exclusive. If I had a dollar for every time this year alone someone thought that the clearly stated "check-in time is 3pm" didn't apply to them, I'd have picked up Jean Bart with cash and saved my coal for Georgia or Salem. Then I have to go into the explanation that our business day doesn't end until 5am and no, you can't make reservations for that day after midnight, and no, you can't check in before 5am on a reservation for the next business day. In conclusion, Expedia delenda est.
  5. Landsraad

    A close look at Ark Royal's Citadel

    But I thought CVs were all-but impossible to citadel. Could I have been lied to? ON THE INTERNET?!
  6. Not gonna lie, I find the prospect of a lone bot CV managing to somehow gun down its attackers with its pop-gun secondaries or bomb them to death before time runs out somewhat amusing. I mean, I earned a CQE medal killing a Nurnberg that way in my Ranger.
  7. Well after hiding over in ancient Greece for nearly a month I decided to grit my teeth, boot up the game, and take out Enterprise to see just how terrible this new AA system is for CVs... And it went fine. Is it perfect? Nah, I still honestly think that spreading damage across individual attack runs would have been the better mean solution, but this isn't near as terrible as I had feared/been led to believe. Did I rack up as much damage as before? No, but 87k is pretty respectable for first outing after a big change like this. Did I find it harder to do damage? Eh, toward the beginning yeah, but as the match went on I was able to get multiple strikes in consistently even against "harder" targets like the enemy Richelieu. Other than needing to adjust and play the opening a bit more passively this really doesn't seem like that big of a change. And they still have the sector rework and plane survivability to tweak too. Heck, I even got to use my TB's heal a time or two, WITCHCRAFT I SAY! THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE IMPOSSIBLE! Man, aside from the smoldering embers of the pro-CV against anti-CV factions still going at it like they will undoubtedly until the heat death of the universe because the devs and community staff have had little effect on smothering the flames, this whole thing seems remarkably... Meh. Why was everyone so worked up again?
  8. Landsraad

    French DDs or Bundles

    I'm shooting for permacamo. I already got Chacal and Guepard missions from the crates, so that means I'll have at least one fully gimmicked out baguette bote to slap it on and test the line out. May as well grab it for the others. It's what I did last round with Vlad the Often Impaled, no regrets there.
  9. Landsraad

    Forum Game - Word Association

    A language I definitely cannot speak.
  10. Landsraad

    Why would we want pre-dreadnoughts in the game?

    Yep, some of these things look like something out of a Miyazaki movie and I love them. Honestly there shouldn't be too much doing (besides modelling of course) required to get more pre-dreads into the game, and Mikasa or a ship like her is a perfect testbed for them. To me it would be great if every nation's battleship line started at tier 2 with a pre-dreadnought and they had at least one tier 2 premium, maybe with a few other notables thrown in. It would be great! Sign me up for the pre-dreadnought train. Bring on Potemkin! Bring on HMS Agamemnon! Bring on SMS Schleswig-Holstein!
  11. Landsraad

    What can your symbols get you?

    920 tokens, 20600 coal. Huh, that's a bit less than I was expecting, but still a healthy chunk of coal towards Georgia.
  12. But mon ami, is that not what ze French especiality is for?
  13. Landsraad

    Time for Carrier Heals

    Honestly if we're looking at raw tonnage Lexington may not even be considered "bigger" than her battleship peers depending on how you look at her. And the purpose-built carriers? Yeah, they all stick around Yorktown-size at that tier, just over half the weight of a fully loaded treaty battleship. Kaga does weigh in heavier than NC even at standard loading, so there's that. Really it's just the tier 10 carriers that are competing for "biggest ship in tier" with any real effort, not that Kremlin and Kurfurst are going down without a fight mind you.
  14. Landsraad

    Time for Carrier Heals

    Yeah, I'm just gonna echo what everyone else is saying: If a carrier is taking damage with something other than its planes, then something has gone wrong and it probably deserves that damage. Besides, all carrier-hull consumables are automatic anyway. Would you really want a heal on as much of a hair-trigger as their DamCon or fighter cover?
  15. Landsraad

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    Yeah I just... Stopped playing for a while after 0.8.5 hit. Partly because everyone was running around saying it was the end of days for carriers with the current AA changes (having gotten 87k damage in my first game back in the Big E? No, no it's not, calm down), but mostly because the playerbase divide seemed to be at an all-time high and I was just done with it. I like all ship types, and I just want to be able to play them all without fifty people flipping me off when I take one out in particular. But obviously the devs just don't care about the absolute [quack]-storm that this has caused so there's no point. No point in caring, no point in continuing Taking Flight, no point in really even playing any-OSNAP ITALIAN CRUISERS ARE FINALLY COMING! Okay I'll play, as soon as I can get my client updated and non-crashing I am on board with that! I'm still honestly a bit sullen and down about this whole debacle; all the time and energy I feel like I've wasted just trying to help people understand and come together, all the ideas I had that I feel like are all for nothing, the issues I brought up that have been roundly ignored or dismissed by everyone, but fine, I won't quit the game just yet. Can we just please, PLEASE get to the light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later? Please? Sorry, thanks for the review Mouse, great work as always and this definitely looks like a baguette I want to pick up. I'm just so damned tired of this...