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  1. DerekSlide

    Buy Atago? (and CB ship question)

    Both the Atago and Zao are excellent ships. You will have to change your playstyle though.
  2. DerekSlide

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    Thanks for the add!
  3. DerekSlide

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    Derek Slide : www.twitch.tv/derekslide Rating: PG-13 Music: Trance/Reggae/Classical/Whatever strikes my fancy/Video game music/See option #3? Schedule: None yet. Check back to see, as I will be updating this weekly. Social: Facebook, Twitter, Steam (DerekSlide) About the stream: I'll have a schedule shortly but at the moment am playing nearly every day. I am pretty good, and can help anyone with advice, especially with map strategy/aiming. I use Aslain's mod as it provides certain features I'm used to from World of Tanks. I play everything except CV's and will division with anyone. Send me a friend invite when I'm on. o7 See you out on the battlefield!