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  1. I will like the Salem alright, but access to a tier X CV is hard to resist... as my highest tech tree CVs are only tier VI CVs...
  2. I'm changing my mind on buying a Tier IX premium ship. I will use the doublons to grind the Yamato quicker AND get her a the perma camo, instead. That leaves me with the tier X coal ship. Between the Immelmann, Salem, or Marceau. I have the Yugumo, so grinding to the Shimakaze wouldn't too too hard. For this reason I'm hesitant about getting the Marceau. What make the Marceau DD so good again? I'm leaning towards getting the Immelmann as that would grant me access to a tier X CV although CV is so weak now compared to when they first appeared back then. With a little over 10K of doublons, I would only need 132K of XP grinding from a stock Amagi to Yamato just buying the Amagi's B hull and Izumo's B hull straight then to Yamato.
  3. Thanks. I'm only slightly interested in the Marceau since I need a tier X CV kind of desperately. I'm not grinding for tier X CV, at all. I have a tier IX DD already and that may increase to 2 soon with the Groningen. I knew Marceau is good, but to give up a tier X CV access good? I'm not sure, but your opinion is brilliant. Competitive players would want the Marceau first. Thank you!
  4. The ship I want is the Shikishima, but I've got only 5,100 steel atm. In 16 days, I could get Tier IX (doublons): Groningen DD or Marco Polo BB AND Tier X (coal): Max Immelmann CV or Salem CA I'm a BB guy but I like playing DD and cruisers too as well as carrier. I'm not grinding CV so I thought why not spend the coal for Immelmann that would grant me access to a tier X CV right away. I have the Kaga at tier VIII, the rest being American and British tier VI CVs. For tier IX, getting the Groningen would allow me access to a tier IX DD that's a credit maker too since playing too much BB can feel dull after a time, but the Marco Polo is unique in her SAP. My only tier IX free premium BB is the Jean Bart with just eight small caliber guns. I have the tier VIII Cossack premium DD. I also have the Yugumo at tier IX. I have MANY tier VIII premium BBs: Vanguard, Tirpitz, Alabama, and Roma I have one tier X BB with perma camo: Montana I have one free premium tier X cruiser Yoshino which I like a lot. So, what do you guys think?
  5. The trade off is 'Demolition Expert' I can get many 'Dreadnought' Achievement even in a defeat.
  6. I posted this not to entertain anyone so fuc* you who felt this was boring...your response is boring in itself.
  7. LifePilgrim

    Ummmm.....OK then...I'll take it.....

    Very cool. It's expensive...
  8. Thank you! The bug showed six blades of propeller and three of them being blurred. Now, the planes are showing three blades and none of them are blurred. I was bugged by the visual bug.
  9. LifePilgrim

    Share what you believe in World of Warships

    AFK...I hate you
  10. "I don't believe in running from the enemy. We have guns."
  11. LifePilgrim

    A critical error has been occurred

    Thank you, this fixed it for me..
  12. Played the Yugumo, someone thought I was being useless that provoked others into believing it because I said nothing. Out of the 4 dds I ended up placed 2nd best in terms of score including the person that provoked the team into believing I was useless. Got repped down, anyway. Went into another game, placed middle, get repped down, anyway.... There's quite a bit of toxicity when it comes to WG games....It reminds me why I left the game for years.
  13. OK if it'shistorical I can take it
  14. Premium camos too? That's no solution to me
  15. Will aqll camos get removed? Cos I love other camos