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  1. LifePilgrim

    A critical error has been occurred

    Thank you, this fixed it for me..
  2. Played the Yugumo, someone thought I was being useless that provoked others into believing it because I said nothing. Out of the 4 dds I ended up placed 2nd best in terms of score including the person that provoked the team into believing I was useless. Got repped down, anyway. Went into another game, placed middle, get repped down, anyway.... There's quite a bit of toxicity when it comes to WG games....It reminds me why I left the game for years.
  3. OK if it'shistorical I can take it
  4. Premium camos too? That's no solution to me
  5. Will aqll camos get removed? Cos I love other camos
  6. I installed ASLAIN and selected some options like original Japanese dd camo but my Japanese dds still had their original camos? Same thing without ASLAIN. Manually dropping mods to res_mod folder...the skins won't show either. Then I used ASLAIN the Jap dds still showing their original skins?
  7. That is FINE. I'm sure it's not pink in color.
  8. Which setting on ASLAIN for this?
  9. Those are excellent and not garish....ones I'm talking about are those really bad ones causing sores to my eyes.....Yuck yuck.
  10. I know. Cancer cures itself past the last stadium.
  11. It's an insult to real artists and modders to call many of those skins worthy of being used....Yuck. Some of the special camos I can understand but too many others are sooooooooooooooo low I wished I could slap the guy at WG that sanctioned them.
  12. I have disabled viewing all other alternative skins and yet I still see A GOD DAMN LOT OF UGLY/COMIC SKINS in WoWs. I wished I could unsee them....REALLY?
  13. Thank you. I just checked. FInally I can login. Thank you for the reply.
  14. Unable to login at the moment? Game updated when I clicked played it's stuck at loading screen. The port won't show