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  1. KingJacko

    What are the proposed FDG buffs?

    Ah thanks @LAnybody, I think Ill keep IFHE anyways since its a 19 pointer and its just for lol
  2. KingJacko

    Radio Location or CE?

    T9 without concealment expert?
  3. KingJacko

    What are the proposed FDG buffs?

    But it wont be useless, just more effective? Im confused.
  4. KingJacko

    What are the proposed FDG buffs?

    So i wont need IFHE after this?
  5. I heard there were buffs, I might be wrong though. Anybody know what they are, is it just AP secondaries to HE?
  6. KingJacko

    Whats the difference between Aki and Kita?

    Ah thanks. If thats the case the only reason to keep the Aki(imo) is for being top tier, but that never happens anyway. Seems like Kita is overall just a better boat if you're facing T10(obviously).
  7. KingJacko

    Is it even possible to get 50 loyalty?

    Nevermind. It lasts longer than I thought. Sorry lol.
  8. I only have 30 loyalty. And it ends tomrorow. I've collected all 4 containers each day, but just noticed that the formula for loyalty is: +3 for each day, +2 for declining the other team. I only got approached once a day, really I only get 5 each day. I was shooting for one of those Des Moines or Salem premium camos but I've come to realize its not even possible to get 50 loyalty? Am I wrong or missing something here? Thanks in advance.
  9. KingJacko

    New DD Line Need Defensive AA Gimmick!!!

    This is why CVs are in this state. A good CV player can only go after a bad player now...
  10. KingJacko

    Not a huge deal

    To be fair French battleships were never going to make a bigger splash than the Germans, most people believe the German battleships should have been in the game with Americans and Japanese from the start to begin with.