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  1. Ex_Nihilo

    Code from Stream

    Thanks, still works!
  2. Ex_Nihilo

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    Thanks, most of them worked for me, including the ones on the first page.
  3. Initially I was concerned with how subs would fit in with gameplay, and if they would feel like subs, given the compromises needed for gameplay reasons. So far I like them, I think they are on the right track. I have has fun playing them, and also taking out BB's and getting stalked by players in subs. Some recommendations, echoing what other have said: - Reduce damage radius of depth charges and HE shells - Allow subs to run on the surface - speed would be better than at periscope, and torpedoes can be used, but the sub will be much more vulnerable. This will allow more gameplay options, and a good risk/reward option for sub players. - Longer cooldown on DC's, perhaps even consider two options for DC's: Press "4" for shallow drops, "5" for deep. More possible counterplay is a good thing. Other things to consider would be allowing deck guns to be used - I know they would be almost useless, a single 4" or 5", but could be used on the surface for resetting caps and such. Besides, everyone will be expecting Surcof and the British M class (12'" gun) to show up sometime, obvious premium material.
  4. Fantastic! Great work compiling all this, a concise table of carrier status, well done!
  5. Ex_Nihilo

    WWI-WWII AA Guns and Effectiveness?

    I've always thought an idea like this would be a good way to help make CV versus ships work better. Have a consumable, something like "Press home the attack" to allow a CV to temporarily ignore the accuracy loss.
  6. For me it would be Yahagi. I enjoy Katori and Yubari, so I had to get Yahagi for my collection of quirky Japanses cruisers. I knew it was going to be a meh bote at best, but I hoped it would have at least some of the fun of the Yubari, but no it does not. At least it looks pretty.
  7. Ex_Nihilo

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Note that the patch for the birthday of the U.S. Navy text lists the U.S. Army:
  8. Ex_Nihilo

    Checking up on Yahagi

    I got Yahagi as a present and she is OK. Yahagi could use some small buffs, but is adequate at T5, but of course T5 matchmaking means mostly facing considerably better opponents. Staying back and using the decently accurate guns and kiting and going dark as needed works well, and saving torps for later in the game since earlier there will always be friendlies in front. But ultimately Yahagi is only average at best, but I did enjoy the battles in her so far.
  9. A good point, Baltimore is a class of very large cruisers, and hence has a cost ratio of 2.5:1 to Iowa, but then again Iowa is probably the most expensive battleship class ever built. Overall I believe a rough ratio of 3:1 for BB:CA costs is a reasonable estimate. I chose the examples I gave because I wanted battleships and cruisers built at the same time and by the same country, since price comparisons between different countries and at different times make it a bit of apples to oranges comparison, with all the problems of wartime inflation, differing wages and exchange rates, Admiralty dockyards vs private builders, etc. I think it was the Kent subclass, with a cost of 2.1 million pounds. The smaller York class, with the reduced 6 x 8 inch armament seems to have cost about 1.8 million pounds. Also useful are costs for British battleships and battlecruisers, from DK Brown's The Grand Fleet: Dreadnought 1.67 million pounds, Colossus 1.54 million pounds, Orion 1.71 million pounds, KGV 1.96 million pounds, Iron Duke 1.94 million pounds. Invincible 1.67 million pounds, Indefatigable 1.43 million pounds, Lion 1.96 million pounds, Queen Mary 2.08 million pounds, Tiger 2.1 million pounds. By comparison with the above, the Hawkins class heavy cruisers cost 750,000 pounds, so the same cost ratio holds. Some of the large armored cruisers designed in the same time period had costs of 1.1 to 1.4 million pounds, and were deemed too expensive and never built, considering you can get a BB or BC for not much more. I'll have to dig out my copy of The Battleship Builders (Ian Johnston/Ian Buxton) which is invaluable for the process and costs of British battleship building and see what other info there is.
  10. The cost of heavy cruisers is not that much less than battleships. For example, an Iowa class BB cost about $100 million (and the SoDak/NC about $78 million), and a Baltimore CA $40 million, so one battleship cost roughly the same as 2.5 heavy cruisers. Similarly Nelson and Rodney cost 7.5 million pounds and a County class cruiser cost 2.1 million pounds, a 1:3.5 ratio. As well, operational costs followed a roughly similar ratio, with one BB costing about the same as 3 CA.
  11. An interesting question. I would think a big part of it would be that few nations had the capacity for building capital ships who were not in the treaties. There is no way China, for example, would have been able to build capital ships, even with Japan helping it would be many years before China would have the shipyards, skilled labour, armour and big gun production capacity for capital ships. The same goes for South America, Australia, etc. And of course politically it would be very unlikely, many countries such as China and Japan had opposing national interests. Probably only England, with the Commonwealth, could count on other nations providing ships for the RN, for other nations it would be a huge and expensive gamble to build up another nation's navy with the expectation that if war came they would provide those ships. Besides, it can be argued that even without the treaties the money wasn't available for much more ship building, let alone an expensive proxy navy.
  12. Ex_Nihilo

    Captain skills

    It is worth trying with the free respec. Besides, CE seems less valuable with CV's more common now.