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  1. I was just pointing out those 2 points listed in the wiki so no I did not stop reading. You don't think there were other design proposals drawn up? Have we not seen that ships with the same hull designs have different armament layouts or compartment placements? Check out the drawing here http://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/ww2/french-navy
  2. so you may want to look through the Wikipedia you link before posting as it answers your question ... 1. though the arrangement is not clear. According to Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, one turret was placed forward, one amidships, and two in a superfiring pair aft. 2. Preceded by: Normandie class Succeeded by: Dunkerque
  3. USN Engineman 1992 - 1998 on USS Hunley AS-31 in Norfolk from 1993 - 1994 and Decommissioned it. Then USS Ashland LSD-48 from 1994 - 1998. All Main Propulsion NEC-4333 Fairbanks Morse 38D 8 1/8 and Colt Pielstick PC2.5V
  4. Actually near misses on WWII ships is the reason they do underwater explosive shock test on new ships. Destroyers were that fragile that's why they called them Tin cans, The only reason some destroyers and destroyer escorts lasted as long as they did was due to luck and the outstanding crews.
  5. mixing shells...

    It did happen in real life. There are quite a few accounts on US ship of it happening but it was never intended. During intense fighting usually all types of ammo would come up from the magazine. The gunners mates were just grabbing shell as fast as they could and putting them on the ammo elevator. This happened A lot on Destroyers and 5'38" guns.
  6. Air drop torps actually do have a minimum arm distance and you can see them before they arm. You see the trail but no triangle and if you hit them before they arm (as in you turn into them) there is am impact sound and you take no damage. I actually try and screen ships with my cruisers and its one of the things I learned early on and most Good Battleship players generally know this too.