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  1. It's fully possible, but the bottle neck was mostly with the crew and the propellant due to having to pull 2 out at a time and having to arrange them before ramming. The Yamato was able to get a cycle time of 28 seconds at an elevation of 20 degrees in drill. So I'm pretty sure Iowa could achieve around a 26-25 at low elevations with ease so long as the crew isn't worn out.
  2. Imperatritsa Maria managed during trials to hit around 3rpm at elevations up to 15 degrees since she was designed to load between 5-15 allowing her to keep up a high rate of fire, but at elevations at 25 degrees it fell down to around 2.4rpm. The pattern 37/40 were a continuation of the older 1907 improved design the Maria used, and the 1948 pattern was a redesigned breach system with a piston driven blow back but much of the other parts had a lot in common all the way back to the older Maria except them doing away with the 2 stage hoists. Due to them doing away with the 2 stage hoists and running much like the German 38cm/52 C/34 I have a feeling that while the Pattern 37/40 could have hit 2.5rpm the Pattern 48 would not have and would have most likely had the same failures and breakdowns the German's experienced with Bismarck and Tirpitz and would have taken a few years to resolve those issues. I honestly don't see them going above 2.5rpm considering the loading angle and the rate of elevation and depression for any sort of long range engagement. There are a few reasons for this. -The best elevation and depression speeds they managed up until the 40s was the BM-3-12 modernization of the older 1907 turrets for coastal guns. These managed a 2.2rpm from the older 1.7 figure, doubled the elevation speed from 3 to 6, and set it to a +6 degree loading angle with a single ram stroke for propellant. -Stalingrad was to have the same +6 degree loading angle but a maximum elevation of 50 degrees and her designed 10 degree elevation speeds never managed past 8. The best cycle time ever achieved for a gun around this size was 15 seconds with the Scharnhorst during trials, which is where her 3.5rpm figure comes from, and the next highest is Alaska which managed 21 seconds. Shockingly enough Nagato managed 21.5 up to elevations of 7 degrees allowing it to nearly achieve a 2.8rpm at ranges up to 10km. Now, Alaska's longer range gun fire put her at around 2.4-2.5rpm so I would say I would sit closer to the Alaska on Stalingrad's rate of fire for anything above 35 degrees elevation which is what the game is mostly balanced on when it comes to big guns rate of fire. This is why in game Nagato sits at a 30+ sec rate of fire and not the one she managed in combat against Torpedo Bombers at the Battle of Philippine sea which was around 23sec between rounds while firing Type 3 Sankaidan's at them coming in at low elevations.
  3. Vietnam was and in some ways still is an Ally of Russia, who is the 2nd largest Nuclear power in the world. The main reason we did not use Nuclear weapons during Vietnam even though 3 different advisors wanted to use tactical ones was the fact that the Cuban Missile Crisis showed both sides just how easily we could enter into MAD with the push of a button. We didn't use them to make damn well sure that they didn't use them on us and cause a domino effect. But, to make a comment to DeliciousFart on the Dassault Rafale , the Program cost was ballooned mostly due to budget cuts causing Dassault to have to change production lines and delays of over 15 years considering the Prototype was flown in 1986. It's been estimated if Dassault could get a production run of around 800 aircraft the per unit cost would hover around 43 million Euros or 50.6 million USD. It's the main reason why they were pushing for India to buy them to get the per unit cost down. I can't speak much on the Rafale A and B models, but the M model is quite good as I've seen it in person. It's low stall speed of 115 knots and agile but strong frame makes it a very capable carrier aircraft. The F-22's stall speed sitting around 148 knots with full flaps makes it unsuitable even with modifications as a carrier weapon hence the F-35 program. The main issue to the F-35 is the single engine means if you lose power you can't limp home with a second engine. Now all of this being said, the thread was for the Stalingrad and needs to go back to that point before Moderation comes in here to clean this up and issue warnings. So lets get back on topic and drop the off topic discussion which if you all want to continue it go to off-topic in the forums and make a thread on it.
  4. Running the Conceal Module + Concealment Expert is pretty much a must unless you want to be focused a lot. Having 13.5km detection means in Yamato you can better push up or reposition without being spotted nearly as often. The same can be said for Izumo. Running secondary build on either one is just not worth it with Germany in the game now.
  5. I'm the one that did that 1945 refit as a "Possible" design based off 1943-44 Japanese Requests and requirements for protection from aircraft. It was also to test the concept of staggering the Type 98 guns to better space them. Anyways, as for the Stalingrad, no one yet that I've seen has dropped it's armor profile>? For shame. Good thing I have it on hand! Just your friendly neighborhood Az with blueprints and schematics for days just passing on through dropping gifts for early Christmas up in here.
  6. 4 to 6 degrees per second or 45 to 30 seconds to make a 180 traverse was their historical speed. The turrets/guns were expected to be replaced in the 40s by the Type 1's but that never happened and the first prototype of the Type 1 didn't even get produced until 1945 due to the war. Their slow rate of fire and traverse were known as issues but they used what they had the tooling for at the time. The Type 98 10cm was also planned to replace some ships guns as well but the Type 1 was wanted due to it being a 5'' gun the same ammunition types would be available such as Illumination shells. Edit: I should also mention that an intern solution was proposed in 1942 and that was to fit the Type 89 mounts. This accumulated in the Matsu and Tachibana designs getting these guns although due to shortages none of the Kagero class had their guns replaced with these. It's also why certain ships I proposed to get the B Turret Type 89 12.7cm guns as those historically had a 16 deg rate of traverse or 11.25 sec for 180 degrees. You would get a slower round much akin to the US 5''/38 so it would have a trade off.
  7. It's mostly because IJN has kept their historically slow traverse speeds but were never adjusted. Now they do need to look back at them and even more so for their Gunline which feels like only 1 ship is a gun ship in that line at all.
  8. I think you're pretty much right Ahos in that the Radar version will see it's main strength in Division play. Best coupled with a US DD as it gets the 2 minute smoke and a radar for when pushing and or hunting an enemy DD near your area. Solo due to the deep running torpedo's I see it being more reliant on a buddy than vice versa as you can't dump a set of torps into a chasing DD for a possible hit as you egress out which US/IJN and RU DD's can do. I've nailed quite a few Gearings and Fletchers with my Kagero torpedo's as I dumped them while fleeing and they got overconfident and ate one.
  9. I can, and your stats show you suffer for bad game play. You made a comment about having to say 12km from any ship. That shows you don't know what you're doing. It's 11.7km from any Soviet Cruiser, 9.9km from US Tier 10s, 9.5km from tier 9s save for Black which is 7.5km, It's 9km for US Tier 8's Now, the Belfast and Atlanta have 8.5km vs Indianapolis at 9.9km Knowing what has what and watching the Minimap like a hawk means I don't get caught by radar unless I miss judged if they had used it already or not. That has only happened once this week in my Kagero and I survived just fine. The issue is you spend most of your time at tier 5 with DD's and it makes you rusty. I spend most of my time at tier 7/8 which is why I'm better off at avoiding most of the scenarios you described. My stats also back up what I'm saying. I'm sitting at a 1513 WTR in Kagero, 1456 Benson, 1520 Shiratsuyu, 1526 Akatsuki, 1870 Mahan Now, I did poorly in the old Hatsuharu because it was a bad ship for tier 7 with 6 torpedo's and hardly anything better going for it, but did fine with it at tier 6. Honestly, I don't see any issues with the new radar changes except I think Gearing will need some buffs in the Turn radius/rudder department to make up for Allen M Sumner getting better concealment.
  10. 99.995% of the time, if you got a chat ban you talked smack and got hit for it. Most likely ran off at the mouth instead of just ignoring something. Hell, I run off the mouth and have yet to get a chat ban so you must be doing something that's getting a lot of people to report you such as racist or sexually explicit language used in chat. With how much kids toss around the N-word when they lose it in a game that wouldn't shock me if that is what got you your ban. Edit: Actually I got one chat ban and it was as a joke from some other Alpha tester buddies but nothing serious as they all reported me with the system while laughing about it on Teamspeak after they did it to me while on the opposite team. It was kinda funny though.
  11. I complimented someone just 2 hours ago. So not sure why you didn't have the option.
  12. Whoa, when did the Conq details come out?
  13. Mikasa doesn't count, everyone sold that thing immediately LOL
  14. Not really, considering that in most of these situations the power curve is gradual between tiers but its quite noticeable beyond 2. Example. Take a look at Tier 6 Farragut vs tier 7 Mahan. Both get 15rpm with the same 5 turrets at the same rotation speed. Mahan gets 3600 more HP and 9.2km torpedo's. Overall, Farragut has a decent chance especially considering both vessel's detection range. Both have the same turn radius and rudder speed. Mahan can rack up more torpedo damage more easily due to stealth torping but both can get comparable gun damage. Now, lets go into Benson. 18rpm with 3x faster turret rotation speed, 5.8km detection vs 6.7 on Farragut. Now, it only has 3900 vs the 3600 Mahan has in HP on it, but the difference is that Benson has the guns and ability to rapidly turn and keep its guns on target far easier, and Benson can detect farragut far more quickly and within safety. Tier 8's Concealment module advantage is harsh, but at least in tier 7's case, they usually have close damage to the tier 8's but with a slight disadvantage. Tier 6 in most cases is at a severe disadvantage. You know who suffers the most in this situation? Tier 6 cruisers. Especially, the Aoba and Nurnberg where the differences from tier 6 to 8 are massive. Budyonny and Leander have unique advantages to them that the other 2 do not have and are able to weather it. Cleveland is also unique in that it has some advantages but is still at a bit of a disadvantage. Lastly, there is my all time favorite uptier screw up. Tier 6 CV's in a tier 8 mostly game. Nothing like that poor tier 6 carrier knowing he's basically worthless because the tier 8 AA is dramatically better to deal with tier 8-10 CV's meaning his little planes are basically food.
  15. Honestly anytime I see worst ship in game thread, I'm shocked it's not another Myogi thread.