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  1. We talking about the IJN late war 8'' gun development or the inner war 16''/50 for the IJN? I only ask because I was a bit confused about which question Lampshade was asking that you pinged me for clarification. In regards to the IJN 8'' gun that Zao uses, it was a 1941-2 development based on a lengthened 8'' shell with a proper AP Cap. During the 30s the IJN had proper AP capped 8'' and 15.5cm shells for testing but never fielded any. To improve range they took the same design and lengthened it to give it better aerodynamic drag and weight. As for the velocity, they used a different charge based off German RPC with a mix of DC to achieve a higher velocity, but last I remember reading during the interviews it didn't exceed 890mps and they had issues of it not burning all of the propellant. It was pretty much cancelled due to war developments. That being said, the original true AP capped Type 91 mod 1 shell for the 8'' guns had the same 840mps velocity as the base Type 91 so there is nothing wrong with them having them in game even if they were only used for field testing. As for the 16''/50, you pretty much covered it.
  2. Izumo why are u so Bad

    Not to mention it has a golf course posted on it's aft section asking to get burned down.
  3. I could definitely see 180 degrees in 40 seconds to be a good buff for the ship; with Expert Marksmen that would net you 36 deg which is definitely workable and is better than what it is currently.
  4. Izumo why are u so Bad

    Erm, not even close to be honest. The Wiki lists 47,500 normal, but Hiraga documents list 49300 tons normal load and up to 56000 tons full load on the "K" variant which is the No 13 class. With the same modernizations that were given the other vessels, up to 4500t of added weight could have been added pushing the vessel well up to 61000t full load. It was one of the intern designs between the Kii and the No 13. "A" became the Kii "B" was a 4x 3 gun turret design at 48200t normal load (remember all of these numbers are not full load, these were before the WNT) "C" was 3x 3 gun and 2x 2 gun turrets at 50000 normal load "D" was 6x 2 gun at 52700 normal load "E" was 3x 4 gun turrets at 46600 "F" was 2x 4 gun, and 2x dual guns at 48400 G and H were a mix of 14 gun types with a mix of quads and duals "I and J" were the crazy IJN Lyon version with 4x 4 gun turrets at 54000t/50000t normal "K" was the No 13, "L" was basically the Kii with 5x 2 gun 46cm turrets "M" was the No 13 on steroids with 4x 3 gun turrets of 46cm at 57,800t normal or near 65000t full load.
  5. Ise and Hyuga weren't put into Drydock until 4 months after the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Both were at the time under going minor refits and supply along with homeland defense as they were on stand-by alert while Fuso and Yamashiro were tasked with duties beforehand. Hyuga was actually the one originally outlined for a full carrier conversion due to No. 5 Turret's destruction and removal. The main reason why Ise and Hyuga were chosen overall was their inability to be modernized to the same extent that the Fuso class received. It's a bit complicated but it mostly stemmed from issues with gun elevation on the aft guns and the depth the gun wells could be lowered; however, there were a lot of other issues that ironically cropped up from the placement of the turrets. The biggest issue was crew location or the lack there of. Even if they had been sent, there was no guarantee they would have done much more than the others although it might have had it on a 2 vs 2 fight instead of Kirishima alone, but the truth is it most likely would have cost them both ships since they were heavily laid down for a bombardment mission leaving them little in the way of AP rounds.
  6. Japan kept having the hilarity of making or designing good dive bombers and then the carriers meant to carry them getting sunk. The B7A2 is the perfect example of this. Probably the best dive bomber design and fielded for WW2 to see combat, the Carrier it was designed for Taiho gets sunk right as they complete enough to arm the ship with them. The US designed and produced the BTD which was extremely comparable to the B7A2, but the BTD never saw combat. The B7A2 could actually handle up to 1200kg of payload if taking off from a landbase, just that for carrier take off with Taiho, only 860kg of payload was capable to meet the speed requirement vs takeoff distance. It should be noted, the B7A2 was the only single engine bomber they had that could carry the Type 4 Mod 4 Aerial Torpedo which was usually carried by G4M's and was a 1104kg torpedo with a 420kg warhead. It was envisioned to use RATO boosters on Taiho to launch them with the larger torpedo's or the Type 91 Mod3's at 850kg on standard take off. The reason for the Type 4 Mod 4's was so that she could drop from altitude to gain up to 400 knot speed and nose up to drop the torpedo at high speeds which would permit a much faster climb after dropping the payload. The later version of the mod 3's permitted a 350kt drop but had a smaller warhead. The Wikipedia poorly assumed it was limited to 800kg load because the IJN AP Bomb was an 800kg bomb and was able to be carried internally. This wasn't the case, as off land bases the aircraft could still operate at a radius of 2800km with an 800kg bomb in the bomb bay and 6x 60kg bombs on the wings for 1160kg in total, it just couldn't get off a carrier with the bombs on the wings due to drag without the use of a RATO. The BTD didn't have this limitation due to catapult launching for Essex so it could go with 1500kg off the deck in either bombs or 2x torpedos. The SB2C and D4Y's are a whole different discussion. Both had their fair share of problems but Japan's biggest one was lack of self-sealing fuel tanks coupled with new inexperienced pilots and the US with a laundry list of defects and faults that caused many issues till 1944. The D4Y was good for 1942 when it first came into the theatre being able to hit 297 kts flat out at 3km with a 500kg payload. Once the F6F's rolled in though, they just started mowing them down once they learned how to deal with the A6M's.
  7. Hiryu uptiers a lot better due to the plane hitpoints and the fighters are more capable. Kaga is just really good in it's own tier and has enough planes to lose some waves and survive.
  8. Salute Like a Girl

    Yeah, although the Japanese one is wayyyyyy off. Modern JDF salute is almost identical to US Navy/Marines which means you with a dress cover your index and middle fingers lightly touch the brim of the cover with your upper arm parallel to the deck and your forearm and hand straight and slightly curved outward. Now, the old IJN and IJA had salutes that differed. Imperial Navy had their thumb curl under with their hand straight like the US Navy, but slightly more forward along the brim of their cover with the palm slightly showing. (Actual IJN Survivor of Special Japanese Naval Landing Force Marines) The Imperial Army, had one that's unique in that they opened the thumb to below the eye and parallel with the deck
  9. Is the the this Line good?

    To go with the post above me, it seems to me a personal issue of not knowing how to adapt and read the map well. Now, my entire RN CL play has been after the Smoke Nerf and I do just fine wiping the floor. Leander up are some of the best cruisers in the game, and I dare to say Fiji is the best tier 7 cruiser that's not a premium and the only cruiser better than it is the Belfast in certain situations, but in others Fiji is better than it. So, my own to compare. Name Tier WR Damage XP Leander 6 53.57% 48,321 1088 Fiji 7 68.75% 68,137 1971 Caledon 3 40% 22,779 847 Now, I even added in the Caledon which had issues with BB's at it's own tier to compare to the others. Tier 6+ is where everyone agree's they come into their own. The reality is, if you're not good at reading the minimap and how the enemy team is moving you will most likely get torped in your smoke. It's also all about when and where to pop that Hydro because I've avoided cross drops thanks to that Hydro. The Smoke changes hardly changed it, they still do just fine. I also love when DD's come after me in Leander or Fiji, and I've been against Fletcher's. They are delicious. The only exception is Edinburgh for most people as it's a tier 8 vs mostly 10's and it's basically the Fiji at tier 8. That one I can understand.
  10. The RBE's for Pregnant and popping on Drug Tests are real. For those who wonder what RBE means, it's Remain Behind Element. It's basically the Naval, Marine, Army, and Air Force staff that remain stateside of a unit for admin purposes but it's usually mostly guys left back on Medical, DUI, and Drug pops who are still undergoing charges, discharges, or rotating. DUI's were getting really common when I was in around 2006, especially underage DUI's.
  11. There is a reason why the OOD is always on the bridge when possible. Those optics and sensors can be knocked out which means you need physical men/women to keep an eye on the horizon. We already recently had a ship collision due to relying on such systems and there is a reason why surface vessel's need eyes on the water. High-tech is susceptible to being knocked out from shock and EMP. The Mark 1 Eyeball isn't. Low-tech weapons/hardware are always needed as a back up. Also, as for the Bino's, have you seen how far the "Big Eyes" can see? The Mk3's have 20x power with a 70 degree field of view and are designed to be water and fog proof as well as condensation proof. That's a 20x zoom factor. There is a reason why on all ships you have lookout's posted around the vessel. With the ship at the top, I personally think you want at least 220 Sailors and 16 Marines for a total of 236 personnel on it for optimal rotation.
  12. There were a few ideas tossed about putting the Type 98's on some of the older DD frames later in the war, but the only 2 items that were serious proposed were the following. 1. Placing the Type 89 12.7cm Dual mount on current Fubuki (all subclasses), Yugumo, and Kagero classes to increase their AA ability (This was around 1943 when it was considered) Until the new Type 1 12.7cm gun system was ready. Due to the bombings into Japan, instead of replacing the mounts, they instead designed a simplified DD and placed these new guns on the Matsu and Tachibana Destroyers. In that regard. Picking any of the current Destroyers and swapping out their main armament for 3x2 12.7cm/40 guns with a much higher rate of fire and traverse speeds with more floating arc's like the USA DD's would be for a good premium as it was planned just canceled and instead the limited mounts placed on new destroyers which were designed to be produced quickly. They would be unique and within historical reason. Because the Akatsuki's were considered a sub-class of the Fubuki's, it would mean an Akatsuki with 3x2 12.7cm/40 guns, 3x3 torpedo's, and some 25mm guns at tier 7 as a different vessel. Hibiki is also unique in that the Soviet's could have her as a tier 7 premium due to her being a war-prize and rearmed with 130mm guns and only 2x3 torpedo launchers. So, WG could in theory design 2 premium's off of Akatsuki for 2 lines.
  13. What did this guy do...

    Could have been a reservist than because it was not a good time.
  14. What did this guy do...

    Yeah, the only Navy Docs I ran into were probably at Balboa Hospital (Naval Medical Center San Diego for those who don't know) and it was like night and day for the most part. I will say I much preferred having them around then the Army Doc's who rotated through there as they always seemed to have a huge chip on their shoulder. I had to get a spinal tap done to analyze the fluid for an infection and the Army Doc just kept trying to act like a hard [edited]. Putting a needle into my spine is not the time to pull that especially when you have to get into the fetal position and hope they don't miss.
  15. What did this guy do...

    Since you rotated on float a lot more than I ever would have. How rare are Command Master Chief's to be women? Joking aside Hansen was the only one I ever saw and I just wonder if it was due to my limited experience around fleet at float. @CaptGodzillaPig Also, @Taylor3006, we Leathernecks love our Docs for a reason. You might be a sailor, but you usually do PFT with us and train with us through the end and are in the thick of it with us all the same. Never met a Doc I didn't like to be honest.