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  1. Azumazi

    Dev blog ship balance adjustments T2-T10

    Oh, my baby Mahan is getting a buff!? Oh yes....
  2. Azumazi

    Electrical power output of battleships

    I'm not entirely sure of the Yamato's power supply rating, as I haven't had the chance to go over the documents that Mitsubishi found recently that was on the Yamato/Musashi's engineering spaces including the auxiliary machinery (Power systems). That rating might be from the new information which would be the best account we have. I do know they were since roughly 1924 a 225 Volt AC Current system for all Imperial Japanese Vessels. As for why most Japanese vessel's had lower power ratings, they opted to run the vast majority of their auxillary machinery in the boiler/engine rooms off turbo-driven systems to save on power generation requirements. This means their blowers, oil pumps, and the like were all ran off turbo-generation systems. They had an electrical system to start up the first boiler to began operation of the others and had a backup system to warm up in most of their vessels boilers in case of flooding or systems being knocked out. This concept was carried over from the Royal Navy.