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  1. Actually the design I posted is quite a bit before the ones you mentioned. The "X" design is a late 1929-1932 design. The Battleship H was designed in 1920 along side or parallel to the Amagi/Tosa designs. As for why they were looking at 14'' guns vs the 41cm was an idea to recycle the barrels from the Fuso and Kongo classes allowing them to speed up production. The idea was dropped as they had planned to go entirely with 41cm guns with the 8-8 fleet but the treaty ended up changing everything anyways.
  2. Okay, what is the Daisen? I literally just went through the A-118-A-128 designs and nothing matches what they are putting in game. At most it looks like A-118 with 41cm guns and a redesign. In all honestly, it looks terrible. It's been 5 years, and the proposed 2nd line for Japan has not come. They literally have Tosa, Kii, and No-13 that can go from tier 8-10 which were actually proposed, designed, and fleshed out designs that were approved for production but cancelled. So how about we get actual ships that people have been wanting forever now put into the game instead of a ton of make-believe that were never thought of such as Daisen. Not only that, What is Daisen? It's Bi-polar. You have a ship designed to snipe at 15km+ but are giving it 10km range torpedo's for brawling? What? Yes they can be useful in certain situations, but overall the whole ship doesn't make sense design wise nor function. Now, if they wanted a funny proposal planned out ship to possibly put in game as a premium, Battleship "H" would be it.
  3. Pretty much why I only use it on my cruisers. Battleships are going to get focused no matter what as you're the HP pool tank on the map and Destroyers should be ambushing or using smoke in Operations. In Random's if you get spotted go ahead and expect the entire enemy team to start shooting at you so you don't need the skill to know what is about to happen. Cruisers on the other hand I've seen it useful in Random's and in Ops. If I'm ambushing and shooting over an island and see that number pop up, means I need to immediately hit the gas and reposition. Sometimes just watching the Minimap isn't enough as you might be locked by something that sees you but you don't see it, so time to start doing the wiggles. I personally just don't see it useful on any other class really.
  4. It's very useful for cruisers in Operations. It lets you know when the battleline is starting to focus you. This can be extremely useful in Ops like Hermes and Ultimate Frontier and gives you time to pull off the line or rotate damage with friendlies to reposition yourself to no longer be the focused target. When you are unable to restore/heal it makes it easier to manage incoming damage when you know how many are beginning to focus on you. Also as stated, it lets you know when say, a DD is locking you that hasn't been detected for torpedos and to begin hard maneuvers to avoid them.
  5. I noticed it started happening when they announced the server crossplay. So I think this might be a net-code issue causing a delay.
  6. Azumazi

    YES! Another "Aegis is too hard" post

    Yeah it will, the main thing that sucks is the time waiting. It was nice coming back from my 2 year break to see Random Operations, but that being said in 2 years they didn't really add many ops. So hopefully along side fixing them and with their devblog we might by the end of Q1 2023 see some tier 9 and tier 5's in Ops and 1-2 new Ops
  7. Agano and Gokase The ships need a boost on their reload. Per US Documentation when going over Yahagi after the war, the ships theoretically could fire at 10 rpm but were limited due to the transport of shells through the working chamber as they weren't real turrets but gun houses much like how the US 5''/38's were done; except the Japanese didn't run a hoist directly into the working chambers under the turrets. That being said, they had ready shells in the working chamber as they attempted to use them for AA purposes but were terrible at it. That being said, them having ready shells in that working room means that the following makes sense: -Gun Reload Booster: 6 sec Reload for x# of seconds -Move gun range to 15km on Agano and 16km on Gokase to make them able to better use their guns at range with their weak armor. -Base concealment of Agano to 10.5km and 10km for Gokase -Give their shell performance closer to that of the German 15cm guns on their time to target to make up for their travel time and make it easier to lead targets. Omono They also need a boost to their reload. Historically the turrets could only bring up 6 shells per minutes but only 5 bags limiting them to 5 RPM; however, you can claim with Omono that they are using improved B type turrets which resolved this issue and now have 6RPM for an even 10 second reload. This would give it a fair better balance vs ships like Helena and with it's 16km gun range I would recommend moving to 16.5km. This is to offset it's weak belt armor for tier 7 to allow it to reach out better without exposing sides as often and brings it more in line with Shchors -Gun range to 16.5km upgraded -Gun reload to 10 seconds
  8. Azumazi

    YES! Another "Aegis is too hard" post

    With the popularity of Ops now I think they are paying attention; the issue comes from what sample size do they want to use before they make adjustments. Anyone that had to learn or take Stats knows that them wanting to calculate that bell curve for standard deviation means they want a large sample size but how large is the question. Not to mention they will most likely consider 7 man Divisions outliers as they should since that's a fully coordinated team.
  9. Azumazi

    Omono's pretty capable.

    Yeah, I think the Agano and Gokase need a gun reload booster consumable. It even has a historical reason to give it to them. The Agano had a working chamber below the gun house where they kept ready shells to use or to swap from AA or Anti-surface fire, it's just once they used up those shells it's "Theoretically" reload rate dropped a fair bit due to having to run the shells 5-10 meters to the working chambers below the gun house from the hoists which were out of the working area. So allowing them to get a burst of fast firing for a period saying they are using ready ammo and replenishing it makes sense.
  10. Azumazi

    Ops Rework, New Wave Players...

    I have noticed more of a lack of communication lately in Ops, but as Haze put it, sweet jesus the venom that would come out in the past on the weekly ops in 2018 was sometimes glorious. One thing I have noticed that is getting annoying is the Random Operations not actually feeling random. Like some days I'll get the same op like 70% of the time, and you see people in chat complain about it too. I think they might have to take a page from Armored Warfare and let you see what OP map is up next or actually look at the RNG that they are using for the maps because yesterday alone for 8 hours I only got Ultimate Frontier once and never saw Narai, but instead for Hermes after Hermes and a mix of Killer Whale and Aegis tossed in the fold. Also, I never even saw Raptor rescue yesterday now that I think about it. So they do need to work on the map rotation. I also have a feeling the people getting maps they don't like back to back is really making them more vocal and hostile now. I've seen a lot of people just toss matches when they see it's Hermes or Aegis and go out and die to get into a new one pretty common now as well.
  11. Azumazi

    Aegis Bots Spazzing/Giga-Hermes Planes

    The Aegis points do stand, but also, the spastic nature of what spawns is difficult for most teams. Yesterday I believe I was in a match where the 1st wave was all Nagato's. Now, as I was in a division with 3 of us and we knew how to work the map, we killed all 5 of them, the 2nd wave and the escorts with literally just my division surviving to carry the team. The main issue that I see with Aegis on random's is how much it changes what you're engaging. This throws off any sort of planning. With the inclusion of Yahagi and Agano in the game it would be good to see some of the Myoko's , Mogami's, and Ibuki's switched out with the lower light cruisers to mix it up a bit.
  12. Azumazi

    YES! Another "Aegis is too hard" post

    Probably the one I saw recently that made me think why people are freaking out, was the one where we had 7 Nagato's show up on us. That was literally an impossible to win scenario due to the fact we had 3 BB's and a mix of light cruisers and a Hipper and Baltimore. 4 Nagato's came from up north with 3 in the main battle line. They all had 87800 hp. By the time we killed the main group we had 5 heavy cruisers and 4 Nagato's focusing one of us at a time. So if anything, they need to limit the amount of battleships that can spawn in the north west spawn. It's probably the only one I went in and immediately knew we were going to lose once I saw the north west get revealed as they were lobbing shots 19km away immediately on our Bismarck before he could get around the central islands.
  13. Azumazi

    YES! Another "Aegis is too hard" post

    My real gripe with the Aegis rework is mostly the escorts for the transports going full speed now. That literally makes zero sense. How are you escorting a ship doing 20 kts going 36kts and breaking past them? They fix that and most of the complaining would go down as them rushing at 36 kts usually ends up with them engaging you while the north west forces push around the island at the same time which can end up with 8-10 ships engaging your 7 at once; unless, you have a Kagero or Hsingyang with torp reload go north and drop a torp wall on the 5 north west vessels. In that case, the op becomes really easy after that as a good DD player can thin that herd real fast.
  14. Honestly, XP is the easy part. Credits is the difficult part reward wise. I regularly get 1300+ BXP games in Operations, but with that xp I make say, 300-400k credits with a 40% credit boost with a premium account. My Kii is the only ship I've managed a 1.3mil game with a 160% boost with my buddy getting the same with a Flandre. Both games we had to get over 60% of the damage of the team with myself doing it on Ultimate Frontier and him doing it on Narai. So I would argue XP wise it's doing alright, credit wise it needs a rework with how much effort you can put in to carry a team and get little payout compared to carrying a Random battle. Doing stuff like this is depressing when you're running a 40% boost with a prem account. I would also like to add, we need to look into getting a bit more payout for attacking bases, forts, and the like for installations because those are required in operations like Cherry Blossom but due to them not rewarding anything people sometimes nearly throw the game to keep engaging the ships instead of the airfields. So we need to give some more incentive to kill installations such as credits/xp for doing it per how much damage you do to them.
  15. Azumazi

    Changes to balance of operations

    Yeah finally got Aegis last night as I get way too many Raptor Rescue and Narai. Yeah the Escorts now doing 35kt's screaming south way ahead of the escorts means that it's extremely easy for the team to be out of place and for them to screw over the mission. The escorts are even now doing like 25 kts. Not sure who's idea that was but yeah sure they don't focus the BB's near exclusively anymore but if you don't have a few DD's to quickly kill the cruisers coming in from the north west before the escorts get south the team south can easily find themselves vs 10 ships in close quarters which isn't a good spot to be.