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  1. Azumazi

    Dev blog ship balance adjustments T2-T10

    Oh, my baby Mahan is getting a buff!? Oh yes....
  2. Azumazi

    Electrical power output of battleships

    I'm not entirely sure of the Yamato's power supply rating, as I haven't had the chance to go over the documents that Mitsubishi found recently that was on the Yamato/Musashi's engineering spaces including the auxiliary machinery (Power systems). That rating might be from the new information which would be the best account we have. I do know they were since roughly 1924 a 225 Volt AC Current system for all Imperial Japanese Vessels. As for why most Japanese vessel's had lower power ratings, they opted to run the vast majority of their auxillary machinery in the boiler/engine rooms off turbo-driven systems to save on power generation requirements. This means their blowers, oil pumps, and the like were all ran off turbo-generation systems. They had an electrical system to start up the first boiler to began operation of the others and had a backup system to warm up in most of their vessels boilers in case of flooding or systems being knocked out. This concept was carried over from the Royal Navy.
  3. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Damn girl, that's just wrong. LOL
  4. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Sounds like the player in question didn't load AP and kept firing HE at you. A lot of the up and coming BB players I watch in games just slinging nothing but HE and it's getting to be hilarious when they get rocked for more than half their health when they turn out and get citadel'd. I've seen plenty of KGV and DoY's one bang Clevelands, Aoba's, Budyonny's, and other tier 6 cruisers with AP just like any BB, and the best part is the Cleveland's 16mm of hull means they can bow punch you so that just tell's me the problem is between the keyboard and the chair.
  5. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Yeah, I don't think DoY is garbage levels and I do think that both it and KGV could do with say a 28sec reload as that puts it right on par with Fuso's reload at tier 6. Both of them using 14'' guns, but in the case of KGV/DoY they have better armor, speed, AA, and heal while Fuso is a tier lower and comparable total HP.
  6. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Yeah, a few others were stating they think the KGV is going to get a rate of fire drop, but in my personal opinion the real reason why KGV's damage is so high is like the rest of the line and everything to do with so many people tossing HE around in it solely with the 1/4th overmatch on it. I personally think the entire RN line needs that removed as the German's have it with a low HE damage amount and honestly the RN line is strong enough with the good heal and lowered citadel. As for Nelson, it does good damage, but it also is very much vulnerable to 8'' HE fire all over due to it's hull rating so it can also get hammered pretty easily.
  7. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I'm going to say confirmation bias on this part. Only because the Scharn and DoY have similar gameplay standards. Also per the ranks, too few games for it yet. When the Mission 5 drops and the server floods with them, that's when we will see the true performance from all ranges of players and not the select few. It's going to get interesting how that works out when the French BB line drops this month.
  8. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    The only 5-2 gun turret design I know of is a Fuso Preliminary. The 4 turrets might seem weak but rate of fire and accuracy can be played with to balance that out. Now, it should be noted that the original B61 figures are dated on Dec 16th, 1916 while there is an updated set of particulars dated Dec 10th 1917 having B61's guns upgraded to 4x 41cm 2 guns, or listed as 16''. I personally would prefer 14''s as they are far easier to buff than trying to nerf 16's to fit tier 6. This is pretty well seen with the Mutsu. The B61 could in effect have 28 sec or even faster reload to make up for having 4 less guns than the other 14'' gun ships at tier 6. Original Figures Updated with listings from Nagato, A124, Hiei, and B61
  9. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Honestly, the time to take to edit the B62 (it's a sister development project to the B64-Amagi so they share hull lines) making it extremely easy to edit the base hull, remove a barbette/turret and make minor modifications. In that regard the following should have happened this year. Only one of the 2 above should have been made to start. The tier 7 option was far more wanted. This would have allowed for B62 along side Kii to come into the game for a tier 7/8 option and they could have tossed around the many concepts for Tier 6. That means Cesare and Roma both still make it in game on time and they would have had far better sales of the B62 and Kii over the Mutsu and this Ashitaka hull. The moment many people came out with bad reviews for both killed their sales and its under good reason. The fact of the matter is, it's a downgraded tree line ship with a gimic that doesn't work and so far many people were more angry with the Mutsu than happy about it due to the poor armor and gun handling for it's tier. Ashitaka's gimic bad AA really makes it bad along side it's poor armor and handling. So yeah, no one asked for OP premiums, but these are sad. So far, Kii is "okay" and that's fine, as it does have a good set of AA which is unique for an IJN BB and a decent torpedo set for another unique factor. The Mutsu and Ashitaka just were lazy.
  10. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Tosa isn't a tier 7 ship, even with it's original setup the armor and guns makes it superior to Nagato everytime. Unlike Amagi, it was designed with an 11 inch belt and a 4 inch deck default. That's pretty much a tier 8 ship regardless. Now, they had actual historical design concept options for a true tier 6 or 7 premium for Japan instead of the copy paste hull. To be honest, the Amagi hull could have been edited without having to make one from scratch for one of those designs. Those designs in question would have been the following. B61 for Tier 6. (Image in Spoiler) HD Image B62 for Tier 7 (Image in Spoiler) HD Image Both designs in question have enough boat deck space to have AA guns added to the designs with minimal effort. The B62 at tier 7 ends up being a less armored Nagato with more speed, 32 knots puts it in a very nice area for flexing on the map. It has the same amount of guns but the armor is lacking meaning angling and watching your broadsides would be paramount. B61 is basically an upgraded Kongo class, it still maintains the same 14'' guns as Kongo, but a better armor layout. It also has plenty of deck space to give it the Haruna AA upgrade with 6x 12.7cm guns.
  11. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    I've honestly been wondering about Tosa since she was teased and shown during Closed Alpha but put away along with Shinano. I originally thought it was because they wanted Tosa for the slower BB line for IJN to be at tier 8 along side Amagi but with Kii now being made a premium I'm starting to wonder.
  12. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    You mean Grom Hellscream as he has been known since Warcraft 2 :) Unless Garrosh is Grom's son as I haven't touched the Warcraft series in 11 years.
  13. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    It was actually a good movie it's just most of the kiddies never played Warcraft: Orcs and Human's since all they knew of the series was World of Warcraft which is after Warcraft 3. So you had all of those kids running around freaking about how it was nothing like WoW and yeah, it wasn't.
  14. Azumazi

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    My guess is the artist who did that camo gets a cut of that special deal hence the change in price.