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  1. Sennik

    A critical error has occurred

    Same here, except it occurs regardless of time the client has been running. Will manually submit the files in my 'report' folder that the pop-up mentions
  2. Yep, without tying the respondent's in the poll to their spending habits which of course we will never see we are only left with what we can see. Which is that 72.2% indicate they will be purchasing fewer premiums. Is that significant from a monetary perspective? We don't/won't know. Reading either more or less into the results is just conjecture.
  3. Without commenting on the validity of the poll itself, I think you are misrepresenting the poll results so far, unless of course the results have changed dramatically since your post. First sentence is accurate. However you leave out the fact that just slightly over half of the 56.5 total respondents that will keep buying premiums fall in the ''Will buy less premium ships' category and a whopping 72.22% indicate they will be spending less.