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  1. With the upcoming IFHE and smoke changes, I can see this happening.
  2. Nice information Edgecase. Thank you. +1
  3. I felt the same way Nightrider in my experience. I was mad because I had killed him, albeit by accident and his action. But as Violin's mentioned, ship happens. I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Only a game. I will work my way back to green soon enough.
  4. Excellent point and I would agree with you if one fired torps knowing that there was a friendly between (or potentially sail between) oneself and the intended target. That's obvious. But what if one is in the lead and a teammate fires his torpedoes from behind. The "honorable" thing to do would be to swerve to avoid...even if it meant taking one out of a firing position (or exposing one to incoming fire). In a way, that rewards the dummy who launched his torpedoes from behind his teammate, expecting them to move out of the way. The "saltier" response could be to actively steer into those friendly torps, take the friendly fire (or death), to "pink punish" the dummy that fired from behind his teammates.
  5. I'm liking the new graphics. Cool video Kaybe. Thanks WG!
  6. So I'm playing co-op. I'm in a Bismarck. My teammate is in a Fletcher. It's down to the last enemy BB which is on the far side of the map. I'm closer than the Fletcher as we both "bow-on" head straight for the BB. We are running parallel to each other, the Fletcher on my right. He is very low health, almost dead, from earlier battles. Though I was closer initially, the Fletcher's better speed has allowed him to just start to overtake me as we approach the enemy BB. The Fletcher the turns left to position himself for a torpedo run on the enemy but in doing so, crosses in front of my bow. I plowed into him and in doing so, the collision/scraping damage kills him. So I am pink :( While this is my first pink, I'm not so upset about this since I think I did nothing wrong. However I started to think that players might purposely try to kill themselves in ways to punish/pinkify other players. For example, purposely steering into friendly torps. Have any seen anything like this?
  7. Me too (ships would not come out of games even after games ended. I tried to restart the game hoping that would fix. It didn't. Couldn't even load to start/port, Hope I don't lose progress.
  8. Like others have mentioned, if your intent is to start training captains for the upcoming release of the Royal Navy battleships, your better choice would be the Warspite.
  9. Thank you SovereignDawg.
  10. Sorry for double post
  11. So I am one collectible short of completing the Operation Dynamo task. If I read correctly, I will have one last opportunity to complete this task, this coming weekend. However I think read elsewhere that the only way to do this is play in a division. I have limited experience in "divisioning up". Is the best way to form a division (to complete this task) to go into a division task room and hope I can get 3 other players to join me? I tried this but I seem to be talking to myself (no one is willing to division up). Protect the Evacuation! Place in the top five XP earners in a battle you win. Timing Restrictions: July 21 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) to July 24 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) July 28 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) to July 31 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) August 4 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) to August 7 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) Reward Dunkirk Container
  12. You beat me x373x...that is one ugly french fry!
  13. Seriously...how does one get less than 100 xp, other than AFK ? Absolutely incredible.
  14. It's just amazing that after a 1000 battles...one would think one would improve...or give up. This player immediately headed towards the corner, away from the battle. When I asked, "hey player, whatcha doing headed toward A1 ?", his reply was "watch and learn". He turned, yolo'd, and was deleted shortly thereafter.