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  1. Batavian1

    Who and when gets a cashback 100% coupon?

    This might explain why I felt I never got the coupon. Wargaming does not make this point very clear.
  2. Batavian1

    What time are Twilight Battles active?

    Where are you seeing the time? I just see 7 hours.
  3. I cannot seem to find this information on the website.
  4. Batavian1

    PSA: One day Premium

    Thank you!
  5. Batavian1

    HUH? (mission)

    I am not seeing the mission. Was there somewhere one had to opt in to get it?
  6. Batavian1


    Agreed. Why does WG not penalize for this behavior?
  7. Batavian1


    As it should. I am just trying to understand the how and why as I recently experienced a player who I suspect was botting.
  8. It's the Aviere. And I am doing the exact same thing as you. I'm pursuing the permanent camo for it. The added benefit of getting the Leone is kinda "meh".
  9. Batavian1


    Sorry to ask such a noob question but what exactly is botting? As I understand it, they are actually player accounts that farm credits, damage, etc by entering a game, driving forward without actually playing. They do something else while running the game in a window on a second monitor. One's stats and karma will suffer but over time one would eventually accrue/grind ships/containers/etc. Is my thinking correct here? If so, seems like a pretty lame. Do people automate this process? Run it on a separate machine 24/7 with a script to "play" thousands of times?
  10. Too often it was a bot on my team that gave me team damage. They love to fire torpedoes.
  11. Batavian1

    COOP and how many treat it.

    I've had 0 toxicity in Co-op. Randoms are another story. Every so often there is a bad apple.
  12. Batavian1

    Misprint or bug?

    Not in one battle. What ship were you using? Has to be in a Dutch boat.
  13. I have the problem. I will wait for a patch. I can live with it.
  14. I cannot seem to find a description on this. What is the difference in the premium versus the standard?