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  1. Like any team based goal....you're at the mercy of the side of potatoes you're served.
  2. DD teamkiller. Definitely.
  3. I think the ability to give out negative karma to a player on the opposing team should be disabled.
  4. Older player base means grandpa went to bed.
  5. are compliments also deactivated for clan mates?
  6. Flags, what are they good for?

    I think if you progress to a certain rank in the upcoming ranked battles, we usually are offered a flag that gives you bonuses. But I think it is only usable while ranked battles are in progress. Once the season is over, they disappear.
  7. Matchmaker 0.7.4 We continue to work on enhancing the way the matchmaker works in Random Battles. With Update 0.7.4, the matchmaker will strictly mirror teams by ship types and tiers during the first three minutes in queue. For example, both teams will have the same number of destroyers belonging to the same tier. This way, the matchmaker will operate efficiently during most of the day when a sufficient number of players are queued for battle. We're sure the average time for assembling teams for battles will not increase, and if it does, the increase will be minor. If the matchmaker fails to assemble a battle within the first three minutes of the first player entering the queue, it will revert to its previous, pre-Update 0.7.4 mode. After that point, it's more important to send queued players into battle as soon as possible. This is the first in a series of steps we're hoping to take toward better matchmaking throughout 2018, and we'll continue our work in that direction. Keep an eye out for future Updates!
  8. Twitch Deal Is A Good One

    Didn't seem to work for me. Maybe it will kick in the time I love in.
  9. How can one see who has reported me? I've noticed my karma has started to take a dip. I have no idea why as I'm not aware I've done anything wrong.
  10. Ships Horn

    I think the horn feature is broken. I disable horns yet I still hear them. Very annoying when you have a horny player or two on your side.
  11. I think wargaming should run a poll and give the winning designers a bonus.
  12. As a DD... You are the eyes of your team. First thing is to take out the eyes of your opponents.
  13. Agree with others....you care when radar is a factor. Without radar, I find being up-tiered not so big a deal. As long as you know your role. Spot for others, cap when possible, shoot from smoke, help with smoke, use islands to your advantage. Don't go yolo'ing after CV's, unless the opportunity presents itself.
  14. The thousands of dollars people have spent sounds like a lot but when averaged over the number of hours played, it’s not that bad.