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  1. Lance, Sorry if this is off topic but where can I get that program/site that shows those stats?
  2. Alabama worth it?

    This is what I was thinking too.
  3. How many crates would I need to buy, if I want to try for the Nikolai? I'm a poet and don't know it. Congrats on the haul!
  4. That's a pretty good haul. Wait till you get some useless equipment module.
  5. Like the others said, if you want the ship, buy it. No guarantees on the boxes.
  6. Waterline or Deckline

    Where should I be aiming...water line or deck line? Can such a generalized either/or statement be made?
  7. Who have you seen in game

    I was wondering whatever happened to keviseeb. I used to listen to his twitch stream but haven’t seen in for a long time.
  8. With the very nice WoWs allowance for free adjustment of ship modifications and captain skills, I thought I would re-evaluate some of my selections. When it comes to BB's, I have always chosen ASM1 for slot 2. But because the Bismarck's secondary's are so powerful, I was considering SBM2. What do you think? Which would be best? My gut tells me go with SBM. I have a 14 point captain so I would include Manual Fire Control, Advanced Fire Training, and Basic Fire Training.
  9. Detonation needs to go

    I think the OP has left the building.
  10. Thanks for the reminder! I did not know this.
  11. I'm in a similar situation. Not really interested in clan play. On the other hand, I'd like to be able to use this new oil mechanic. Are there any clans that allow one to join just to take advantage of the oil/bonuses? Disregard...answered my own question. Search is a wonderful thing!
  12. Weekend Woes

    I had a very good weekend. MM seems to be working better than ever. I had some of my best games, even in losing efforts. Very close, very fun.