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  1. Batavian1

    What should I use my Italian Tokens on?

    I have a bunch of tokens as well. I need coal. Is the rate of return worth using these tokens for coal?
  2. Batavian1

    PSA: Weekend Event For 11 Camo

    Is the Haida worth getting for this?
  3. No. If you are looking to farm credits/XP/etc, try the scenario battles. They are a great way to grind.
  4. Batavian1

    Doubt - max dispersion

    What's this? I did not know this. What is the rule on Russian BB dispersion?
  5. Batavian1

    team damage penaties

    There is one instance in which I think the team penalty should be lifted. This has happened to me (I was the BB) A DD teammate with very low health deliberately collides into my BB. The sustained collision results in the DD's death. I get the teamkill. I wish WG would just eliminate damage due to collisions. There is currently no damage when running into islands. Why not make no damage when running into teammates?
  6. Curious about this achievement. Are there any ingame rewards one gets? Or is it just a nice medallion for one's collection? Edit: never mind...had I searched properly I would have discovered this thread. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/121561-raptor-rescue-thank-you-wg/ Thanks. Its a fun little easter egg.
  7. Batavian1

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    You can check out the Wiki site. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Defense_of_Naval_Station_Newport But I think your guide is better.
  8. Batavian1

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    The level of play in Newport is worse than anything I’ve seen. Worse than any weekend. If you can’t play Newport, read up on the strategy.
  9. How did you decide on this? Should we start a poll on which ship would win between a KGV versus GC ? Lyon vs GC ? Scharn vs GC ? Or why not debate the Mass vs T6 GC ? Or Ala vs T6 GC ?
  10. Batavian1

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    When one pays money for a premium ship, it should not be nerfed or buffed...period...full stop....end of story.
  11. Amen to the comments in this thread, especially OP. Good logic. Wish some of that would rub off on Wargaming marketing.
  12. Premium ships should never be nerfed. Full stop. That's why they are...er...premium. Many people paid cold hard cash for them. It's total bait and switch. Sets a dangerous precedent. I would never pay for a premium again knowing that at some point Wargaming might change the reason for buying them in the first place. This is a slap in the face of their loyal fan base.
  13. Batavian1

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Count me as one of those really pissed off about this. This is total bait and switch.