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  1. Why did WG do this? Are they coming back?
  2. Seriously? I thought this only happened in mid tier games. That game is an embarrassment. I'd be social distance from that group even if it meant yolo'ing.
  3. Batavian1


    Or just skip. Good book. Bad movie. “Zee gray volf is so very hungry. Your vemen vill learn off your dying. And veep into zee long night before zhey turn to zee arms of zheir loafers. Weeeeeeeyoooooooeeeeeeoooooo.”
  4. Can I give (and receive) karma if I hide my stats?
  5. One has to be careful citing PR’s.
  6. Batavian1

    WoWS Bonus Codes

    Thank you
  7. I think I figured it out. When I played in a tier 7, I got credit. When I play in a tier 5 ship, no credit. So there might be a misprint in requirements. Prairie, when you played, were you accumulating fxp in a ship higher than tier v?
  8. Part 1 of the European Destroyers event, under the Battlefield Europe directive has a mission entitled "Gaining Independence" which states one has to earn 30,000 Free XP in random, co-op, scenario, or ranked battles in tier V or higher ships to achieve. I am not receiving any free experience for this mission. I am receiving credit for the other missions. I am receiving free experience for individual battles. But there is no credit being received for this mission. Zero FXP. I've been making progress on the other missions and have already completed a couple.
  9. Batavian1

    Unfair advantage?

    Can you upload the replay?
  10. Thank you Merc. I, for one, appreciate your work. And agree with your conclusions.
  11. Ah you are right...dummy me. Thanks for the correction. Sorry for the mistake.
  12. Thanks for the quick replies. You guys sent me in the right direction. I checked the wiki site and it appears both the Dunkirk and Vive La France collections can still be completed, but only by purchasing crates. Thanks for your help. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Collections
  13. Can not login. Also, when I try to enter a support ticket (I am located in North America), I am only directed to the European login site. The main North American game server is running fine for me. So at least I can play the game. Thank you.
  14. Specifically, the Dunkirk and Vive La France collections. I missed collecting these. Is there a way to start collecting them if I purchase the appropriate containers? I'm assuming that would get me started and then I could select the "Collect" option for whichever collection I want to start collecting.
  15. Batavian1

    Horace Hood (any unique commander traits?)

    Heaven help my team then! Thank you all for the replies. Answered my question.