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  1. KillerAvocado

    Ever wondered why DD's don't spot? New Video Fire & Eyes.

    Not gonna argue with the other two points, but I still don't understand this sentiment. There's a world of difference between taking an extra minute at the start of a match to see what the enemy team's deployment is (which includes disposition of radar and aircraft), and not contributing to the match at all. If you yolo into a cap because "it's my jerb" and get the snot kicked out of you, that's not a balance issue. If you hang back a little to get the lay of the battle you're not being a potato. It's what the current meta calls for. Apologies if I've misread your intent, but that's what it comes across as.
  2. KillerAvocado

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    Yeah, but at the top 5%, Midway is only 3.5% shy from Audacious. Both trail Hak by a significant margin in raw damage. And Midway is actually earning more xp than Audacious, likely due to higher average plane frags. Just saying the raw stats don't paint quite as bleak a picture as what the situation might be.
  3. KillerAvocado

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    One thing to consider is there are about twice as many Midway games than Hak, and about five times as many as Audacious. Entirely possible that there are more average players with Midways than the other two. If you look at the top 5%, Audacious and Midway are pretty close to each other.
  4. KillerAvocado

    SE on a CV? Why?

    I do find on the us and rn carriers that torp acceleration helps get hits by a fair margin (at least for my potatoey self). I'd argue for those lines that it might be a 1.5 - 2 star skill.
  5. KillerAvocado

    New nerfs to low tiers

    Zenimax constantly "tweaks" numbers for Elder Scrolls Online Blizzard used to demolish entire class builds in World of Warcraft (been awhile since I've tried that one, so hard to say what they're doing today) Epic's introduced nerfs to Fortnite post-release Not sure where you get this idea that other game companies don't nerf things post release. Pretty much any MMO game developer does it as they can't possibly test all the various iterations that the player-base are going to come up with.
  6. KillerAvocado

    How To Evade AA Fire?

    Do you have torp acceleration on your captain?
  7. Include a repair counter on damaged aircraft so they don't get fixed when they get back to the CV immediately. This makes damage count for something (you slow down that type of ordnance from being able to be redeployed), while still allowing good play from CV drivers to mean something (by preserving planes, so the length of time that ordnance is delayed has to be lower than if they get destroyed). AA now counts for something if you're able to damage aircraft, but can't down them. AA strong ships become more of a threat. CV player's can still opt to make risky plays where they know they'll get heavily damaged in exchange for dropping a high threat target, but they have to pay something for that exchange. How's that?
  8. Yes, it's been proposed many times since 0.8.0. Unfortunately, as stated before, if the fps version has any impact on the effectiveness of AA then it would buff longer reloading ships more than shorter reloading ships. Any changes right now need to be across the board, or you enter into a balancing nightmare (worse than what WG has backed themselves into already). It sounds like a great idea on paper, I'm just of the opinion that once you start pulling threads it unravels.
  9. Nah, maybe make it so damaged planes need to repair once they get back, but this would throw many ships pretty far out of whack (rn and ijn far, far more than usn).
  10. Lots of folks have discussed this idea before. While it sounds good in theory, thinking a little about it you've got a couple outcomes. 1 - manual AA becomes mandatory (because if balancing) to be able to defend against CV's. In this version, it becomes a huge buff to ships with slower reloads (mainly BB's), as they'd have plenty of time to use the AA between main battery shots without losing much dpm. 2 - it's tuned equal or less than auto, in which case why bother? Not meaning to rain on your parade, just pointing out the result of this request.
  11. KillerAvocado

    Still No Relief from AA Hell

    The only problem with manual AA is it would potentially be a huge buff to BB's, a small buff to CA's, and most likely a nerf to CL's and DD's. Basically, the longer your main gun reload is the bigger this would buff the AA. The game needs a better across the board solution, not a BB buff.
  12. KillerAvocado

    Any serious discussions on Real Manual AA

    Problem there is the old "ctl-click a squad to focus your AA on it" just becomes an across the board AA buff when CV's can only have one squad in the air at a time.
  13. Yeah, let me chime in with the "start at T4" comments. Yes, it's painful, but you learn what ordnance works best against what targets without much in the way of punishing AA down there. So far in my french fry experience, playing all three tech trees has been interesting. IJN - seems best vs capitol ships. Good TB's, and the DB's can put out some good numbers. Weak against DD's (because the DB's are crap against them), but their rockets are serviceable. USN - seems best against lighter targets (at least at lower tiers, at higher tiers you gain more tools to use). DB's are good vs everything, rockets have higher dispersion but are decent (and prep you for the glory of tiny Tim's or hvar's at T8). TB's are serviceable, but not fantastic. RN - good all around. Rockets are decent, TB's are good, level bombers... well, they put out a ton of shots but require good timing due to slow falling speed. Better fire chance compared to USN DB's. Starting at the bottom gives you a chance to learn each nation's flavor before having to worry so much about flak or fighters. Good luck!
  14. KillerAvocado

    Fighter consumable question

    No air units can spot torpedos in the current version of the game.
  15. KillerAvocado

    CV spotting is aggravating and NOT fun

    Speed nerf, which will impact damage, plane survivability, and spotting.