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  1. Prof_Fate

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Not allowing Radar and Hydro to work through land masses would be a start to fixing this.
  2. Prof_Fate


    Wasn't this ship originally a T2 CA? Or was I dreaming?
  3. Prof_Fate


    Is Mikasa Japanese for 'why bother'? Blew the dust off this once fun bad-boy and was dismayed to see it now being paired with t3 BBs. Farewell Mikasa, I knew ye well.
  4. Prof_Fate

    Indy Mission 17

    I'll screen shot the next one. I know the diff between base and modified XP...also, these were all wins
  5. Prof_Fate

    Indy Mission 17

    Is this mission bugged? My last three games should have completed this mission...all three (before modifiers), base EXP was over 2k. I died in two, lived in one. Ships were t8 and t9. Anyone else having issues with this mission?