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  1. Prof_Fate

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    I would prefer to use the 'old' launcher. No, I am NOT tired of running a separate launcher for each game...I prefer it. At the bottom of the launcher it says "..Game Center should be installed to play World of Warships". 'SHOULD'? I see no option to play without first installing the game center.
  2. Prof_Fate

    should I give up playing WoWS because I used Comcast

    Playing on the Google DNS and STILL getting kicked and then not being able to log in. SO....
  3. Prof_Fate

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Nope...just plain NO. Game is not working, same issue as everyone else. Losing Premium time and goodbye Puerto Rico.
  4. Prof_Fate

    Update Sound fixes.

    I think I downloaded and installed the complete game faster than this 'hotfix'
  5. Prof_Fate

    Submarines are Coming

    So now the DDs will engage a SS while being attacked by nme surface ships? Where, on my computer, do I insert the quarters?
  6. Prof_Fate

    Keyboard not working in game

    No, thats not it. KB works fine.
  7. Prof_Fate

    Keyboard not working in game

    Over the past two months, I have had this issue happen three times now using two different keyboards. I get into game and NOTHING works on the KB, the only option is to reset the computer and try to get back into the game...all three times was with a t10 ship and the ship was sunk before I could return. Anyone else having this issue? I guess I'll have to try typing in chat before starting a game.
  8. Prof_Fate

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Not allowing Radar and Hydro to work through land masses would be a start to fixing this.
  9. Prof_Fate


    Wasn't this ship originally a T2 CA? Or was I dreaming?
  10. Prof_Fate


    Is Mikasa Japanese for 'why bother'? Blew the dust off this once fun bad-boy and was dismayed to see it now being paired with t3 BBs. Farewell Mikasa, I knew ye well.
  11. Prof_Fate

    Indy Mission 17

    I'll screen shot the next one. I know the diff between base and modified XP...also, these were all wins
  12. Prof_Fate

    Indy Mission 17

    Is this mission bugged? My last three games should have completed this mission...all three (before modifiers), base EXP was over 2k. I died in two, lived in one. Ships were t8 and t9. Anyone else having issues with this mission?