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  1. Toxic_Masculinity

    Yukikaze Is Trash (testing phase)

    This. I play all ijn dds like this. F3 torps are very hard to dodge from 6-7km. To balance out the range issue I build bft on the guns. The alpha on ijn complements f3 torps. Unicum dd players know how to bait radar and dodge most cruiser shots past 9km. Using the ijn concealment properly means you can get close enough to use f3 torps properly.
  2. Toxic_Masculinity

    IFHE on RN DDs

    Its required.
  3. Toxic_Masculinity

    AskEveryone: So guys, how are you all adapting to the new meta?

    I 100% give up on fixing my gearing stats. MY gearing stats are 10% or more lower than my other dds. It really has nothing good going for it. wth am i doing wrong. Im not a potato player.
  4. Toxic_Masculinity

    CV Stats reveal....well...Make of This what you will

    delete cvs. They are not designed for a game like this
  5. Toxic_Masculinity

    French Destroyers announced

    i do very well in my Le Terrible. But i am not excited for the french DD line. No escape from CV.
  6. Toxic_Masculinity

    Hakuryu feels so underpowered compared to Midway

    Right click, sell. Its a cv, the game is better without them. WG took the CV game design from their mobile game lol.
  7. Toxic_Masculinity

    AskEveryone: So guys, how are you all adapting to the new meta?

    Ive generally stopped playing. Cvs killed it for me to the point where i rather have RTS due to the fact id rarely see CVs. I see a cv every game, or every other game as opposed to every 5-10 games.
  8. Toxic_Masculinity

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    I think WG won. I lost all want to play the game, ive played rarely the past few months, and my PR shows it. the new remake isnt worth it.
  9. Toxic_Masculinity

    Tips for DD Duels

    sims has all the tools to win against you. you took a fight against a kiting z39 didnt you
  10. guaranteed loss for me is a crapcv on my team CV in general 90% of the players under 50%
  11. Toxic_Masculinity

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    All Cvs
  12. Toxic_Masculinity

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    100% correct, i also noticed the adjustment in plane speed effected dispersion. Youre a Hero.
  13. Toxic_Masculinity

    Million credit club: Cossack

    He was a poor cv player. Focusing the dds increases your win condition by 30% per dd.
  14. Toxic_Masculinity

    Million credit club: Cossack

    Theres the difference, i play tier 8+ only. Cvs are a non issue lower down, unless the cv is a unicum
  15. Toxic_Masculinity

    WG, why do these exist again???

    finally a good post.