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  1. Throws_Games

    Why is my Kitakaze statistically flawed?

    Thanks a lot buddy appreciate it
  2. Throws_Games

    Which T10 Steel ship to get?

    I enjoy the somers. But it suffers from benham syndrome. It has issues getting into good positions to torp. It cant defend itself. It gets zoned easily.
  3. Throws_Games

    Why is my Kitakaze statistically flawed?

    Can you do this analysis on me? Where do i need to improve. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000499804,Report_CVs/
  4. I think so. I have a 6,000 watt 7.2 surround sound system. I love that now when i fire, my keys vibrate off my obutto cockpit
  5. Throws_Games

    Well, I'll be dipped ... they do exist.

    sucks its not a tier 8+ ship. I find the game boring below those tiers
  6. Throws_Games

    What strategies do you use when your Rpf’ed?

  7. Throws_Games

    VENOM's Review of CVs and their Gameplay

    Cvs are only overpowered if the player playing them is 70%+
  8. Throws_Games

    Ship for Coal - help me choose

    But its a cruiser that has tons of negatives and its really squishy. Its really balanced.
  9. Throws_Games

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    inb4 DDs actively using ASW lets them be spotted as if they fired main battery guns.
  10. Throws_Games

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Those damn invisible dds. I hate em they need a nerf.
  11. Dont bother with yudachhi Its below tier 8
  12. Sorry, but i rather do good at everything I do rather than accept 2nd place. You like losing?
  13. Point out where I said it effects me? I mentioned it showed me 2 30% winrate games? Doesnt mean it makes me automatically play worse? Imao? It effects me in intangibles in the fact how can this happen? Its lol, Clown world of warships.