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  1. Raptor05121

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    I am kicking myself in the shin for not being able to complete the Indy Marathon. I've been wanting this ship for a while and almost lost it when I saw the Marathon. I got 75% of the way through and life happened and I couldn't make it back in time to finish it. Sad face. Ever since then I've stared at her when she went on sale. I want her because Heavy American 203mm is life, but all these responses say NO is better (and I do adore my NO).
  2. Raptor05121

    So are Super Containers Not a thing anymore?

    Supercontainers you have a 1.5% of receiving with any other selection. "Try your luck" raises it to 3.0% or so I'm told. Simple RNG.
  3. Raptor05121

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Don't forget also prevents seal clubbing in T2/3 with 19pt captains on premium ships in a div of 3 versus a couple of people who just downloaded the game.
  4. Raptor05121

    Narai...it shouldn't be this hard

    CVs are absolutely useless in Narai. Send two cruisers North after King. One cruiser down south. DDs screen ahead and torp the 'Mo while BBs keep shooting, everyone approaches from appropriate angles and highlight targets while protecting transport ships. Keyword: protecting transport ships. I don't know how many 3 star games I've finished with an empty harbor and all friendly xport ships stopping for biscuits with Davy Jones. Ez mode with Div: 4 Cruisers (CA > CL) 1 Battleship 1 Scharnhorst 1 DD 5 stars.
  5. Raptor05121


    The "rock paper scissors" of American ships is probably the best accuracy out of most nations
  6. Raptor05121

    Ranked what a joke

    My only gripe is I wish there was a better tactician screen where we can pre-plan a battle before we go into battle. Like some sort of lobby or something. It could also reduce those AFK as requiring everyone to hit "ready" before going into battle
  7. Raptor05121

    Alaska and Guam PLEASE

    Salem and Mamie are Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V ships. Alaska is probably the most requested and one of the most oddball Americans in the game. We absolutely NEED it. But I can appreciate other nations after CB-1 is done.