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  1. Phawn70

    Genova Review

    I would figure that the success would be as more of a littoral based vessel. But open water...I have played the Wichita and Exeter that way before. Leaning toward getting one. I wish the other two Prem cruisers had the SAP option.
  2. Phawn70

    Genova Review

    The slow reload is the "balancing" because of the SAP option. If you aim for the deckline...you will smash the deckline. It is all that WG could do for balance. I love the Exeter. Many considered her reload to be long...but if this boat had Exeter's reload...it would be classified as a glass cannon or even dare I say OP.
  3. Phawn70

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    This ship pound for pound is a good boat. At the start, stay within the cone of the destroyers heading to out near cap about 3.5 k behind...dd finds contact and you help dispatch it. Imagine the matches with just 2 DDs per side with that concealment...just stay with the DDs for as long as they live...always keep the him in front of you and you will enjoy this boat. And all cruisers really. To me...pound for pound she is a Wichita with a heal. Common thread... maneuverability and concealment.
  4. Phawn70

    Huanghe 9.99

    Might be the most unique ship in the game. It is not a Swiss army knife. It has DD leaning tendencies. I have the z52 and the Kiddos both are good cap contesters, add this ship on that list. The ship is sneaky good. And I use the torpedo reload mod...that gimik is a nasty surprise because knife fighting against a DD that thinks they can take you out won't see torps coming 12 secs later. And the issue with the guns? I'm a 48% player...I have never gotten so many cats in my life per game than with this ship. A Perth shoots 8 shell 5 lands...Huanghe fires 6 shells 5 land with 2 cits. I have had the Perth twice, once as a gift from WG...rage sold twice because I could not get it to work. The guns are redeeming. Underrated...and that's just fine as you will be underestimated 100 percent of the time, finding cruiser cits within it's firing range.
  5. Phawn70

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Never move at full speed. I operate at 1/2 power most matches staying around caps. The eye picks up the aggressive boats first. True cruiser rules must be followed in this ship. Another note, people who grind won't pick up this ship due to Baltimore available, more powerful and only costs time to grind to it. Where people like me may have more premium ships than tech tree boats, with that said I look at the Wichita to be an apology for the Indianapolis. Compared to other PREMIUM boats...this ship is a pleasant surprise. This ship without a heal is better than the PE with one by a good margin.
  6. Phawn70

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    Funny that I'm just seeing this thread. This is a good ship...it is flat out fun. This ship can teach you how to play cruisers. This ship without a heal is much better than a PE with one...by a wide margin! I can bow on charge an Alaska under 10k and destroy it, because it's caliber guns can't hurt the Wichita. Over 10k which is Alaska leathal...I can disappear... choose when I want to fight and when I don't...that is called control. It is more to talk about than the lack of super heavy shells.
  7. Phawn70

    The edinburgh ship review bought by mistake.

    Ah...I get the clingy reference now you did not mean it in a negative way. I took it as you were a preferred target by Batls. I must try this though again I'm finding good success playing her like an American cruiser. Minus the tanking...
  8. Phawn70

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    With what I know and what many don't, yes I would buy again? I don't feel like I'm at a disadvantage in any tier match.
  9. Phawn70

    The edinburgh ship review bought by mistake.

    I hear ya...I have seen that understanding the situation at any given time is critical, especially with these boats. Baltimore's have radar though right? How does smoke assist you with the current meta?
  10. Phawn70

    The edinburgh ship review bought by mistake.

    I have found that with the Edinbrugh since it sees tier 10s you must play her stealth. Is there any tier 8 cruiser that has a lower concealment of 9.2? I mean the Wichita has a 9.5 and have total surprise on my side on many occasions...and I'm talking tier 10 matches. Based on that I would offer the option to drop smoke and use radar as well. What good is smoke when there are so many radar boats at tier 8 thru 10? Do not stop moving...
  11. Phawn70

    Edinbrugh the unwanted goes into battle.

    Related note...I believe I just found the understanding to cruisers yesterday. With that said over the past 2 weeks I have been playing with a very stealthy Wichita with 9.5 concealment and not being overly aggressive due to no heal, playing cruiser rules, that boat is nothing but fun. Before that time I could not figure out the Edinbrugh, but with that 9.2 conceal now I do. My first game pattering the cruiser rules playstyle was my best game ever in that boat. To understand cruisers will determine your success in this ship. My opinion has changed overnight. Stealth w/radar not smoke. Abuse that 9.2 rating and rarely move around at full speed...that attracts attention. You move around at 1/2 speed... It's like you are hiding in plain sight.
  12. Phawn70

    Wichita - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    It is my favorite boat to play right now. You can spec her for any playstyle, just don't be reckless. I have the special AAmod 1 in the second slot...the extended duration of defensive fire is a surprise to many CV drivers right now. Spec her for AA cause the guns are plenty accurate as is and Midway drivers will have a very hard time with you 2 tiers lower. I would think the spotter plane would alert ones if your presence but I realize you are talking situational.
  13. Phawn70

    Too many planes

    In game BBs supremacy is under threat. The hunter in how he/she operates being alone is under threat. DDs can't hide. These some of the anti CV crowd. They cannot adapt and cannot or will not address the issue of survivability themselves. You must or you will be unhappy. Another point we all know WG is here to make money...they must and will find the balance as regards to CVs. Until that time you won't see the GZ or Enterprise back in game. WG has a vested interest to make this work...to make money. In RL CVs were the kings. That is WG biggest challenge...to change current perceptions of this platform and work. (I love shooting down all these planes myself)
  14. Phawn70

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    Having the Wichita, it's a good ship all around. If it was given a heal you would have a better platform than the Alaska that costs twice as much. Giving her a heal is the only thing is missing...a gimmick. Love playing it, and at this point anyone still driving it now that the Alaska is out hate to see it against me. Play cruiser rules of engagement/disengagement, this ship really shines.They know what they have on their hands.
  15. Phawn70

    In-N-Out With Wichita

    Wichita is a solid ship. Roma, Vanguard, Bismark,Tirpitz, and now add Alaska. If the enemy guns are 15s and below. Bow on in this thing and watch the panic play out. With speed flag you have a heavy cruiser that can do over 35kts...not prone to fire, compact, good aa, concealment is very good. As with any ship awareness is key because you have no heal...having one with what it already has would make it "near" op. Seriously it's only weakness is that it does NOT have a WG gimmick to it. And it is very balanced without it.