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  1. Phawn70

    Forest Sherman...homing torps...

    Looking at a recent release from Sealord Mountbatten on youtube showing a rough cut of a crazy maneuver by a torp. The one he released just yesterday. And since seeing this and discovering this same question was asked in the forum with 32 replies in December of 2021... I wanted to know... Sources...
  2. Bring them on, it was stated that the fixed position torps launchers were to have homing torpedos. I only bring this up due the coming British BCs are stated to have them. To have them on a FS would truly turn her into a multi role weapons platform...very modern. The learning curve has been steep...I'm not a good DD driver but with her sluggish maneuverability and speed. I have forgone concealment and gone full gun mod with max range... I play her like a cruiser with 7.2 concealment...never be the first in like a cruiser and offer support...it has been working. With that said...bring on the homing torps!
  3. With a superstructure like the Chicago skyline I can see why. She starts out with less health as well.
  4. Phawn70

    USS Hornet CV-8 On it's way

    Use the ap bombers against cruisers... Torp bombers against BBs... And the B 25s against DDs... The crap works and for my part hunting for a hidden DD after a request and dispatching it to the bottom is hilarious. With that said I have a Saipan...it is stronger, but at the start of matches don't go after BBs with the Hornet's ap bombers... the obsolete aircraft won't make it...for example. But the B 25s are so much fun!
  5. Phawn70

    IFHE for a secondary build?

    I went back and forth a couple of times but I have settled on IFHE... I have a Brandenburg...with IFHE opponents don't notice that their hp is being eaten until it is too late. Without it...the first fire opponents peel away from you. I'm trying it on the Flandre now which boasts the most secondary dpm in the game...poor decisions have left me with needing more data to say for certain.
  6. With the Brandenburg...it is good to remember her 305s...which is touted as a cruiser killer on the Agir, that is key. Knowing what to shoot at is the most important thing. She is a true battlecruiser...when she is high tier she is a Battleship and a bully....low tier she is a cruiser and very good at it! So underrated...she has more of the same guns as Agir, better armor....$35 less. So you would pay $35 more for something inferior? Hydro makes it better? Same guns...
  7. Phawn70

    Wichita - A Misunderstood Gem

    My Wichita in essence turned into my Alaska trainer. With that said, this boat made me love cruisers...I mean period, I lover her utility. Small target,low profile...this boat literally teaches what to do and what no to do (I have a Cheshire...it don't matter). But when I sail Wichita...I actually feel like I'm helping the team. I just picked up a Tulsa and I don't feel that way in that...I'm sure it's just comfort cause I see tier 10 in both. And though she does not carry the super heavy shell pound for pound I'm quote comfortable in high tier matches.
  8. Phawn70

    Brandenburg...How Can It Be Used

    Play her like a Super/Heavy cruiser with her guns that are found not only on the Odin but more importantly on the Agir which is touted as a cruiser killer. I play her like my Alaska and she shines. Reliable mid-range shooter...at cruisers and broadside BBs. I have encountered Odins and Brandenburg has more guns and better armor. With the Brandenburg out now I no longer regret not being in the position to pick up an Odin. Brandenburg is a clear upgrade.
  9. Phawn70

    When will Cheshire be in the premium shop

    We talked today on your Azuma vid on Youtube... I got the Cheshire on the first release and I have been desperate to try to make her work. 225 battles and a 44.89 wr in her up until you provided good insight based on the Azuma's rear quarter plating. When they advance you kite...when they retreat you advance maintaining range of about 13k on in...I have found for me 11k to be ideal. Would recommend double rudder. When properly angled (especially kiting)... from a pound for pound standpoint with a deep health pool and being a max economist on ammo selection not waisting a shot...she is as tanky as they come. I would pick Cheshire when she releases again and play her like you play the Azuma only closer...because Cheshire's armor is far better. She has armor belt kiting to be strong like an American or German heavy cruiser...can resist 381mm shells on down! *Everyone...check out his YouTube video on the Azuma...pay close attention to what he has discovered about the rear armor plating on that super cruiser and how he angles it...the Cheshire provides even more protection in that regard* The Cheshire WAS a garbage boat that I loved... She is no longer garbage. WG wanted a tier 8 Exeter when they created her...use this playstyle around islands and.... *eyebrows raise*
  10. Phawn70

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    To me... Quite simply this is a slap to the popularity/effectiveness of the US boats in general. For the sake of "balance", Georgia, Massachusetts, Alaska and another ship will be phased out. The mistake for WG was to deploy the national flavor of US boats because of their overall balance because many boats were real. Add the fact the thing that struck me was when looking at the cruiser build options...any cruiser can now have the option of the HEAVY shell. Like the villain in the movie Incredibles said..."If everyone's a super...then no one is..." National builds for boats are gone and it's now cookie cutter for all. To distract everyone from the CV issues you break the BBs, nerf US boat by giving any cap ship the option to go heavy AP(again). For this to happen...it is such a waste of time and money. I got better things to do for a few months than buy premiums that you must play the same way according to ship class. You are just buying hulls...
  11. Phawn70

    Champagne Final Review

    There are many negative posts on this boat...but I don't share the views. You must learn the boat... I'll tell you right now me loving cruisers at this stage she behaves like a cruiser...play her like one. Her speed and mobility are key... yes their will be ones that will snipe and ironically you get more accurate damage far away than up close. Her guns have more AP punch than the Yamato...only the coming Slava will have more. Her kiting ability rivals anything the IJN tree or the Hood has. You can engage and disengage at will playing cruiser rules and melt away, speed boosts and within a min and a half you will be on BBs broadside who are bow tanking yourteammates. Don't spec for secondaries... forget they are there. Invest in gun accuracy. But my strategy, is to play back at the start, accurately talking chunks off BB armor. As the battle progresses the combat zone continues to shrink...stay on the fringe. By the time mele mode comes at the end it is time to brawl and you will be boss most times and you will be having BBs who have 2/3rds less HP. Again your AP has the most Penn in the game right now. This ship is not for beginners. I'm a cruiser captain and I love this boat... It's what the Graf Spee wants to be when it grows up.
  12. Phawn70

    Chesire Premium Cruiser

    She is not for beginners... Her citidel is long and high...very allergic to BB shells when you instinctively turn and yet to flee when you are over you head. Being insta blapped 1 third the time is humbling and violent. Awareness is the most important thing for this ship... NOW...about the ship itself...
  13. Phawn70

    HMS Cheshire Review

    The citidel stretches most of the ship above water. Enemy BB drivers are just waiting with glee for you to turn and you will get insta blapped. That is your biggest challenge... situational awareness... proximity, enemies that are near, making sure you are not in a fireing cone/kill box/kill zone is your biggest and constant concern. Otherwise it is a nice boat but not for beginners by any stretch.
  14. Phawn70

    Genova Review

    I would figure that the success would be as more of a littoral based vessel. But open water...I have played the Wichita and Exeter that way before. Leaning toward getting one. I wish the other two Prem cruisers had the SAP option.
  15. Phawn70

    Genova Review

    The slow reload is the "balancing" because of the SAP option. If you aim for the deckline...you will smash the deckline. It is all that WG could do for balance. I love the Exeter. Many considered her reload to be long...but if this boat had Exeter's reload...it would be classified as a glass cannon or even dare I say OP.