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  1. Thanks for the opportunity @Pigeon_of_War and other wiki people!
  2. Dang, that was a fast decision. Didn't the entry period end this morning?
  3. I like to think that I'm a pretty good Des Moines player (was number 15 at one point), so this was fun to write. Probably went overboard, as it's over 2,000 words .
  4. Kurfurst Like seriously, how the heck am I so bad in it compared to literally every other tier 10 ship???
  5. Tier 9/10 module slot. Stuff like Main Battery Reload, Torpedo Reload, Range, and AA dps (and unique USN accuracy mod for BB's)
  6. It wasn't postponed, it was readjusted for the time change that happened Sunday. Sundays clan battles were an hour early since they hadn't readjusted the prime time yet. So nothing has changed.
  7. Look ma! A real life BBaby!
  8. I've seen more Alabama ST's than I have Iwaki Alpha's, although that's probably some observer bias on my part, considering I play Tiers 8-10 far more than 3-5. On another note, the Iwaki Alpha, from the ~10 battles I've played with her, is so broken. And now they're giving her hydro??? What the heck.
  9. What about the Iwaki? I'd check myself but I'm on mobile...
  10. 9.2 km* Use the long range torps. Not dying is more important.
  11. little bit late dude
  12. I assume you're being sarcastic or humorous, but too many people assume that the Dunkerque is a bow-on only ship, when in actuality, she play far better as a pseudo-cruiser, especially when kiting, where her gun arcs to the stern are surprisingly good. With the speed boost on the mainline ships, they'll play even more like cruisers.
  13. SEA Group made a post on reddit saying that Alsace no. 3 is Tier 9 (with 3 x 4 380 mm guns) and a made-up France as tier 10 (with 431 mm quad guns).
  14. USS Iowa USS Midway USS whateverthefuckthenameofthesubmarinebesidethemidwayis (Dolphin, apparently) U-505 HMCS Haida USS Edson RMS Queen Mary CCGS Alexander Henry (Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker), which is now docked 10 minutes from where I live SS William A. Irvin Their may have been one or two other ships that I can't remember right now.
  15. Kutuzov is also an opt... oh wait, never mind...