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  1. _Fantomex_

    all this currency no thing to buy

    Very much this. I might be rolling around in a few million free exp, but there's still countless threads on here and reddit with people saying "I finally got the Nelson/Musashi!" or "I have x amount of free exp now, should I get the Nelson or save up for one of the Tier IXs?". If WG suddenly up's the price of the free exp ships, is it really fair for those who are still grinding? I can see why they would, or why they are offering the Jean Bart for other currencies, but there should be either some form of currency conversion or alternate outlet for those of us with millions of free exp or credits.
  2. That's not Graf Spee... Did you even read the caption?
  3. _Fantomex_

    Manual Secondary Battery Monday

    Full secondary build Republique is quite strong. Alsace is good as well, though you need to take IFHE to make the 100's actually do damage. I also got two CQE awards with Stalingrad the other day; something else to add to the list of Russian Bias going for her.
  4. _Fantomex_

    unable to play clan battle

    I am slightly confused...
  5. _Fantomex_

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I'll admit to being one of those people who was saying she needed a heal, but with what she turned into... I'm really wishing I had kept my mouth shut. That 2.05 sigma...
  6. _Fantomex_

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I will reap your citadels" -Every Yamato