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  1. 4.5 km is about twice that of autodetect range, and any half-decent player can already blind fire at you within 5 km anyway, even if you're pulling Perth shenanigans.
  2. Very good ship, but yeah, wait until the smoke nerf gets resolved to see whether it remains competitive or not.
  3. The two HSF captains are effectively premium captains, as they can be moved within their respective nations for no retraining cost
  4. Since the beginning of this year I make myself take a break after 3 or 4 losses in a row. I don't recall my longest streak...
  5. It's player-run. Same with EU's King of the Seas.
  6. AA spec Benson. Anyone who plays SL will know that a Benson with DFAA up will shred tier 8 planes.
  7. Kill stealing is very real; my dang division mates keep stealing my kills *cough* @m373x *cough* Chasing a BB to the corner of the map while ignoring the caps half-way through a match is certainly a negative form of "damage farming". That North Carolina 30 km away is doing absolutely nothing for their team. If you chase him, you are also doing absolutely nothing for your team. Sure, killing him will give you points; so will capping bases or damaging other, better targets. Only if killing him is absolutely necessary for the win will I accept someone chasing down a ship to the ends of the map.
  8. I too have four day weekends
  9. Didn't look through everything, so I dunno if this one was posted: "Like a Pro" Might be for the "1k exp in a tier 7 and win?"
  10. No, credit and exp boosters like what WoT has don't exist here. However, the EXP and credit gain in WoWs is much much higher than in WoT, due to the signal flags and exp/credit camos, so the boosters are kind of "built-in".
  11. *checks Maplesyrup *sees clan is #8 Wait... What On further inspection, I don't like Maplesyrup's ranking. -QP- has a single guy with 10k+ battles and a ~59% WR, and somehow that single handedly makes our clan beat several admittedly stronger clans out of the top 10. Theres no way my clan is having a higher influence on a battle consistently then guys from Kraken or Impact are, yet somehow we're rated higher. Nevermind, I misunderstood how their rating works. It's based on the two-month battle/wr count for each member of the clan. I agree with the guys below me; rankings off of pub matches are questionable at best.
  12. How the heck do you hate the Amagi? It's literally just a better Nagato... Anyway, I hate the kurfurst. Played six battles in it, had a 33% WR with a ~30k Ave. Dmg. Put it in the mothballs and never looked back.
  13. Copious amounts of vodka will solve everything, comrade
  14. Can confirm. Got better, everyone else is crap now :p