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  1. [-QP-] Quality Potatoes is now Recruiting

    That moment when you can't find your recruitment post cause it's on the fourth page...
  2. [-QP-] Quality Potatoes is now Recruiting

    Unfortunately we lost the Quarter Finals match against ZR, with the second match being pretty close. Can't be too mad about losing to them though, at least we like them
  3. An honest question for PVE mains

    I wish PvE would have reduced repair/resupply costs, cause I occasionally run a tier 10 in it for lols, but then get dinged with a huge repair bill on any ship that doesn't have a premium camo on it + econ flags.
  4. [-QP-] Quality Potatoes is now Recruiting

    We are now going to the quarter finals for the SL/KotS tournament!!! Congratulations to all the teams that have participated so far in the tournament, and good luck to all the teams continuing. -QP- is still recruiting, but we have significantly tightened our standards until we expand our clan size. If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of one of the top NA clans, send me a PM. Just be aware that there is a high chance that you may be denied; all our welcome to our Discord though.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 22nd, 2018

    Yes please. Get some Sawano drop in game. Maybe instead of an actual anime, there could perhaps be a collaboration with a studio? Similar to the video for "Shelter" by A1. There could be a collection consisting of short animations about historical events or even an original story.
  6. [-QP-] Quality Potatoes is now Recruiting

    Ehehehe Depends on who you see. Some of us are definitely NOT Salt-free.
  7. Why did I read all of this, I don't even play CV's and I main AA cruisers...
  8. Need opinions on what to play

    I recommend playing the "normal" ship lines to tier 10, at least once per class, to get familiar with fighting against a CV. Once you go back to CV, you will at least understand what tactics work against each ship class, as you'll have had ttose ssme tactics used against you.