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  1. If you don't know what speed you're moving at, neither does the enemy. Seriously, slowing and accelerating constantly when you're detected is the best way to throw off enemy torpedoes and shells. Most people expect you to be moving full speed and aim accordingly; even if you're going at 3/4 speed, this can mean the difference between eating a full salvo in your midsection while broadside, or having the majority of the shells overpen your bow.
  2. Skilled Shooters

    -> Low battle count -> Hurricane clan Dang low battle potatoes being carried to their flags!
  3. I run AFT on her, cause she has pretty good AA, but no other secondary skills or modules. I ran a secondary build on her while she was in testing, and I had ~15% of my total damage each game in combined secondaries+fire damage. I don't know how my overall damage or "effectiveness" changed when I switched to a survival build, though.
  4. Ship XP Question

    Oh I get it. When you research a module, that exp cost is permanently lost. So if you had spent 30,000 exp already, you are now 30,000 exp less than what you had before. The total cumulative exp on a ship is NOT counted towards the exp needed to advance. I know Armored Warfare works like that, where it's total accumulated exp towards the next vehicle, and spent exp doesn't get detracted from that total; warships doesn't work like that.
  5. The only Tier 10 ship that should use a full secondary build is the Kurfurst, and even then, full survival build is preferred by many players. For the Yamato, you should never be within 10 km of an enemy ship, as your slow turrets and weak armor will be the death of you in that kind of situation. Speccing into concealment and survival skills are your best option. Advanced Firing Training can probably be used if you have a 19 point captain, as the extended AA range also helps a bit against lower tier CV's. For modules, dispersion, reload, and concealment are what you should go for. Everything else is up to you.
  6. Any hot streamers playing WOWs?

    Indeed they are. They often spread out in completely random directions, and often times get spotted far too soon. Rubbish creatures; if I''d had known them to be this inconsistent I would have ordered the sharks from Amazon.
  7. Any hot streamers playing WOWs?

    Unfortunately the sea life bargain mart was all out of sharks and laser beams. Had to settle for combat dolphins instead...
  8. Sounds about right Congrats, @SireneRacker! Welcome to hell the team!
  9. Have fun with your writing guys, I look forward to reading them all!
  10. I just don't get it

    We didn't kick him for posting on the forums; you were in the thread, all you had to do was read the first few posts I made.
  11. Looking for a competitive clan!

    You have some really weird stats. 277 battles, but two tier X ships, with zero battles played in their respective IX's, and few to no battles in their respective VIII's. Also has a Missouri. A couple tier VIII prems, but not enough battles played in them to generate the necessary exp to skip two tier IX/X grinds and get a MO. I take it you had your stats hidden for a while? Explains the discrepancy between your warships.today battle count and your forum battle count. Or warships today is borked... again...
  12. Feedback requested

    We were not the only clan who sync dropped with a corgi, I can guarantee you that. And like I said before, we weren't "farming" him; we weren't sailing to A1 and taking turns killing him for prizes, anyone would consider that cheating. We played normally, the corgi tried his hardest to NOT be killed by one of us, even going as far as ramming random enemies to deny us the kill. It wasn't unsportsmanlike at all, it was all in good fun. The only argument you can make is that we were guaranteeing having a corgi in our match, but even that is kind of a weak argument, considering how there was 200+ of them playing specific classes, at specific tiers, at specific times, getting a corgi in a random match is quite easy.
  13. Feedback requested

    When we were originally sync dropping, we were not aware that it was breaking any rules, once we were made aware, we stopped. We messed up, we corrected it, we had the "integrity" to admit to it. Reymu was banned for circumventing clan hierarchy and subverting our trust. He could have just as easily brought this issue up without making a public fiasco out of it, and definitely without [potentially screwing us over. Do you report your friends and family to the police every time they speed? For every missed stop sign? To their bosses that they're slacking? Rules get broken, accidentally and intentionally, but that doesn't mean you snitch on every dang person who does it.
  14. Feedback requested

    Our priorities are being the best that we can be. If that means trimming the hedges a bit, then that's what needs to be done. We aren't the first clan to drop people because they don't meet our requirements, nor are we the last.