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  1. No one's said it yet? Ok. Montpelier, because.... EKUSUPUROSHION!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Megumin's VA from Konosuba) Also, as much as I love anime, I too do not really enjoy the super high-pitched voices that sometimes accompany it. Mont has a pretty chill and laid back voice and personality, so I find her quite enjoyable to listen to. Also, hair tuffs that may or may not be ears...
  2. _Fantomex_

    Russian BB radar detected my cruiser in cyclone.

    What the heck is a Wiki Editor?
  3. _Fantomex_

    Russian BB radar detected my cruiser in cyclone.

    Alright, so I had a look at the replay, and I know what happened here. FYI, I am a Supertester and have been given these ships to test and anything I say can change without notice as this is still a Work in Progress. You were detected by the enemy Benson that you had engaged at the time. The cyclone render distance had been reduced to 8 km and from the last know position of the Soyuz, it was unlikely that he would've been within that 8 km range, especially since he looped the shells over an island. What happened here was a unique occurrence only found with the Russian "deepwater" radar. When in a cyclone, activating radar will normally detect ships out to the range of the radar. It also has the effect of rendering ships that may or may not be spotted that would normally be unseen outside of the 8 km render range of the cyclone. This is true for all radar equipped ships. Because of the unique nature of the RU BB radar, it can render all ship classes out to it's maximum range, as long as they are spotted through normal means already. Since you were spotted by the Benson, the enemy Soyuz was able to render you past the normal 8 km limit. If nothing had been spotting you otherwise, his radar would have not worked. Whether or not this is intentional or just an unintended side-effect of a system that has had a brand-new feature implemented to it, I can't say. But I suppose that's what the testing phase is for, eh? P.S: In future posts where you include a replay, please provide a timestamp for what you want looked at.
  4. _Fantomex_

    all this currency no thing to buy

    Very much this. I might be rolling around in a few million free exp, but there's still countless threads on here and reddit with people saying "I finally got the Nelson/Musashi!" or "I have x amount of free exp now, should I get the Nelson or save up for one of the Tier IXs?". If WG suddenly up's the price of the free exp ships, is it really fair for those who are still grinding? I can see why they would, or why they are offering the Jean Bart for other currencies, but there should be either some form of currency conversion or alternate outlet for those of us with millions of free exp or credits.
  5. That's not Graf Spee... Did you even read the caption?
  6. _Fantomex_

    Manual Secondary Battery Monday

    Full secondary build Republique is quite strong. Alsace is good as well, though you need to take IFHE to make the 100's actually do damage. I also got two CQE awards with Stalingrad the other day; something else to add to the list of Russian Bias going for her.
  7. _Fantomex_

    unable to play clan battle

    I am slightly confused...
  8. Some great entries so far, keep it up!
  9. Unofficial requirements: -Tolerant of weebs and anime -Tolerant of ship-posting -Tolerance or hatred of mayonnaise. Nothing in between; must pick a side.
  10. _Fantomex_

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I'll admit to being one of those people who was saying she needed a heal, but with what she turned into... I'm really wishing I had kept my mouth shut. That 2.05 sigma...
  11. _Fantomex_

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I will reap your citadels" -Every Yamato