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  1. PullMyPhinger

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Where is the server pop given? They used to post how many were on. Now.........not so much. What am I missing?
  2. PullMyPhinger

    Weekly Scenarios

    Lighten up Francis, it a joke. You must have thought it funny to screen shot it. Get your own material. Jeeez
  3. PullMyPhinger

    Weekly Scenarios

    How can you guys expect to get people interested in the game if you keep moving the goalposts and changing the rules? What have you done to the damage models? I might as well be throwing spit balls.
  4. I wish they would cycle the different missions like the randoms.
  5. PullMyPhinger


    Where are the secondary dispersion ratings found? I see flags and captain skills relating but have found no way to measure this metric. HWLP!
  6. PullMyPhinger

    Halloween Mission

    I got that part. just wish they would rotate missions. 1 week is too much when you have played them all. That would keep monotony at bay.
  7. PullMyPhinger

    Halloween Mission

    The Halloween Mission sucks. Please just do away with it or add another alternative where I can get credit for my captains participation. These given captain are great but a waste of time. Maybe even rotate the missions like maps in random battles. The missions are wonderful idea and is what I prefer to play. I just wish they didn't have the same mission over and over for a whole week, in this case 2 weeks+