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  1. wow now your just being an as s about it !! ... SURE i could go look up the formula for ms to fps (since it was steady except when changed to port) but why should i even have to? the burden is on YOU to provide clear acurate and concise information i was going to offer some ideas to try but seeing type of person dealing with will forgo that effort ...
  2. Ozium

    WoWS Reddit thread

    a couple reddit i read are still down, least rest are back
  3. for me game and afterburner both show 90, your adding framtime muddies the water when talking fps what method locking it at 60???
  4. Ozium

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    you can sort to see just what can be used with the coupon, does help. but since don't want to spend any cash pretty useless lol
  5. you too, so get that new box up and running?
  6. heck with all that crazy and cold, waves from sunny Calif
  7. Ozium

    My new graphics card arrived!

    LOL at size of those arrow keys
  8. Ozium

    Decisions, decisions...

    refuse to spend gold on battle pass i have enough for 1yr prem time when comes up this yr but not spending it on anything else
  9. Ozium

    Curious email from "WG"

    W T F WeeGee !! email has mult bad attempts from RU HK POL US NL COL and my wows password was invalid, so did recover and changed it have two emails from prm one us & other sea, which didn't open. only link to wows was twich
  10. i did read the news, if i saw wouldn't need to ask ...
  11. where are you seeing that? looked around nothing
  12. when there's new "NEWS" it's not being highlighted in port since last patch, saw few others on reddit mentioning too so least i'm not the only one verify files didn't fix and running no mods
  13. Ozium

    About Collections

    look at sub section & final reward to decide pause or not, some are very nice others meh and let them finish naturally, don't spend dupes as those dupes get converted into silver when finally done
  14. Ozium

    Stone the Crows... We can do better...

    i always laugh at the "Let's give them a hard time"