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  1. service cost of tree ships hits harder higher you go
  2. more like it has a bad overbite
  3. Ozium

    Monetary Blues

    unless really play those ships a lot no real reason to buy camo's for them, or maybe i misunderstand what you mean lol kinda sounds like your trying to do a bit too much to me, but i prefer to take a more relaxed playstyle in general too
  4. Ozium

    Introducing Discord Drops

    use invite https://discord.gg/2zVGjMXtQY
  5. Ozium

    Milestone Reached (PVE Thread)

    quite the achievement, gz
  6. how about that big island placed in the middle with few secondary smaller ones around it, promotes real ring-around-the rosy gameplay
  7. lol ... the audacity of basically telling everyone to shut up unless spoken to ... yeah right turn off chat if can't handle seeing disparaging msg, if want hide from people re-roll and disable stats then your really anonymous and any PM's will be about your current gameplay and not any previous games as there's no history to judge
  8. just a general question why does WG protect CV's so much? do they really outspend all other classes of ships???
  9. Ozium

    Monetary Blues

    yeah kinda suck having to bloat fleet with ships you only play once a year for the snowflakes
  10. Ozium

    Monetary Blues

    sorry not sure what you mean pm'd him
  11. Ozium

    Monetary Blues

    call me crazy but i never purchase those upgrades nor fully slot ships other than gold/special agree don't go overboard with signals
  12. i farmed 18 defend in one game : true a lot depends on which ship using making some maybe too easy but at same time others can be exhausting maybe set some with different completion numbers depending on random/co-op bout only way to make things bit more fair i can think of
  13. thought object is NOT to get shot ... lol yeah playing Moskva can get it up there a bit but that's like 40 co-op games. hope there's none with just T5 trying for it, pretty fricking crazy for just one objective !!
  14. typo? 20mil potential damage taken is hella more oppressive than 20 caps, did defend so was pretty easy ;p