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  1. Ozium

    Brazilian Navy Day

    double kill
  2. put in ticket with wg-check data? as it shouldn't be so consistently slow
  3. pre-installed yesterday and was fine, no reason to wait for day of
  4. tried ping plotter? it has nice over time graph
  5. Ozium

    Stray Sub Token

    i'll take it
  6. Ozium

    Selling Moskva

  7. Ozium

    Selling Moskva

    it's been rehashed over and over unwavering for couple months now, so yeah i do enough at least in this instance lol
  8. Ozium

    Selling Moskva

    how can you NOT be sure with the dozen threads and patch notes saying same thing already about it ???
  9. Ozium

    MM needs adjustment

    they could implement a extend queue time checkbox for those who prefer waiting for full team matches
  10. but it was re-wrote in english, hence bad proof reading stands as it's not same order and should have been corrected ... looks sloppy and unprofessional !!
  11. Ozium

    Consider Potatoes

    there's potato pancakes too
  12. @Hapa_Fodder who proof reads this stuff? text order does not reflect order shown in picture ... 7,500 Coal 1 day of Warships Premium Account 15x Hunter camouflages 2x Gift containers
  13. Ozium

    In game issue

    auto penalty if leave match, only last one/couple games so don't sweat it as pink isn't all that bad lol
  14. Ozium

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    if only such a good outcome was more common that hens teeth then I (we?) would be impressed
  15. thought preferred method is just let the app have access to all ports it wants ... not limit to just some or try and shut down firewall