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  1. Ozium

    Pirate Contest Issue

    pirate plus whole red team should have lambasted your butt for doing it !!
  2. other than it legitimizes their valuation of it
  3. Ozium

    Update on 21 point Commanders

    yet he made no attempt at asking how others are doing and going so far to post the pictures adds to it's just a brag post imho ...
  4. didn't bid, have the silver but know minimum bid won't win and really there's no coal ships i really want
  5. will prob get downvoted but i like the change, getting flags whereas before i didn't
  6. Ozium

    Update on 21 point Commanders

    other than brag what's the point of post? me i have zero as highest just dinged 19 which doesn't mean sheet anymore
  7. Ozium

    What weirdness is this!

    and did the shells actually travel through it when fired?
  8. when i did the last event, i made sure to give someone the gold every match i played. it's more luck than anything as who got the kill shot but tried to have least few ships shooting at me when died good bad or indifferent randoms are not my forte lol
  9. location? been fine west coast. tried pingplotter?
  10. but admit it without the op airstrike exactly how desirable are they still? we know it will get nerfed down it's just to what degree is the only question
  11. Ozium

    Skipping T9s?

    for me i skip most upgrades working through the line, too little bump for too much silver
  12. your team is one ship short because of your problems, so yeah a penalty to discourage such actions or incentive to get it fixed soon verify files, check for win updates, reboot modem etc
  13. Ozium

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    mine is name of air freshener we used as teenagers to cover pot smoke scent from our parents, still have small can stashed and whiff the nozzle every few years lol. unique name but definitely not only one who uses it as see it in various other games/forums and it's still being made and popular in the car industry so am told
  14. does ad block show that something is blocked? mine says none and no popup so it's blocked further up the the chain here
  15. yup they knowingly have been stealing from us for far too long by making it an opt-out instead of an opt-in ... i also always make sure and double check but bingo one mysteriously changed and ended up losing some gold because of it. and for this and other reasons i will never spend a dime of my own money on this game ever again !!