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  1. TheOssifrage

    RN cruiser ammunition

    Yes, but this is a game. You HAVE to make concessions in order for there to be some measure of equality amongst different ships within the same tier. If WoWS replicated real life naval warfare history to a tee, then everyone would play the Americans. They had more destroyers of a single class than the entire Kriegsmarine.
  2. TheOssifrage

    RN cruiser ammunition

    Not to mention giving hydro and radar to many more ships in game... many seemingly illogical decisions are made for the sake of balans, comrade.
  3. TheOssifrage

    Missing Ship???

    I played in the CBT. I have the patch, the achievement and the Arkansas Beta in-game, but not the forum title. It’s not like I particularly care, but it is odd. I guess the occasional bloop does happen.
  4. TheOssifrage

    Armory not loading for anybody?

    When that happens to me, I exit and try again, and wait for a few minutes. If it still doesn't load, I disconnect from server, re-log and it usually works after this.
  5. I suppose they're just trying to make these ships artificially rarer by attaching an ungodly price tag. Especially when you consider that you could've gotten the very powerful tier IX Missouri and Musashi for less, and both ships are incredible in their own right (the money maker and big daddy boom-boom respectively).
  6. TheOssifrage

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    Practice will help you get better, and enjoy ships more. Also it seems you're not that used to battleships, so just keep that in mind. Iowa is fast but has a massive turning circle (I think it's a little bigger / slower in the turn than it should be). A losing streak with your new ship is demoralising, but power through it, practice a little in Co-Op or Training rooms a little.
  7. TheOssifrage

    What Ship Is This?

    I did pretty well using KGV / DoY in Narai, but if I pick a cruiser I usually go after the transports (after informing my team). There's always someone who agrees to support the middle yet ends up trying to ram one of the transports instead...
  8. TheOssifrage

    What Ship Is This?

    That's a trainwreck of a team. I suppose they all wanted to get that Achievment for sinking five transports and failed utterly.
  9. TheOssifrage

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Heh... heh heh. I have the Collector's Patch, for some reason, even though I have >50 ships. Must've been the Halloween event ships that pushed me over. I typically don't keep lower tier ships of the line I'm grinding out. The vast majority of the fleet are low-tier premium port queens.
  10. TheOssifrage

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Thank you oh-so-much for giving a nice, honest, straightforward review and evaluation. Was very interesting to read and catch up on WG's antics for the new year. Also I'm saving that meme. My thanks to the wonderful @Chobittsu
  11. I'm a week late, but happy birthday! Always nice to settle down and read one of your reviews before bed. :cap_book:

  12. TheOssifrage

    Air Supply Containers

    Ahhh, so the containers will come out in 0.8.1? That's good to hear, I'm glad I'm not missing out. Thanks!
  13. TheOssifrage

    Air Supply Containers

    Hey everyone! Recently I took a small break from playing WoWS, but I was hooked in by the Fly! Strike! Win! event. Now I'm not a CV player and I'm not really interested in getting any of the RN carriers, or the Crowns and Florins, but I am looking forward to the new Naval Aviation collection (mainly for the different camouflage colours). Obviously to start collecting I have to receive an item from the Air Supply Container, and this is where my problem starts - how do I get one? The portal articles state I can get them from completing directives but I don't see them listed as the rewards. In fact, I don't see any missions or stages that reward one of these containers. Am I missing something? Thanks
  14. TheOssifrage

    Slow-Boat Destroyers in the mid-tiers

    When I'm playing in a DD, sometimes I'll deliberately drive slowly so I can see where friendly ships (including other destroyers) are heading off to, I'll wait to see which caps the enemy DDs are taking, or see where the radar cruisers are going. I'll try to spot and take caps where and when I'm confident I won't be radared and insta-killed.
  15. It isn't in the game quite yet, but I've visited HMAS Vampire (Daring-class DD) three times now. That's the only vintage warship I've seen over 1000 tonnes and not a submarine. When I visit Britain I'll definitely see HMS Belfast, and hopefully I'll visit Hawaii and see Missouri and Arizona.