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  1. LordGomes

    Why the Inflated XP prices?

    Damn, ninja'd by the black cat. But yeah, you're missing a few upgrades on the way to the Izumo and I'd recommend you play the Amagi to reduce the amount of free xp you need to spend. It's a good ship, fast with heavy firepower.
  2. It isn't in the game quite yet, but I've visited HMAS Vampire (Daring-class DD) three times now. That's the only vintage warship I've seen over 1000 tonnes and not a submarine. When I visit Britain I'll definitely see HMS Belfast, and hopefully I'll visit Hawaii and see Missouri and Arizona.
  3. LordGomes

    Narai: Killing the King

    The last 5* game I had on Narai, I was using the King George V while firing AP. Those broadsides at close range made quick work of the cruisers (at least 3 one-shot kills). When the King was spotted I took off a third of his hp with one salvo, then chased him down around the island after dealing with the enemy Missouri. I shot him again, reduced him to under 50% hp, smacked his cruiser escort out of the way with another salvo, then finished him off with multiple citadel penetrations at close range. The mobility, firepower and versatility of the KGV does quite well, even though the AA is lacking.
  4. LordGomes

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I'd love more flags. I feel like that one is very appropriate for Carriers. It's past midnight here and I have exams, so if I think of something useful I'll update my post. Congrats to everyone who got the Poopy Pigeon flag.