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  1. Narai: Killing the King

    The last 5* game I had on Narai, I was using the King George V while firing AP. Those broadsides at close range made quick work of the cruisers (at least 3 one-shot kills). When the King was spotted I took off a third of his hp with one salvo, then chased him down around the island after dealing with the enemy Missouri. I shot him again, reduced him to under 50% hp, smacked his cruiser escort out of the way with another salvo, then finished him off with multiple citadel penetrations at close range. The mobility, firepower and versatility of the KGV does quite well, even though the AA is lacking.
  2. At the risk of boring people to death, I can confirm that chickens, and birds as a whole, are living dinosaurs. Specifically, they are maniraptoran, ceolurosaurian, theropod dinosaurs, and their closest living relatives are crocodilians. T. rex didn't 'evolve' into chickens, but the reason most birds are small and not apex predators is because those niches are occupied by mammals now. If mammals didn't exist, birds would dominate (see terror birds, phorusracos, gastornia, bullockornis, etc.). And if you're ever sceptical of the bird-dinosaur similarity, look up the Australian Cassowary. Those things are like herbivorous raptors.
  3. WoWS as Marriage Simulator

    How could you, Mouse! Kids, cover your eyes!
  4. Those are the mission chains to win the Indianapolis. What OP is referring to are the Indy-exclusive missions to win bonus crates. For me, I played a game in Random with the Indy and the mission appeared in my Personal Missions tab, or whatever its called. So yeah, had to play two games in the Indy to win the box.
  5. It's been happening to me too. At least twice in the past week I've been afk so long I've died, and been pinked once for it. 5 games in a row in one day, all disconnected on the battle loading screen (multiple times on some occasions). Extremely frustrating because I know the problem is not on my end, and I can't do much about it. Even after restarting WoWS, my computer, my router... I'm not having lag in games, just being disconnected nearly every game for the past three days. Oddly enough it only happened in my high tier games (8-10) and the credit loss is staggering. Just bought a Yamato not long ago so it's wiping out what little credits I have. And the losing streaks! Grrr... I hope whatever issue this is is fixed quickly, or I might have to give WoWS a rest for the time being.
  6. Why can't I win in Yamato?

    I just got my Yamato last week and have had the same problem. I'm still getting used to her guns and speed, but I have a 33% W/R with 15 games. :(
  7. Pro Tip: How to Shoot Torps

    I'm not sure I understand. I should shoot at the green ships? Oh, okay then.
  8. 404 Torpedo Beats Not Found

    I tried that yesterday in a Zao... didn't work so well. Mutual destruction! Nice job btw.
  9. Paul Allen at it Again- USS Helena Found

    That's incredible! Hats off to this guy for actually using his money for something interesting.
  10. A few reasons mainly, most of them already stated by others. The IJN battle-plan had a weird split between the traditional, Mahan-era, gun battle between dreadnoughts and the support of the fast aircraft carriers to dominate the sea and sky. Both the Japanese and the Americans realised to the potential of fast carriers, and thus used or built battleships specifically designed to keep pace and provide AA fire support - the four Kongos and the four Iowas. Both nations realised that slow dreadnoughts had little value without air superiority, which is why the Yamato and Musashi were such colossal failures for their cost. Even if the old dreadnoughts at Pearl weren't crippled, I doubt that the USN would use them because their vulnerability to aircraft would quickly get them sunk. They only came out in force towards the latter half of the war, when Japanese aviation no longer posed a huge threat. The war in the Pacific was won without any slow battleships. Despite knowing and seeing the power of aircraft first-hand, the IJN still thought that battleships were the apex predators of the sea, which makes no sense. The speed of the fast battleships gave them a range and reaction advantage when operating at night, and allowed them to get their guns into action and then fall back before aircraft arrived. They could keep up with carriers and thus be protected by a Combat Air Patrol. Lack of aerial support had a devastating impact, typified by the sinking of HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales, and Yamato and Musashi. Also, after the accidental loss of Mutsu, the few remaining heavy battleships were protected even more for that 'final battle' which never came, and were held back to save fuel. All for nought in the end because as I said, the war was won (or lost) without the slow ships. Regardless of their utility as shore bombardment ships or big-gun battleships, they were obsolete. That's why the only battleships that survived in use post-war were all fast, capable of 30-33 knots, a far cry from the 21 knot standards. TLDR: A combination of lack of ships, lack of fuel, faulty doctrine (saving the battleships for later) and over-protectiveness led many of the IJN battlewagons to achieve very little, not that it would have made much of a difference anyway in the face of fast aircraft carriers (and submarines). @Gneisenau013 pretty much nailed it.
  11. Coming clean

    Absolutely ridiculous! What heresy is this? Don't try to pull this stunt just because it's the first of April. I am appalled at this disgusting behaviour, not befitting such a noble kitten.
  12. What Warlord said basically sums the functional aspect up. What happened was that most ships used to have many individual, straight funnels. Then Japan designed the innovative and revolutionary light cruiser, the Yubari (in game as a tier 4 cruiser). Lots of features to reduce weight and size while maintaining armour, firepower and speed. One of these was a single trunked funnel, raked backwards (very sexy) to reduce the number of stacks and thus weight, and was very successful. This design (along with others like a flared bow) made it onto many future Japanese designs, like the Fubuki, Akizuki and Shimakaze destroyer-classes, the Furutaka, Aoba, Myoko, Takao, Mogami, Oyodo, Agano and Tone cruiser-classes and the Yamato and WoWS' impression of the Amagi-classes of battleships.
  13. For Meritorious Service

    Waaaay back in CBT (I think) all USN ships had Measure 22 as standard. This was before camouflages were introduced in the game. I agree, there should be a larger quantity of historical liveries for the different nations, like M22 for the USN ships, Outboard grey for the Germans, etc.
  14. It's supposed to be awarded only once per day, but I also got two in one day. Just an error, it seems. But to clarify, you can (supposed to) only earn the achievement and rewards once per day.
  15. I agree. World of Tanks had a trade-in for premium vehicles once, not sure if that program still exists. I understand if WoWS doesn't do that with ships, but considering premium camouflages are the second most expensive 'gold' assets after ships, it would be nice to have a trade for different liveries. Maybe 30-50% of the original camo cost is discounted from the new one? What do you guys think?