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  1. ReaporOfDeath

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    All you people who can afford to buy it. my question is Why? i would have to pay $175 CAD just to have ARP Yamato. all im going to say is if your going to buy it dont even bother cause a Yamato with Legendary will perform better so why they make us pay for it is no reason but cash grab for people starting out. i like many others got all the other ARP ships from there first event when all of it was free so what changed now?
  2. ReaporOfDeath

    PT 0.9.9, changes to test ships and balance changes.

    Is there any improvements going to come for RTX 30XX series? (Graphic Card)
  3. ReaporOfDeath

    R.I.P. Centarina

    My Deepest Condolences
  4. ReaporOfDeath

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    dont worry man you didnt miss out on any stream event. i watched it from start to finish got nothing and i would love to get the missions but again got screwed from it so at this point for anyone wanting the missions. WG pretty much gave you the sad shoulder and said to bad so sad. im pretty sure im not getting the mission either so you arnt alone
  5. ReaporOfDeath

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    I watched but didnt get anything out of it but some of my clan mates did. Pretty annoying
  6. ReaporOfDeath

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.4

    will there be a change to any more ships coming to armory?
  7. seeing is believeing but playing is even better

  8. keep your head up questions will be answere only time can tell you when and most of all keep gaming