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  1. I like much of this. I also did a 4thread series on a complete rework I think you would enjoy.
  2. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Submarines as is, biggest threat in game

    If anyone is interested, I’ve done a 4 part breakdown on overhauling subs... if we want it fixed.. we need to be vocal... and unified
  3. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Sub outline while at periscope depth

    I honestly don’t really see the need. Nothing else in the game gets an outline.. why should subs mostly submerged be any different than a cruiser peaking out from an island.
  4. If you have read this far, thank you. For all of you who are still wondering what I am going to replace the “ping” with, here it is. THE ping will be a spotting mechanic. But it will have a price. It would now be an active sonar. When you use it. It will send out a pulse. That lights up every ship or sup in its sphere (it will be omnidirectional) for you. Whether or not you get to tell that to your team depends on the previous prerequisites. it would have two huge draw backs.. first, it take massive chunks out of your battery... as in you can’t do 3 of them without a recharge. The second is that everyone you light up both knows they are pinged and roughly where it came from. Now for team communications. For my sanity (and probably yours at this point) I am limping in all information between the sub players spotting and data gathering. As well as the usage of the map. in short. Unless the submarine is surfaced. Or at periscope depth. It can tell the team nothing. This includes quick commands and manually pinging the map. This is the only way I can think of to keep players from loopholing a sub into a super scout. This goes both ways. When a sub is fully submerged. All his map will show is the last known position of both friend and enemy. outside of the game communications.. well we can’t control that can we, but the idea is for a sub to have to at least take on a significant amount of risk to do his part in spotting and team communications.
  5. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Sub Overhaul in Detail: part 1- offense

    Nice to know! Active homing doesn’t really have a place in this game though. On that we agree I think
  6. We can all agree that controlling the current submarines in the current test are clumsy at best. I believe that it is in a fundamental flaw in how they should be viewed in the control scheme. Maneuvering: Diving and surfacing should be separated into three categories. The Surface- you are at zero meters depth. There would be no bracket of “surfaced” that you would be able to float around in. If you are surfaced you are fully surfaced. Attributes: 1)you are the most spottable. But also have the most spotting range due to the height of the conning tower above the water being at its maximum. 2)you would be able to be spotted around 2-3km (historically ships had problems seeing subs surfaced outside of 1km... I’m almost tripling that. And don’t forget you have extremely short torpedo ranges). 3) you I have the ability to sail in 3rd person. And freely lol around without changing the course of your boat. Surface controls would be identical to all other ships. 4)you are the fastest in this mode 5) the traverse of your torpedoes firing arc is the greatest while surfaced. The Periscope Depth: This would be a designated depth where you would make your attacks on surface shipping. attributes: 1)to get to periscope depth you cannot initiate a crash dive. You must tap the c key once. And the submarine will do a slow normal descent into periscope depth. Likewise if you are below periscope depth, you have to initiate entry into periscope depth by tapping the F key once. 2)you can crash dive and Emergency surface at any time but you will skip periscope depth. 3) there is no 3rd person view in periscope depth. Your only view is through the periscope. You will get UI aids for aiming and steering. But you cannot zoom away and look around. Situational awareness is limited and you are the most vulnerable to being snuck up on. 4)you have reduced visibility and a reduced detection area (by enemy). An enemy would probably have to get within 1km of you to see you. 5) you will get the a torpedo lead indicator the fastest in this mode. 6) speed is reduced to submerged speed limit. However, battery is recharged beginning at this depth to “surfaced” 7) you still have a firing arc for your torpedoes. But it is narrower than the arc available while fully surfaced. Fully submerged: this will be where the most changes occur to how you control your submarine. Attributes: 1) your submarine is no longer fixed to the center of your camera. Instead it is your shooting sight. 2) moving your camera about will cause the fixed shooting sight, and therefore the submarine to follow to the limits of its maneuverability. All keyboard controls would still work as well [edited]free look. 3) third person is available while fully submerged. 4) free look disables mouse control. 5) torpedoes fire straight out of the tubes. To aim you must aim the submarine. So aim wisely and choose your ammunition wisely. Battery: In short, with no ping system the battery would be tied to your submerged speed. When you run out. Your speed tanks until you surface (or go to periscope depth). You will be able to use the battery fo another function. But it is in another section to come
  7. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Submarine Overhaul in Detail- Part2: Defense

    As a fitting sequel to Part1, It is only fair to talk about Submarine defensive measures against surface ships and other submarines. Im sure some of you will call me out for my advocation of shotgunning. That is a byproduct of the atrocious nature of the current system. While halarious and fun. It too needs to be balanced. (As I hope you have seen me do in the “offense” part) Defense from Surface Attack: I believe that the old adage of “run silent, run deep” needs to have a place in this game as it sits. Running deep against Depth charges only slows your own death unless you have friends to shoot the DD. So here is what I propose, and it is in no way historically or acoustically accurate. First, give sonar and hydro a depth limit that subs can exceed. I know I know “That’s too OP!!” But hear out my second point. Second, remove submarines Surface spotting and spotting data (the ability for current subs to see what everyone else sees. And to give what it sees back to the team) ability for any depth below periscope depth. A sub will be able to see the ship hydro’ing it. But only so long as it is inside of hydro range. And only the sub will be able to see it if it is below surface to periscope depth. No one else will be able to see the DD using the submarines vision while the submarine is submerged. These two things will both incentivize, and balance a submarine diving deep. Third: incorporate speed of the submarine into the hydrophones effectiveness. For this legendary game of cat and mouse to true my function. Each of the opponents have to not be exactly sure where the other is. A sub running deep outside of the hydrophones range can’t see the DD other than last known position. And the DD will get a wide area of where the sub might be depending on depth and speed of the submarine. Yes yes I know that’s not exactly how hydro works.. but not much in this game works exactly as it “should” so I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary in this idea. And with the anti shipping torpedoes from part one having such a long arm time (that was intentional) shotgunning will be much much more difficult to achieve, making running deep and silent a more viable option if the subs are allowed to do it affectively as above. Fourthly, Remove the “you take reduced damage at max depth” and instead, either give depth charges an RNG on depth. Or make the DD guess and set his fuse time. How to do that easily. I’m not sure, admittedly. Defense from Submarines: honestly. This is so out of the norm for any historical context that all I have to say is fight. It’s going to be about out smarting your opponent and out maneuvering him. With the anti sub torpedoes it will be difficult but not impossible to have long fights. Situational awareness will be key in not getting snuck up on. By a sub with a cheeky captain.
  8. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Sub Overhaul in Detail: part 1- offense

    To be clear. I have Been playing subs extensively since I received them. I also played them extensively in the pts. We all know the problems the submarine system has right now. Both in broken elements giving them unfair advantages and in elements that cripple their capabilities. So I will be proposing an alternative in several parts. This part is purely addressing the offensive system and capabilities. The homing or “ping” system: In short it is an interesting idea that has no place. It is too easily ignored to deal equivalent damage and encourages players to do the opposite of what a submarines role always has been: assassination of shipping. I would completely remove it from the game. And instead replace it a system that I will get into in another part for it is not offensive in nature. Torpedoes: I agree that submarines, by their nature and fragility need an edge in attack. For me that is where I try to combine history with game mechanics in a compromise. Historically, the first torpedo of any homing capability was German and did not appear until 1943. However, I recognize that only having one nation with homing technology is a no go. These torpedoes were also passive sonar homing only. I also recognize that submarine on submarine warfare is going to be orders of magnitude more prevalent than anything even close in history. How do we blend the two. The way I view that is with a system we already have. Ammunition. As such my proposal is to give submarines (and possibly DDs as an option to depth charges) two types of torpedoes. The first I am designating “anti-shipping”. Attributes - 1)no ability to dive. Will only run near the surface or climb up to then run on the surface. Their climb angle will be shallow, meaning that if you fire them deep they most likely will not make it to the surface in time. These are designed to be fired from the surface or near it. 2) narrow but long passive homing “listening cone” (say 25-40 percent of total range) They would not “stop homing” inside of a certain distance from target but are the easiest to “break lock” with. 3)high running speed (between 70-100kmh), but slow turning and directional change abilities. 4) comparable warhead to normal DDs torpedoes. Random number generator will create a run depth spread that will give a chance of citadel hit. 5)relatively short range. Say between 3-4km. 6) torpedo lead indicator will have a “calculation” time. You will have to target a ship and wait a 1-3 seconds before you will be givin his lead. You can always fire before if you want to “fire from the hip”. the second I am designating “anti-submarine Attributes- 1) much slower than their anti-shipping counterpart. Say 30kmh or so. But with a much better turn and rudder shift capability. Able to track in Three dimensions. 2) wider but shorter range passive “listening cone”. Say 10-20 percent of total range 3) extremely short range. Say 3km. But with a short arming distance. Say 100m or so. 4) weak damage capability virtually useless against surface ships outside of a DD on deaths door. 5) these anti-submarine torpedoes could be offered as alternative weapons to Depth Charges on DDs for ASW operations Game Interface: I am mostly fine with the surface to 5.9 interface. However I would like to see a crosshair system that is designed for sub on sub combat. Give us a “gunsight” for lack of a better term. Or better yet, when submerged have the aiming circle auto center on the camera and be hard linked to the nose of the sub. Let us control the sub with the mouse like you already have set up for the airplanes. This concludes the “offense” section Part 2 to come
  9. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Yeah, not seeing that 'fun' so much... (subs)

    I beg to differ (yes this is from pts. But they are identical builds and I have done this several times in live to players.) https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousPiercingElephantFrankerZ go read up on Dudley Morris (sp).
  10. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    subs in training room would be nice

    Agreed. Being able to test specific elements of the sub in controlled environments would be very good
  11. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Serious submarine exploit

    Sub on sub dumb fire is harder to do. But very achievable. I have done it several times. The vast majority of the time the subs never bother to dodge because they are to data saturated playing the ping mini game. so many sub players rely on notifications that you have been pinged that if you simply don’t.. they never bother to look for you. the ping system is very very good at one thing. ... creating target fixation.
  12. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Serious submarine exploit

    I only have one question for you... have you see. The average wows player? Hell in certain ships. I am one.. easily replicated my [edited]. I have yet to see a single streamer, or other player do it. And a DD cpt of the same caliber can turn it into a real fight. I’ve met more of those than I have sub players willing to cast aside the chains of “ping”. And take a page from the book of Dudley Morton.
  13. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Serious submarine exploit

    Lol. Definately not an exploit. You just met a red pilled sub player. I don’t sit still but I do play the 6.0 line. Any good sub player will. im sorry you got sucked into the sub play description of how sub are designed to be played vs how they should be. The mechanic is there for a reason. god forbid someone doesn’t bother waiting for you to sail by: https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousPiercingElephantFrankerZ
  14. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    Submarnine captain skills suggestions

    I focus on health. Torp speed. And all the reload skill. if you want to play aggressively like I do research surface radar. If not do something else. I spent 90 percent of my time at periscope depth and rarely shoot outside of 1km, and almost NEVER use the ping system. The surface radar works above 6.0m
  15. Alpha_Mike_Foxtrot

    What I have learned from submarines with the update 9.4

    Sub torps already have an arming distance of 250m. and as for “a historic”. History already records that a submarine was almost impossible to detect visually outside of 1km. History already records that torpedoes had zero homing ability until 1943 and even then it was only passive. Active homing wasn’t invented till much much later than any ship currently in the game was even blue printed. History already records that early war torpedoes has a speed of nearly 60kts (in some cases faster) and only a max range of 4ish km. (That’s over 110km an hour for reference) yet we have active homing yet we have spotting distances of 4km plus while surfaced and nearly 3km while submerged above 20m. yet we have torpedoes that are slower than almost all others in the game... being able to shotgun ships at 500m is no more obsurd than overpenns on cruisers by massive calibers doing little to nothing, CVs being able to build their own planes. And battleships being able to have video based aiming from a spotter plane that barely had a radio. history died a long long time ago.