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  1. happening to me as well...….remember guys its never wargaming fault its always on your end
  2. Sn0vvman

    Last battle no credit?

    Just happened to me as well.....musta been a server hiccup did not get credit for my last match...too bad I was a glorious battle with 150k dmg of course the server screws up when I get a good game in.....
  3. Sn0vvman

    Boise no Good

    IMO its a crapboat sorry you are Butthurt over it guys no need to defend it like fanboys As I mentioned in my post there are other boats that are better you can buy so don't worry fanboys your precious wargaming might still get a sale!!!
  4. Sn0vvman

    Boise no Good

    I told you there are other tier 7 options out there and compared to them these are no buys as there is something better to buy...….. I guess here lies the problem with a CC reviewing something where there is no loss to them (money in this case)…… why in the year 2018 where there so many rating options/systems on anything/everything you buy does wargaming not have one on their Premium ships?.....
  5. Sn0vvman

    Boise no Good

    Considering the other options its a no buy.....if your a CC and get it for free of course its an O.K ship
  6. Sn0vvman

    Boise no Good

    Only thing this ship has is credit and EXP boost....the rest is underwhelming and dare I say much worse then the Helena. Do not buy same goes with the other Helena clone with different skin Nueve