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  1. When will people learn? 1) Secondaries ruined (on premium ships people paid real money for) 2) Commander skills ruined, sometimes twice over 3) Submarines ruined WG...... three strikes and you're out!!!
  2. MudRaker227

    Alaska or Agir?

    I presume a hybrid secondary build Agir would kill the Alaska outright in a 1 vs 1 ranked. It shoots better at range, and has torps.
  3. Why did you hit the Co-Op button?
  4. Uh-oh, is this something we should all be fearing lol?
  5. MudRaker227

    Hey Wee Gee - your latest patch SUCKS

    Wave, unfortunately it had nothing to do with bad human players or repercussions of any of their actions. The observation was based entirely upon bot behavior. I have never seen bots clump up in completely different than the usual areas to that extent before. Their patterns were completely disrupted, and they exhibited much more aggressive behavior at times.
  6. MudRaker227

    Hey Wee Gee - your latest patch SUCKS

    Yet something DID change significantly in their behavior at first. Several players have already commented on this, so it probably has some basis in fact. Maybe it's pure coincidence, or maybe there's some form of bot AI that had to relearn something because the patch inadvertently rebooted it to a different setting? It did seem to return to normal after half a day or so.
  7. MudRaker227

    Time to add voice to the whole team WG

    Imagine the massive influx of new chat bans overwhelming the system, lol
  8. MudRaker227

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    It is well worth the $14, don't let this one pass you by.....
  9. MudRaker227

    Bots smarter in

    Agreed, they got toned down a bit now but still pose an increased welcome challenge that you have to adapt your play style to.
  10. MudRaker227

    Fate of the USS Texas

    Caring about historical battleships is passe. We supposed to be taking down statues, ransacking police stations, and coming up with new genders and bathrooms for those with issues.
  11. MudRaker227

    No, it's not OK.

    f this <insert turd emoji here>
  12. MudRaker227

    Hey Wee Gee - your latest patch SUCKS

    This patch made too big of a change in Co-Op, teams are losing big time now and that makes it sort of pointless. One battle had 5-6 bots decide to clump together 5-6km in front of me and focus guess who as my "teamates" ran away. Seems a bit one-sided, and not worth investing as much time into as an easy-mode alternative to garbage teamplay randoms. Especially when paid for with premium time....
  13. MudRaker227

    Tiny Tims on PT Server

    Saipan has the lowest winrate, the second to lowest damage output & experience earned per match out of all the premium tier 8 CVs. Implementing the new target reticles will likely only hinder it more.
  14. MudRaker227

    Tiny Tims on PT Server

    I paid real money for my Saipan, I want to keep what I bought.
  15. MudRaker227

    100,000 Free XP - how long

    That seems like an awful lot of free XP to earn within the event's timeframe.