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  1. You can all keep your dumb tech tree Moaskva perma-camo, I want the Yoshino camo on my new improved premium Moskva instead.
  2. MudRaker227

    What's Izumo good at?

    It's main mission is winning for your randoms team.
  3. MudRaker227

    is WGC finally unavoidable?

    I have used the WGC for over a year with no problems. Yes, I was also resistant at first, but then again so were boomers when smartphones first came out (and look how dat turned out)....
  4. MudRaker227

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    If I were anywhere else but these forums, I would be tempted to think that a bunch of camo-Karens were trying to run the show.
  5. MudRaker227

    Deciding between smaland and hayate

    I have seen Hayates end up with top billing in the hands of a capable captain. Tech tree Hallands are better than premium Smalands, because of utterly brutal AA with defensive fire going (a CV's worst nightmare, literally) and 15km torps that go almost 100 knots, lol. Have fun with whatever you decide on.....
  6. MudRaker227

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    I had trouble finding the video to watch (and never found it), maybe it wasn't presented intuitively enough?
  7. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    We'll see how WG rules. Good luck with your free Moskva camo. EDIT: Ooops, I meant MY free premium Moskva camo when they give me my free premium Moskva ship. Free XP is a beach, thank you WG......
  8. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    And I'll leave this here for you to answer again, as it was obviously skimmed over in previous replies. The implications behind those questions might have some bearing upon how this whole Camo-gate situation should be viewed.
  9. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Where is your precedent for a tier 10 removal in those links? You keep referring to stuff that's literally many years old there, as if you can't come to terms with the fact that things change in life. Not all of the details are even consistent either, it seems like you pick and choose parts that support only your argument's advantage (which you cling to as if for dear life). Maybe have some fun playing the game by getting mad at teams in randoms for a change, lol? And yet you aren't arguing the same thing over and over? My points aren't valid, but your "evidence" equates to the Word of God? Sounds extremely hypocritical, tbh. This second part shows me that your arguments are very fragile (we can all live on hope), and you are just trying in vain to slander my opinions because they are extremely inconvenient to your argument. When you buy a special custom paint job on your old car, and a new model comes out, your argument basically amounts to you wanting that custom paint job transferred to your new car that you havn't bought yet. And you get to keep the old paint job on the old car, while not getting too upset that you aren't getting the new model for free too. If anyone else got your custom paint job on their old car for free, well that's obviously the end of the world as we know it then.
  10. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I can't meaningfully connect with your opinion on this. Maybe others feel the same way? 1. Agreed, they are called permanent camos. That's why they stay with the ship you bought them for. If you had the Moskva perma camo for a significant amount of time, then you gained significant advantages from using it. Most players buy them because they look cool on that ship and give bonuses making your progress in the game (silver earnings, commander XP, event requirements, etc) significantly more effective. And I thought you said the introduction of subs was the worst decision for the game ever. 2. You absolutely would get an advantage over those who didn't have it. Your plan gets you a FREE perma camo on the brand new Nevsky that others would have to buy it for, after you having gained significant advantages (once again: silver earnings, commander XP, event directives progress, etc) for the duration of it's original use on the Moskva. It certainly doesn't warrant you getting a whole new camo on a completely different NEW ship, and might even offend those players who could never even afford one. 3. That argument doesn't seem valid to me because you already have to pay for any ship for the opportunity to play it, it's a basic game principle. Why would WG have to give you the silver back for a ship you get to keep? The silver "profit" you speak of can be applied to the new Nevsky or Petropavlosk, it's a reasonable compromise instead of giving away everything for free. Yes, it would be awfully nice to get the camo switched to the Nevsky (and get the new Nevsky tier 10 for free), but that could reasonably be considered as being TOO nice. The argument that a perma camo is tied to a specific slot on the tech tree is wholly preposterous, and most likely just a spin or fabrication for selfish personal gain in game. I don't know enough on the Donskoi situation (and couldn't care less) to make an argument there. 4. Well, their take on things regarding Camo-gate seems very fair to me. Everyone has an opinion, some more wanting than others. WG is going to do what they do, and you will have to deal with that the best you can. Good luck. I dunno, something that triggers you? Oh, coming from you it doesn't. Here we go again. And yet even more boring explanations. But thanks, and keep up the good work trying to get Wargaming to submit to your overly dramatic point.
  11. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Oddly enough, I have never heard anyone in the game refer to the Moskva (or any ship, for that matter) as "a specific spot". All my perma camos were purchased for individual SHIPS I play, not some designated "spot" in the tech tree that might see various ships come and go. Or are you guys just trying to spin rules and situations in order to soothe your ego over something having been given away for free "like candy"? Sorry to say, but it is starting to sound suspiciously like a case of deep-seated jealousy. Once again, don't you get to keep using the camo you bought on the ship you bought it for? That doesn't sound like outright theft to me. On the other hand, I would think that if you recently purchased the camo and didn't get to use it much, that might be a special situation for Wargaming to consider. Just out of curiosity, how long did most of you guys have the Moskva camo for? Was it ever available on sale?
  12. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Oh yeah, how so?
  13. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Thanks for taking the time to make a good point in a reasonable manner, unlike some others who seem hell bent on ushering in the apocalypse over loss of camo superiority. Maybe a partial reward would be a good compromise, as handing out used camos for an entirely new tier 10 ship is probably a little too much after basically giving someone a free 10 million silver for selling the ship right before replacement.
  14. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Thanks, I havn't had this much fun in ages (other than playing the Hawkins for 113k damage). Keep up the good work trying to get Wargaming to submit to your overly dramatic point. Maybe you deserve an extra 5000 doubloons so you can buy the Petropavlosk perma camo too.
  15. MudRaker227

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I see your point (have all along), but the fervor with which you guys are going down this path seems like it's getting out of hand. If I did this, many players (real life friends probably too) would think I was making a mountain out of a mole hill, or in other words, nitpicking. I guess it all comes down to someone's perspective..... (ps: going into settings and typing in your name was too much effort on the subject, so no go)