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  1. I would post the first pic but i was flagged out so here's the other 2
  2. this is the most i've seen at once, 1 of the DM on my team was running a plane so we only had 2 radars.
  3. nothing is more fun than loading into a match in the Baltimore and seeing 3-5 Tirpitz and no other BB on the enemy team.
  4. switch from co-op to random so u fight players and not bots
  5. anko on North-American server High level overview Plays a mix of battleships (excellent) and cruisers (excellent) Deals an extremely large amount of damage Often finishes damaged enemies Extremely often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Yubari fear the Yubari lol
  6. So...about Yubari cruiser

    u get 3 uses of AA with premium AA and T3 skill now
  7. It really depends on who you shoot, if you are hunting BB's with a CA you will get more damage from fire then HE.
  8. last game earlier i did about 17,600 HE damage and 22,200 ish from fire
  9. and the make believe land where those 2 numbers leave only 20% for torps/floods.
  10. you got screwed by 2 fail divisions is all.