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  1. OceanHavoc

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

  2. DAWGS OF WAR We are currently recruiting members in order to participate in Clan Wars. Our only requirement is that you either have a T10 ship of have access to a T10 rental. Our preferred communication tool is Discord and though we welcome players from across the globe our language of communication is English. Should you be interested you can either send me a pvt msg or apply within the game. Fair winds and following seas Captains!!
  3. OceanHavoc

    Black Mass or Tirpitz?

    I don't have the Massachusetts so I am a bit tempted to get the Black Mass..... Man, the Black Tirpz looks schweet, but alas, already have the normal one so not gonna buy just for the camo. Wish there was a buy permanent camo or trade in standard Tirpz for Tripz B option.
  4. OceanHavoc

    Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    This Kamikaze R Submarine looks like fun!!
  5. OceanHavoc

    Atlanta vs Seattle !

    Wasn't 1 salvo, was 3: 1st Salvo = 12 Cits, 2nd = 8 Cits, 3rd = 1 Cit for Total of 21 Anyways, looks like a fun brawl!!
  6. OceanHavoc

    New Type of Ships!

    LOL, damn, guess this statement backfired...
  7. OceanHavoc

    Server Overload

    Yup also getting it :-(
  8. OceanHavoc

    Help with tactics with the Haida

    Little White Mouse.....Her premium ship reviews is a "must read" before investing into new ships.