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  1. You're not wrong. But if a DD is seen and doesn't drop off before I can get a volley off, in either a CA or BB, I end up taking a significant portion of their health. Also playing DD's primarily, I would never chase a DD down, unless I was A) CA with Radar and Hydro, or B) in a gunboat DD.
  2. If they are within torp range, I'm already trying to evade the torps they could have fired. By doing that I can usually get at least the front or back turrets in the general direction of the DD pretty quickly.
  3. To a point I agree, don't chase ships. But the longer a DD stays alive, the more dangerous they get. If I have to use 2 salvos in a BB to ensure that the torpedo threat from that ship is gone, I do so. That allows my DD's to have an easier time spotting and torping the enemy team.
  4. Part of it is also one or neither party is willing to communicate. I think some people may just be afraid to try and shoot at a DD. I can't count the times I've been told by a BB that their salvo isn't worth wasting on a DD.
  5. I'm going to have to agree with this. Although I have seen the case where CA's and BB's were in position to support a DD, but the DD refused to move into the cap, or spot the enemy DD.
  6. 0.6.0 = pro passive play?

    I tried playing my Benson yesterday, and it was just horrible. 1 ship on the enemy team with RPF, allowed at least 2 Fletchers to blindly launch torps at my last "suspected" location. Those got pretty darn close for a skill that is not supposed to give exact locations. However, the rest of the team decided they didn't want to be located and after smoking my team to help them advance, they still wasted the smoke and hid behind the islands, until I was force to retreat behind the islands as well. Then the enemy team made the final push to secure the game with only 2-3 of the enemy team being sunk.
  7. DD need rebalance

    That sums up my experience. Expect when you citadel a cruiser at 4km, they whine that you are hacking.
  8. DD need rebalance

    I know when I am able to invis-fire, I'm only doing 500 HE damage a shot with a 10-15 sec suborbital shell arc. It is going to take a very long time to kill a full health anything that is maneuvering. And even when I pop smoke at a close distance, if I am the one spotting for my team; whoops, I just lost sight of the ship I wanted to fire at. Situational Awareness (not the captain skill) is a good thing to hone for any video game player. I don't think it is the DD that needs a re-balance, I believe it is more an issue with the number of DD's in high tier match's. Maybe limit each team to 2-4 DD's, that should help boost the cruiser population again and provide a logical counter to torp walls.