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  1. So I thought the Halloween ships we unlock are permanent. Are they not? If not I'm angry at wasting so much on my time on this...
  2. Thamelas

    Cossack: Waste of Money

    It seems more fragile than normal to me. I play a lot of DD's.
  3. Just don't like it. Too fragile. Torp arcs suck. Would rather I hadn't bought it. I consider it wasted money that could have been spent on something better.
  4. I'm fed up with working my [edited]off, only to be screwed over by players. I'm sick of the damn grind, and praying that a [edited] player doesn't cause me to lose my hard earned stars. Ranked is like a group project in college where a couple people have to do all the damn work just to pass, while others are just along for the ride. I am damn done with it. I want to play to relax after work. Not get pissed off at incompetent people that cost me my progress.
  5. Thamelas

    Last Day To Use Anniversary Tokens

    No problem. I got totally ripped off of my Eagle tokens because of the non-anouncement from Warganking.
  6. With the release of the new patch tomorrow, is today the last day to use our anniversary tokens?
  7. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    I stopped even reading his posts. Its just "blah, blah, blah I'm right."
  8. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Because I have a reason to be here with this thread! Would you like me to stop posting on my own thread? Would that make you happy?
  9. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    This is what you got when you bought a crate out of the shop. 10 tokens each.
  10. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    I have since filed a ticket. Thanks.
  11. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    You got 5 or 10 tokens per crate you BOUGHT, as in SPEND MONEY ON. Had I known my tokens that I was saving for the Eagles camo were going to be disappearing, I would have spent them.
  12. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    I bought the crates for the tokens. Why is that so damn hard to understand?!
  13. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Yeah that's a laugh. All I see is DouglasMacAwful and arrrrgh being helpful. All the rest are just trolls that want to put their two cents in on why I am wrong.
  14. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    News flash to all of you. I don't come here to the forum to spend hours upon end reading. I work full time, and I play the game with what little time I have.
  15. Thamelas

    Go Navy Rip Off

    I was saving my tokens; about 60 Shark and 55 Eagles. I had bought some Navy chests in the premium shop with American effin dollars. Now I log in and poof they are gone. I received NO warning to spend them or lose them. Now I want a refund or some compensation beyond a few silver which I can easily earn with my ships. I am beyond pissed off! I WANT MY MONEY BACK, OR I WANT A EAGLES PATCH AND NAVY CHESTS.